Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Joke About

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1 Autism

While it is bad to make fun of people with autism (it’s not their fault, so quit it!), this does NOT grant a number 1 place. Literally, This is above the Holocaust, death, suicide, 9/11 and so on.. They all killed so many people! Autism on the other hand, is just a small problem people have. All of the vents mentioned have impacted huge problems on our world today.

Autistic people are bound to be obsessed with certain types of things. I have autism and whenever I pick out a Lord of the Rings character I immediately become obsessed with it and look over as much information as I can about it.

Most people at my school think I'm a freak for doing this but I'm not a freak at all. I'm just a normal person like everyone else who has a different way of thinking. And I think it's good to delve into something to learn more about it as long as you don't obsess over it for a really long time (What I mean is don't spend your time delving deeper into a character, movie, etc).

One time back at school, I tried to show my Trigun video to an autistic classmate through my cellphone but he started that stupid singing and turned away a bit and I moved my cellphone to his face a little too close again because I too excited over the Trign video, to pay attention to the funny Trigun video for 5 or 6 times until he physically throwing a tantrum like a stupid 2 or 3 year old brat, screaming " Leave me alone! " But I didn't, I started laughing while tried to hold him down through the couch where he was sitting, force to watch Trigun, Vash the Stampede video, and told him, "Hold still you baby! " I told the teacher the classmate was behaving like a baby. I got a little ignorant toward him after, so I tried not to do that again.

God forbid you say " autism " in a sentence, you WILL get jumped. I said " you know those idiots on Instagram that say stuff like ' you only get that because your autisitic HUUUHHH '? " and I somehow was in the wrong...FOR MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE THAT MADE FUN OF AUTISM! Even if you don't say something bad you will get people mad for saying autistic or autism, it doesn't matter how offensive you are, you will get jumped, unless you are friends with people who understand what you are saying, plus how is this number one? this is above cancer, suicide, death and PARENTS WHO LOST A CHILD! a

2 Cancer

"You're cancer" "That's cancer" "Lol cancer" Do you realize what serious topic that is? It's like prank calling 911. Cancer is something really serious, something you shouldn't joke about. It broke many people's hearts, and my grandfather died of cancer. None of us who lost someone or had someone experience it like it. Imagine your whole family die of it and it's just you

My father died of cancer and I can say that this is a horrible dead that in fact can happen to everyone. This is certainly not a laughing matter. This is a serious thing and I hope that in the future they will find a cure or a top detecting method to see cancer at his earliest stage because now they only detect early stage cancers mostly by luck.

when someone says insert something here is cancer even me who never knew anyone with cancer would get mad but almost everyone says insert something here is cancer now what has earth become I am also autistic

I'm a cancer and I was born in july. Whenever I tell people that, they're like "haha you got cancer" and I always tell them that's not something to joke about
It makes me so mad 😠

3 Parents who lost a child

You SHOULD NEVER joke about a parent or parents that has lost a child, especially if their child committed suicide.

You are disgusting and sick to society if you would EVER find this funny. Remember Connor Clapton? Remember that?

I lost a kid once, Damn thing was waiting with a security guard when I tried to leave the Walmart. - Anthony Jeslnik

Why the hell would you give Kate McCann an award for dedication to her child though?

4 Terrorism

No one should make jokes about 9/11 nor believe the conspiracy theories that run along with the incident? Making a joke about the massacre of 3,000 people is one thing, but when you believe in a 9/11 conspiracy theory you make it about your self. Most 9/11 conspiracies have been debunked anyways, but none of you bother to check. Al Qaeda is the suspect, and your just as bad if you joke about it

My younger brother and I were actually watching a YouTube video of the second plane hitting one of the twin towers when we were very young, and he just laughed as if he never knew it was real! Nobody should ever make fun of bad things that are happening.

We shouldn't fear terrorists, since that is what they want. Terrorist organizations HATE being mocked, so that is what we should do.

People hate Osama Bin Laden for what he did, but they make jokes about the whole 9/11 thing and they think it's funny. I don't get it.

5 Rape

Now I joke about a lot of things but I don't have the balls to make fun of this.

