Top 10 Things from Undertale Fanfiction that Players Wish Were in the Actual Game

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Saving Asriel for REAL
Fighting Toriel, Papyrus, Mad Dummy, Muffet, Mettaton, Alphys and Asgore for REAL in the Genocide Run
Being able to shrink yourself and sneak your way into Alphys' poor, tormented brain via ear canals while she's asleep

Because of cartoon logic, said brain would house a MASSIVE supercomputer that you could fraudulently log yourself into, hopefully by typing some kind of hilariously obvious password like "mewmewkissycutie"

From there, you would have four options:

1) Take control over her body and effectively play AS her, allowing players to actually EXPERIENCE, literally through her own eye sockets from Frisk's point of view, how much society rejects Alphys for her "mad scientist" and "fat weeaboo nerd" status

2) Delve into the blissfully unaware lizard geek's incredibly expansive memory banks and effectively learn EVERY last secret there is to know about her and Gaster (including quite a few REALLY embarrassing ones as well)

3) Literally enter her mind Psychonauts-style

4) In Neutral mode, mercy-kill her in an ironically cruel, slow and painful fashion by directly attacking her central nervous system from the inside while she clutches her head and screams in agony ...more - xandermartin98

Re-enacting Bowser's Inside Story and Radiation's Earthbound Halloween Hack but with Asgore and Alphys instead of Bowser and Dr. Andonuts
Meeting Gaster for real
Ability to use magic and/or perform special moves during combat
Hidden sidequest to give Napstablook his own Metta-body and to give Monster Kid his very own giant extendable arms (as in Nintendo Switch ARMS)
Playing "Ganondorf Tennis" one-on-one atop a moving airplane, with literal tennis rackets and ball, against Mettaton NEO, culminating in NEO being one-hit-killed by the ball

From "Alphys' Adventures" - xandermartin98

Proof that Sans and Papyrus are, in fact, the skeletons of the Wario (or Mario) Bros
Ridiculously sexualized fanservice editions of Toriel, Alphys, Undyne, Bratty and Catty (and also Mettaton and Asriel)

I was going to say ALL of the female characters, but the Snowdin Shopkeeper already quite EASILY qualifies as such (I mean seriously, just LOOK at that ludicrously massive cup size of hers) - xandermartin98

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Fighting normal Flowey
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