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101 Leave the Lights On
102 The Funeral

This songs is nice as hell! Mad dope, you'll love it for sure. 50 cent 2014

103 Smoke
104 Here We Go Again
105 Like My Style
106 I Got Swag
107 Murder One
108 First Date

This Song is Best song in 2012 its Feat Too $hort

109 Baby If You Get On Your Knees

This should be much higher and much better known!

110 Flight 187

Bonus track from BISD Album. This song is easily too 10 but people are putting his commercial stuff first. This song is lyrical and beat is hard.

111 Glow of a Thug
112 Death to My Enemies V 1 Comment
113 Twisted
114 Thug Love
115 Warning You

I get this hasn't been released if at all, but seriously its still a GOOD song. This song indefinitely should be on the first page. THE LAST TRACK FROM THE ORIGINAL STREET KING IMMORTAL

116 I Don't Need 'Em
117 Rider Pt. 2
118 All of Me
119 Back Down

55? Have people even listened to this?

Top 10 Diss track of all time, not only good beef song, lyrics and beat, but it basically shut down Ja Rules career

Classic Diss, kicked Ja rule's ASS out of hip hop

This song is the king of all hip-hop songs! why 52?!?! :(

120 Fire
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