Rape is an image created in the mind that never completely disappears

This is why Ricegum is hated, he made fun of a girl that this happened to

Rape is a vile act.

6 Suicide

Having a friend that is actually suicidal, if you joke about suicide, I don't care who you are, you are the worst kind of person.

Being suicidal myself, I never want to hear anyone joking about this ever. The mental ward is not a lovely place to be.

Suicide is #1 for me because it seems like now a days most kids are either depressed or want to die.

My dads brother committed suicide when he was a kid. Suicide is no joke

7 Poverty

This is something that can happen at everybody. From riches to rags can happen more quickly than you think or will know and I can tell you for sure that it is not something to laugh about. And about the comment of " I'll stop joking when they stop stealing ", just one thing. When they steal it's not because they want to steal. They steal to survive. When you hungry and you got nothing to lose but your life, you don't think twice about stealing.

If you do that as in JOKE about that, I'll sue ALL of you.

I wouldn't say I'm poor...but I'm not rich either.

I'll stop joking when they stop stealing

8 Coronavirus
9 Depression

People who literally ignore you when you talk to them, say bad words every second, and joke about offensive things, Nope, they aren’t getting happier, and they think and yell about killing themselves, their punishment is depression, which gives them an ache of regret and shame.

I have it and it's very hard. everyday is really hard. there are some day's all I want to do is die. so don't make fun. because it's not funny.

I have depression, and I hate when people joke about it, or mock me because I'm down all the time, or say that I can control it.

Imagine how that person feels you making fun of how they feel in life

10 Animal abuse
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11 Ebola

Ebola is a disease, that people are sadly dying from everyday. But, in my school, people would say "I have Ebola! " everyday, and I'd tell them to not joke about it, because Ebola is a serious problem!

Back in middle school, I coughed or at least cleared my throat. And some of these kids yelled out "Ebola! " jokingly and kept laughing at me. Smh... Deadly diseases like Ebola are terrible topics to joke about.

Ebola is very serious virus that can shread around our world anytime. Don't make jokes of it. Or you could get Ebola one day and it can be very serious.

There was a man who sneezed on a plane and he said that he had Ebola but it was a prank. That wasn't cool.

12 Death of a pet

My cat, Laya, who was 10 when she died, was a beautiful soul and a wonderful pet, she died a week ago and it feels like everyone in my house is hurting, which they are, Laya gave birth to two kits, my current cats along with two rescues that Laya took care of like they were her kits too, Laya was a kind, loving cat that actually woke my father and me up when someone was trying to break into our house. Laya's death is not something to joke about, my mom texted me "wait lol she died? " It broke my heart, I'm really sad and depressed right now, pray a little for Laya that StarClan took her and she is very happy.

sweet lord what is wrong with people? I have lost a pet and she was just like a baby to me. when she died I just wanted to go with her.

I had to get rid of a dog, recently. The first time I left it home alone, The FIRST Time, It destroyed the furniture, left droppings everywhere, AND starved to death.
-Anthony Jeslnik

I have had two of my pets die in my lifetime. It's really sad and should not be viewed as comedic.

13 Drowning newborn babies

Shut up! Its not funny! My boyfriend brother died because he went out the doggy door into the pool. He was 6months old! So SHUT UP!

Why not just the death of them why do they have to drown, why not vacuumed before they're born

Is it bad that I do this to my baby brother on the weekends.

Who in their right mind would do that?!

14 Death

So a few months ago, a 11th grader died from unknown causes at my school. We had an assembly about it and we went back to class. Then someone told a joke so I laughed and everyone just stared at me and hated me for a week or two. They thought I found the poor person’s death funny. The next days were like hell.

My best friend's dad died and I was there to support him through it as we was 6th graders and it was hard. Then someone made fun of him in school for not having a dad and I just got pissed to my point and started screaming at the kid and was like stop joking, you ungrateful bastard, he then hit me, so I told the principal and he got suspended
Don't joke about death, that is that

Death is just very upsetting cause you never see them till you die yourself. I remember I used to be a Highschool Rock Band called Bizz. The lead singer would come in depressed. He didn't want to tell us what was going on and we just made music. It had been happening since 2009. Then his doctor told us he was dianosed with AIDS and his death date will be 2013. He then died and we have to stop making music. That's all for now

A few years back, a 6th grader in my school died from an unknown cause. (I think it was something to do with the stomach) And some person, some heartless person began to make JOKES about a person in our grade DYING. It's not funny, and it never will be.

