Top Ten Things That Should Happen to the Teletubbies

The Top Ten

1 Cancel the Show

This show got canceled already!


2 Noo Noo Swallows Dipsy

I'd love to see that!

Nice action

3 Have a War With Barney
4 Paw Patrol Kicks Them

Yeah paw patrol rocks teletubbies sucks they will destroy teletubby land and hypnotize haters of paw patrol to start liking paw patrol and start hating teletubbies and they will replace teletubbies with blues clues and they will destroy the hill house and build the lookout and flood the land with there oil and skye will take care of the bunnies since the bunnies are the only good character and marshall will set teletubbies on fire and rock will put there bodies in trash and ignore do nothing on the list and leave them alone just vote this instead since I love paw patrol and I hate teletubbied so paw patrol better than teletubbies

Teletubbies are for babbles paw patrol are for older kids

Thank for adding this on the list I love paw paw patrol

I love paw patrol and hate teletubbies

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5 SpongeBob Shoots Laa Laa With a Shotgun
6 Stab Their Heads Off With a Knife

Or slice their heads off with a blade by Lady LovelyLocks and her friends. - playstationfan66

7 Tell Pichu to Kick Them In a Black Hole
8 King Kong Squeezes Po With His Hand
9 Pinkie Pie Blasts Laa Laa With Her Party Canyon

Because MLP is better than this... This... CRAP!

And Madeline Hatter uses too much tea to Laa-Laa and get hot ;D

Yeah! 😃

10 Do Nothing from the List and Leave Them Alone

Its rather humiliating for the men (Tinky Winky and Dipsy) and women (LaaLaa and Po) who have to behave as babies. In reality you have to feel sorry for them, and the parents who allowed their baby to pretend to be the sun and people thought their daughter was a boy.

The Contenders

11 Force Them Onto South Park

And have Cartman throw them off a ' cliff towards their doom prior to rule the world with Invader Zim side by side. - playstationfan66

12 Chase puts his net around them and they get trapped in his net forever

Are you talking about paw patrol

13 They Get Left On Sesame Street

Yeah sesame street has a bigger brain than teletubbies

14 Give Them Poisonous Berries
15 Spray Baby Sun With a Hose
16 Put Them in a Gas Chamber
17 Let SpongeBob Kill Them
18 Let Sonic Destroy Them as if They Were Robots

That would be way past cool.

Sonic the hegehog rocks teletubbies sucks sonic the hedgehog rules teletubbies drools sonic the hedgehog wins teletubbies in the bin

19 Rainbow Dash beats them up
20 Have a giant sized Duchess RavenWaves cut their heads off with her giant pair of scissors

If RavenWaves does that, all of the Teletubbies could be headless morons. Lady LovelyLocks rules! - playstationfan66

21 Have SheZow kick them off PBS immediately
22 Elmo Shoots them All
23 Set Them On Fire.
24 Freakazoid beats them up
25 A Rhydon pierces them with its horn.
26 They All Die
27 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends
28 SpongeBob Beats Them Up
29 They Get Eaten by Jaws
30 SpongeBob Shoots Them With an M16
31 Optimus Prime Crushes Them
32 The Land Gets Nuked and They Die
33 Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin Strangle Them.
34 Monkeys Throw Poop at Them
35 Twilight Sparkle Kills Them With Her Magic
36 Criminal Case's Crimson Order Killed Them and Drank Their Blood
37 Mordecai, Rigby, Bob the Builder, SpongeBob and Winnie the Pooh Shoot Them With an Ak47
38 They Get Left On Regular Show and Get Shot
39 Elmo starts shooting in the land
40 Make them watch Sanjay and Craig
41 They get beaten up by Godzilla and King Kong
42 Let Them Watch Baby Einstein

I did think the teletubbies watched baby einstein

43 Hit with Logic by Lisa Loud
44 Fennekin Burns Them
45 Buzz Lightyear Slices Them in Half with His Laser
46 Kermit the Frog Blows Up the Land
47 They Go to Kroger the Grocery Store and the Foods Come to Life and Throw Bombs to Kill Them
48 Dismember Their Body Parts, Stick Their Remains Through a Meat Grinder, Cook Them, and Eat Them
49 Thanos Disintegrates Them
50 Elmo travels back in time and aborts the Teletubbies so they don't exist
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