Top 10 Things That Should Happen In Life Is Strange Episode 5

I don't have this game but I have seen other YouTubers playing it.

The Top Ten

1 Max has the picture Warren took and she goes back to it to warn Chloe

This DID happen! Well done - lukemcnamara72

2 Max reports Mr. Jefferson to the police and they arrest him
3 Max decides to drop out of college because she no longer feels safe at Blackwell Academy
4 Max falls into depression because she lost Chloe so now Kate comforts her
5 Max has a choice to save Chloe or get Mr. Jefferson
6 Max and Warren get together
7 Max attends Chloe's funeral
8 David goes to find Chloe but she's buried into the ground and Max comes out the dark room in tears and she tells David about everything and David beats up Mr. Jefferson
9 Mr. Jefferson gets fired and gets sentenced life in prison for the murder case of Chloe Prince and Rachel Amber and for dosing Max and Kate
10 Victoria fails to listen to Max's advice so Mr. Jefferson makes Victoria's video and Victoria becomes the laughingstock of Blackwell

The Contenders

11 Nathan gets redeemed
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