Top Ten Animated Movies of All Time

Did your favorite movie as a kid or your own kid's favorite movie make the list?

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1 The Lion King

Disneys finest masterpiece Good characters, good music, good story and a good morality tale, the lion king is still good!

A unique flick. Will always be loved and praised forever.

The greatest film

I love this movie. It's not just my favorite Disney movie or animated movie, it's my favorite movie of all time. The characters are relatable, the story is pure Shakespeare (I guess it's because the movie is based of Camelot), the songs are beautiful, and it has a mix of comedy, romance, and tragedy. The only bad thing I could think of is more of a opinion. The "Can you feel the Love Tonight" scene was ok for me at first, then it just got a tad bit "Ok, ok I get it, you love each other, now where's Timon and Pumba".This movie definitely made me cry when Mufasa died, and it made me laugh when Timon and Pumba sang "Hakuna Matata". Now Mary Poppins may be "Walt's greatest film achievement" but The Lion King is "Disney's greatest film achievement".

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2 Toy Story

This movie is probably my favorite movie of all time! The story is so great about Buzz and Woody's friendship. Their is also some adult humor too this movie is great for all ages and deserves to be number one!

As Pixar were making this. Some people were unsure about it. After all, computer animated were only used for short films back during the 80s and early 90s. Some even said that people can't watch over a hour of computer animation. Everyone's minds changed soon after the first set of audiences watched it. Soon after, everyone started watching it and almost every other animated movie were made on the computer. The movie itself is also amazing. This is movie changed how people looked on computer animated and a classic that everyone should watch.

Lion King sucks

Probably my favorite movie when I was growing up -

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3 Wall-E

I love all the top three...I. E loin king toy story 1 3.. But wall E is definitely THE BEST it is simple yet is effective in its story telling... There is the cutest robo or machine ever manufactured... And its love for earth... How can anyone resist WALL E... It doent get boring even you watch it multiple times.. Simply superb

Close with Spirited Away and Ratatouille But Wall E takes the cake

The best animated film ever. I can't possibly feel you how amazing this is, for I wish not to provoke anybody.P.S. Has anyone ever heard someone say that if it's disney it definitely good, because I once heard someone say it. They deserve a nice roundhouse kick to the face. They are probably one of those " if it's disney I like it just because it's disney and I love anything and everything disney" people. And in case you wanna know my favorite animated show is SpongeBob. How can you not like Patrick. And the disney stereotype would probably hate SpongeBob.

I love his passion and his sweetheart personality of cleaning the earth. He is so touching, amazing and intelligent. Even though there are millions of Wall-e he has built an outstanding personality in 700yrs

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4 Spirited Away

Come on guys, Spirited Away is masterpiece when talking about animated movies. Pixar Studios already told they've learned a lot from the Spirited Away 's director Myazaki and have lots of influence on him. It's so sad this film didn't actually had a good marketing, its got a perfect plot, beautiful messages and can take you to an amazing fantasy ride. I just couldn't believe it's so low in this list.

Honestly, this tops Lion King in the fact it has a better plot, setting, more emotion to it and visually looks gorgeous. Even the characters and soundtrack go toe to toe... this is my pick.

Definitely my favorite movie. I can't see any flaw

HOW is Shrek above this? I-is this a joke?!

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5 Finding Nemo

Best movie ever should definitely be in the top ten. Its so sad and heart-breaking at some points and then absolutely beautiful in some parts. The beginning when marlin rescues nemo's egg and goes its okay daddy's here is so perfect. Hopefully finding dory will be just as good, have so much expectation for it

This movie has been a thrill since I was a child and I just recently watched it again and it still stands as one of my favorite movies ever.

I heard that when Ellen went to Sydney
She tried to find wallaby way which was the street from memo and she got annoyed that she found out that it didn't exist

They go to sydney Australia, what is not awesome about that

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6 Shrek

Yes has to be shrek he is the best. Funny characters, great plots, good meaning behind the story. Shrek is as old as time and he dominates the swamp life

The plot is insane

Shrek is not Disney, it's dreamworks.

Allamassal is a donkey to loving lion king

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7 Inside Out

This film pushes all the buttons at the core of our universal emotional being.

it is good

Pixar's great comeback! Inside out is really really a great movie! Watch it now and vote it! Because It's really GREAT!

