Top 10 Greatest Animators of All Time


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101 Preston Blair
102 Michael Lah
103 Grant Simmons
104 Fred Moore

To me personally, Fred Moore was the greatest animator of all time. He is the man who practically created the entire drawing style for the Walt Disney Studios. Even though he only lived until 41 years old, he is an absolute legend in my book. - Matt-Rap

105 Will Vinton
106 Doug TenNapel

It's the creator of Earthworm Jim! - DA25

107 Ben Bocquelet Ben Bocquelet Benjamin "Ben" Bocquelet is a French-British animator, director, writer, and producer. He is best known as the creator of The Amazing World of Gumball of which he also co-writes alongside James Lamont and Jon Foster.
108 Peter Browngardt Peter Browngardt
109 Glen Keane

His work in the Little Mermaid started the Disney Renaissance, a glorious period in Disney's history that lead to hit after hit. He believed in his characters and treasured the moments when he drew them (in fact, he found more joy in drawing them than in seeing the final product). His rough sketches were drawn so well as to show movement. He describes animation as a passion, not a job.

He is the most inspiring animator I've ever known of and is the main reason why I became interested in animation.

Glen Keane is on the top of present Disney animators, he animated the beast in "beauty and the beast" Disney feature!

Keane draws with such great passion that shows the character movement with a great emotional value.

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110 Milt Kahl

This is the world's best animator in all history of animation! One of the classical Disney 9 old men animators.

111 Ralph Bakshi

Great animator with great movies if you are an animation fan you must watch American pop and fritz the cat! His animated movies is only for 18 years old and up!

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