15 Domestic violence

There are a few things one should never joke about.. 9/11, conditions of life of poor people, suicide, cancer and other diseases; eating disorders but domestic violence takes the cake

16 The Holocaust

This is definitely the thing you should never ever ever talk about. Probably the most serious one. It's both terrifying and inhumane. More than 5 million have died by various tortures. That includes being thrown into a pit of fire or being slaughtered in a mass shooting. Many families were divided and loved ones could not tell if their family or friends were still alive or not. Death was so sudden. If you want to know what hell looked like, you should look at the Holocaust.

All the people who joke about this make me sick. Get educated you uncultured little pricks, look up how many people actually died. Then you won't find it funny.

The holocaust is one of the most terrifying subjects of all of history. No one should joke about it at all.

I did Nazi all these jokes coming, Anne Frankly I'm offended you got here first.

17 Orphans

Why can't orphans play baseball, cause they can't find a home

Life is dogmatic, if you try to apprehend it.

Why do people like to joke about this stuff. I despse thogs people who joke or even laugh at this. Think if these things happened to you if you joke or like to laugh at this. |-(

What does that mean dogmatic?

18 People with a dead parent

I lost my mom when it was 5 in 2007 back then, but seriously. What's the point of joking about a person with a deceased parent? It's not funny, it's basically a manner of making fun of family members that suffered the loss of a parent. So I believe that this is something not to joke about. It's not funny, and there are better things to joke about rather than joke about a person or anybody who lost their parents their whole lives.

These jokes are for those with the worst, lowest senses of humor. If someone's parent passed away, leaving the offspring miserable, the least you can do is not crack a taunting yo mama joke (which most aren't that funny, anyway). It's sad, really, that people actually joke about this.

Well, if someone's mom died you can't just come up to them and tell them a yo momma joke.

Everyone is going to have a parent pass away during their life so why joke about it?

19 People whose weight is different

My 18 year old brother is fat and autistic and I have to secretly follow him so that he doesn't get bullied though I'm half his height I'm able to fight people.

" I mean, people should be allowed to make fun of people who CHOOSE TO BE FAT. " preach on, the idiots that disliked your comment are so funny.

I am "skinny" but I hate it. I want to be average because I fear anorexia jokes but I never had anorexia. I actually ironically eat lots of chocolate and stuff. Why can't I be "average"? :(

I don't care if someone's pencil-thin or a bit wider, it's not cool to joke about others' weights!

20 Race

I'm half-black. Me and my friends make a FEW racist jokes.

Same with Whites or any other races. This isn't okay.

They are a joke themselves.

no whey I love black people my b.f.f is black

21 Child abuse
22 People who are blind or deaf

I make fun of Helen Keller. I once saw her walking into a bar. I laughed and laughed as the others treated her concussion.

We don't go around making fun of Helen Keller. These other people, in a way, are no different.

Helen Keller walked into a bar. Then a chair. Then a table.

No one should ever joke about these two disabilities!

23 Killing your parents

I love how the two comments here are so different
Like, one is saying "You should love and treasure your parents! Bet you're gonna cry when they die" and the other's just like "LOL who wouldn't want to kill their parents? parents suck"
Just saying

Who doesn't want to kill their parents. I hate them they are asses

That means your life going to suck even somewhere you love them probably when they die you will cry I sure will.

24 Anne Frank Annelies Marie Frank was a German-born diarist. Anne for short. One of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust, she gained fame posthumously with the publication of The Diary of a Young Girl in which she documents her life in hiding from 1942 to 1944, during the German occupation of the Netherlands more.

Anne Frankly, I don't care.

She’s just a little girl

25 Jews

People who joke about this are called the hitler or evil.

Why can't jew stop being so sensitive about these jokes?

International law decrees only Jews can joke about Jews

Come on people! You don't like to joke about Jews?

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