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41 My Toy Soldier
42 When It Rains It Pours

Sick beat and sick lyrics

One of his best songs.

43 Heat

He raps this song without emotion, and I mean that in a positive way, like the hood made him lost all his feelings.

Sick song, one of his best

Hectic song it's so real and gangsta

Badass song! Top 5?

44 0 to 100
45 Outlaw

Fiddy has a lot of underrated songs especially this, Ghetto Quran, & Hustler's Ambition.

46 How We Do

CLASSIC song, definitely the best song including both 50 and Game, the beat is out of this world!

One of his best verses in this song! How the heck ain't this in the top 10! Deserves top 10 recognition!

This song should definitely be higher

47 Gunz Come Out
48 OK, You're Right

Wow, I'm surprised this is so low on here! Should be at least in the top 5, the beat is great on this one. Get this up there asap!

I can't get it, think is the one of the 10 greatest 50 cent's songs!

49 Ski Mask Way
50 Follow My Lead
51 I Get It In
52 I Just Wanna

One of his besties. Please guys its superb. So.. Where is it... Top 10s is its place... Lyrics is also so catchy... Marvelous music n beats... Vote it hard

53 Back Down

55? Have people even listened to this?

Top 10 Diss track of all time, not only good beef song, lyrics and beat, but it basically shut down Ja Rules career

Classic Diss, kicked Ja rule's ASS out of hip hop

This song is the king of all hip-hop songs! why 52?!?! :(

54 I'm a Hustler

Catchy and one of his first great songs before he got shot 9 times. You have to listen to this on YouTube!

Best 50 cent song, deserves to be at the top. Fiddy Cent at his prime #Brilliance.

55 I'm Supposed to Die Tonight

The beat is great and 50 cent flows good in it. The best, it should on top 10...

Killer song produced by Eminem. The beat is great

How is this song not top 10. I could listen to it all day

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56 Ryder Music

Most people haven't heard this song... It isn't number one but its chill, laid back, and has a nice beat

57 Peep Show

This song is very underrated because it's not famous. Eminem kicks major ass on this song, listen to it!

58 Could've Been You
59 We Up

The same smooth, unique and catchy flow that put 50 on the map! Adding Kendrick Lamar to the track makes this definitely a top 10. Classic.

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60 Never Enough

You must listen to this it's really good

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