Top 10 Thor Movie Facts

Facts about the fourth film in the MCU, 2011's Thor. Credit goes to Imdb

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1 Stan Lee claims he'd always wanted to play Odin, but was happy with Sir Anthony Hopkins's casting and performance in the role

What? Really? I'd love to see him as Odin! Anthony Hopkins is good as Odin, though. But, still. - TheFourthWorld

2 Daniel Craig was offered the role of Thor, but turned it down due to his commitment to the James Bond franchise
3 Chris Hemsworth was originally turned down by Marvel, but was cast after a second audition

He was...? Was the reason because of his performance in Dancing with the Stars? - TheFourthWorld

4 When Tom Hiddelston learned he was going to be in the film, he was in "a grisly pub" in North London, and caused an uproar there by screaming out loud

It's spelled as "Hiddleston", though. - TheFourthWorld

5 Natalie Portman took the role of Jane Foster because she couldn't resist the opportunity of a comic book movie directed by Kenneth Branagh
6 In the 2014 Thor comics, Loki was designed to look like Tom Hiddleston
7 Tom Hiddelston went on to become a comic book fan, especially of Loki

Awesome! :D - TheFourthWorld

8 The final Marvel Studios feature was shot entirely on 35mm film
9 Mjölner is ancient Norse for grinder
10 Charlie Cox auditioned for the role of Loki.  While he didn't get the part, he did end up being cast as the main character in Daredevil

The Contenders

11 Tom Hiddleston auditioned for the role of Thor

I can't unsee the video of him auditioning for Thor. - TheFourthWorld

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