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21 Position of Power Position of Power

One of his best songs, he talks about his life with power in his voice, Massacre was one of the best albums ever and 50 is the greatest

Probably one of his most dope songs

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22 If I Can't If I Can't

If I can't get my favorite song of all time to at least top 10 my whole life will be a failure. 50 cent is my favorite rapper and this is by far his best song. So underrated seriously just give it a listen

It's awesome song and I wonder why it's not in the list.

My whole future flashed before my eyes when I heard this song

Can't beat this one.

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23 Hustler's Ambition Hustler's Ambition

No idea how this is this low down. It's an awesome song and the chorus is incredible

His most underrated song by far great flow and sophisticated lyrics.

This and window shopper made the film good, the beat is PERFECT and the lyrics just put you in a good mood

Great song!

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24 Life's on the Line Life's on the Line
25 God Gave Me Style God Gave Me Style

Love this song should be higher

26 Crime Wave Crime Wave
27 Spend Some Time - Eminem Spend Some Time - Eminem
28 Straight to the Bank Straight to the Bank

Come on this song deserves way better than a #39, just listen to it once, such a great beat.

Best song on curtis album.. way better then #30

All I have to say is HAW HAW HAHA.


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29 How to Rob How to Rob

Best 50 song honestly, just relatively unknown. Please give this a listen!

How is not here. Laugh out loud he disses so many people in this.

Best song should be in top 5 dissing so many people

30 U Not Like Me U Not Like Me

It's simple- the lifestory of one of the greatest legends in hip hop. The fearless 50 shows weakness, the discussion of the relationship between he and God, everything contributes to his best track, maybe after Many Men.

How is this not higher? This is one of those songs that define 50 cent

What the f### is wrong with you people this deserves number 4

31 Power of the Dollar

Best song of all times... Deserves to be up there with in the club and candy shop

32 Psycho Psycho

See I'm psycho sicko I'm crazy best song ever.

33 Pilot Pilot
34 Buzzin

What how is this song so low it's so good

35 High All the Time High All the Time

Really catchy and lyrics are on point

Songs so good give it a listen

36 Piggy Bank Piggy Bank

Yeah yeah yeah get more money more money

37 Gatman and Robbin Gatman and Robbin

Listen to Eminem's bits, seriously he just destroys this track. Should be higher!

This and patiently waiting trumps anything 50 and game ever did together. Its possibly best duo tracks in rap history.

Definitely underrated the flow is sick

Best song by 50 and in the top 20 best rap songs ever I I LOVE rap batman and I like 50 and em so explains why this song is just uhhh awesome

38 The Re-Up The Re-Up
39 My Toy Soldier My Toy Soldier
40 When It Rains It Pours When It Rains It Pours V 2 Comments
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