Perhaps one of the most intelligently written animated movies of all times. Deep-rooted concepts put in an animated movie to make it so engrossing and immediately engaging and throughout.

Fabulous! - priyeshwagh777

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8 Up

A squirrel walked up to a tree and said "i forgot to store acorns for winter and now I am dead". It is funny because the squirrel gets dead.

It tells a more touching story in the first few minutes than the other movies do in all their time combined..truly exceptional stuff

I loved this movie so much; after it came out, I watched it every day and said the best parts over and over. Most new movies are terrible, but this is more than just a new's a classic.

Hilarious, touching and incredibly well made.

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9 The Incredibles

Awesome movie. Should be higher. - arpanvinayak

Definitely should be in the top ten without a doubt - PenderK

The incredibles has everything a good movie needs. Action, comedy, a good plot, a crisis, emotion... I could go on for ever. - TheGrammarPolice

This deserves to be at the top - B1ueNew

Why is the Incredibles not number 1?

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10 Wreck-It Ralph

Did you know there were fourteen Sonic the Hedgehog cameos in this movie? Truth be told, I probably wouldn't have known that without the power of YouTube... But it's the best movie ever for gamers!

Why the heck is Toy Story higher than this, Toy Story's animation sucks, yes, I know that it was the first full-length animated movie ever, but still. Wreck-It Ralph is an AMAZING movie that deserves twice the attention that Toy Story gets.

Better than frozen, I absolutely love this film.

It have very motivational story

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11 Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is the greatest testament to Animation, Story, Connection and subconscious understanding The world has ever witnessed. It pulls out all the stops and challenges your inner child, and some of the most powerful scenes I have ever witnessed in my years of film viewing, it speaks from the heart and tells you a story that will not only Entertain, Excite, Humour, Frighten and Possess you, but will make you remember how much your non talking childhood friends meant to you. Also everything else that requires a film to be a masterpiece is right there. - Drewstar

PLEASE make this #1, it is a really good movie with clever writing, emotional ending, good plot, and it's just so good and it made me cry! - myusernameisthis

Toy Story 3 is by far the best animated movie ever made. We understand that lion king is a classic but older movies are meant to be bettered. And this is the best that Hollywood has produced

I don't even get it... Haven't you seen spirited away... It is the best animated movie I have ever seen... If you haven't seen it I really hope that you do

Toy story 3 is disgusting, Kids putting toys in nostrils - Carly19781

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12 The Simpsons Movie

This is ONE of the movies that never gets olD... Complete humour from the beginning till end + an amazing story... After seeing the climax when homer saves springfield in a bike some people with sick mind might end it in one word 'STUPID', but others like me will end it in two words 'CLASSIC HOMER'

The big screen adaptation of probably the greatest animated sitcom there has ever been. Thank you Matt Groening!

Springfield's finest in their first big screen outing. Spiderpig / Harry Plopper is such a scene stealer.

A awesome movie!

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13 Monsters, Inc.

Better than Toy story or any other pixar film.

Monsters Inc is one of the BEST movies in the world!

3 times as many people voted for How to Train Your Dragon over this. This movie is incredible and deserves better

This movie is creative! Seriously!

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14 How to Train Your Dragon

So one of the best movies ever made... IS NUMBER 50?! How is this not in the top ten? This is by far the best animated movie ever made, and Toothless is my favorite fictional character ever.

This is one of the greatest stories period, the fact that its animated is only a plus. The way the animators use color contrast and other amazing fil techniques make the story truly a masterpiece.

This movie is awesome, most people are fooled by the name. This is my favorite animated movie of all time and I love toothless. It also has its own video game and T.V. series. Great visuals, action, and comedy. Also heart warming

A very good movie and also the story that any body can do any thing just need to be find there self what they are in actually

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15 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

I want to see this it's so good.

The funny thing is the message of the movie really is timeless, how parents bash the media for feeding kids stuff the parents shouldn't let them watch in the first place, in fact the message has become only more potent over time with lazier and lazier parents. Not to mention that it's a musical, and a damn hilarious one at that. How can you forget songs like; "Kyle's Mom is a B&$@&", "What would Brain Boitono do? " And of course "Uncle F&$ka" No matter how many times I see this it always brings a smile to my face.

