Top 10 Best Skate Trucks

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1 Independent

These should be number 15 my brother has these they are not that good I have thunder and thunder should be number 1 and did I say that independent are not that good!

Really good trucks lasted a long time

Wwhhaaat screw you tensor GO INDEPENDENT! - fallenfannumber1

I have independent holos his reynolds sttyle and there the best for anything that I can think of

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2 Tensor

Better desings and its magnesium is actually perfect

3 Venture

they are the sickest trucks ever - Planb4life

Best trucks on the market.

4 Silver

Best trucks ever! Super light, durable, turns well, and grinds amazing. No truck other than thunder even comes close

Overall great truck brand and company on its own! I don't know if you have ever skateboarded if you haven't skated silvers your a nobody and you will change your mind about silver trucks as soon as you take them out for a spin!

5 Element
6 Royal

Sweet as, I've had Enuffs, Furys, Thunder, Theeves, Krux, Independent and most recently Royal R4's. My top 3 would be Royal, Independent and enuff (some cheap british truck company, solid trucks though)

7 Thunder

These things are the best screw you and your independent you loner

Best trucks for skating.
Screw independents

Independent=#... well, not even supposed to be on the list at all!

8 Phantom
9 Fury
10 Grind King

I know this is the best truck brand because there stong and really good for grinding!

The Contenders

11 World Industries

No never get world industries trucks they will wear out quick get enuff or independent trucks thanks

12 Krux
13 Industrial

I trully do not really like these. But they are extremely cheap and durable... Not the best you can get for grinding, but still work... Also they come in a variety of colors to match your deck. - skateboarding4life

Worst trucks ever, broke the day I put them on my board, and I wasn't even doing grinds I was just riding?!?!?

Best truck that are not on Mars

14 WarFire

They are good

15 Enjoi

Great Durability and very light weight. - skateboarding4life

16 Toy Machine
17 Destructo

Solid trucks! Nice feeling to ride with them and they last forever! I've had them for 6 years and they work perfectly! Industrials last one day to a week do NOT get them get Destructo trucks anyday of the week

18 Spitfire
20 Ruckus
21 Force
22 Speed Demon
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