Best movie ever

I agree with the guy below me- I too laugh my ass off every time I see this movie. I think this movie is probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen, ever. And each time I see it, somehow it gets funnier and funnier! - KennyMcCormick

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16 Big Hero 6

This was awesome

Weee junmpef outtt a window

A good movie I just do not no why its rating is high

This is very underrated it's a great movie

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17 Bambi

This movie is pretty emotional, but that is partly why I love it so much - Spongehouse

This movie is so sad but also so beautiful, one of my favourite Disney films!

This is the best movie which reminds me of my childhood - Aafeen

Whoa really? I mean this is a good movie and all but... People actually voted for a movie all the way back in the wwII era? Okay then I'm not complaining. - Augustocannoli

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18 The Fox and the Hound

The love the movie and animation

I cried when I watched this for the first time! Best movie! Shows How everyone changes as they grow up! - abhishah901

This film was my childhood.

THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE IN THE UNIVERSE! If you haven't seen, YOU MUST! It's on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and a site I found called putlocker. DO WHAT YOU MUST TO SEE IT!

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19 Ice Age

Such a funny film. The other Ice Age films are equally funny but wouldn't have existed without this masterpiece.

The original Ice Age film. Without this, we wouldn't have had all those sequels that came after Ice Age

best film

The Ice Age trilogy is the definition of Sub-Zero. Obviously this is the most Sub-Zero of the series so far. Ice Age rules.

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20 Aladdin

My absolute fave... It's funny, heartwarming, and has good characters:

Aladdin: the main character. Yes he's flawed but he has so many good traits. He's clever, fun, caring, brave, romantic, and insecure. Sure he can be selfish and rude but he overcomes that, shown by freeing genie. So overall, I love Aladdin.

Jasmine: she is so sassy, intelligent, kind, that it's hard to hate her. Oh and my, my what gorgeous girl... ! Jasmine is really funny and her facials are fab. I love her attitude. Does she change throughout the film... Not really... But does she need to, she awesome!

Genie: HILARIOUS! ' I love his songs his jokes his everything. He really likes Aladdin, by the end. I think they are true friends. His intro is hilarious. I love it when Aladdin outsmarts him... He's so cool.

Magic carpet: <3 he doesn't speak but he's so funny. I love when he's messing with Abu. It's really cool of disney to give him the personality/"facials". He doesn't ...more - baconyum

The Best that’s what I can say for now

I voted for this because Aladdin was the first lead role of my life(in the school play)

47!? Are you kidding me? Aladdin is my favorite disney animated movie. Aladdin has action, comedy, and romance. Not to mention it also has great characters. - Ajkloth

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21 The Lego Movie

One of the greatest movies of all time don't at me


This film was a blast to watch at the theaters, the story was a breath of fresh air, the animation is the BEST I've ever seen, and the characters unforgettable. If it's still in theaters, go see it NOW.

This movie is great!

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22 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

This one's the best the others are tied for second

This is one of the funniest movies I've seen, it is filled with laugh out loud moments, great songs, and plankton steals the krabby patty recipe and takes over the world and spongebob and Patrick are the heroes, perfect movie.

Patrick:Could I have everybody's attention... I have to use the bathroom.

Patrick:But where's the road, road, road, road, sorry

Spongebob:You Don't need a license to drive a sandwich - 201002579

Timeless classic

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23 Charlotte's Web

THE BEST animated movie of ALL TIME! This movie is heartwarming and beautiful! The movie is really cute and is about a pig and a spider who become friends, and the spider devotes her life to saving the pig! And even though the spider dies (spiders have short life spans), her memory lives on, because Wilbur (the pig) brings her children with him to his barn home, and three of the baby spiders stay and become Wilbur's new friends! But of course, Wilbur always remembered Charlotte and treasured her memory forever! The ending even made me CRY! It was the perfect way to end this beautiful story of friendship and love! So, are you going to put this at #1 now, or should I keep going? Because really, I could continue this until the end of time, but I just want you to know, WE'VE GOT LOTS IN COMMON WHERE IT REALLY COUNTS, WHERE IT REALLY COUNTS, WE'VE GOT LARGE AMOUNTS! WHAT WE LOOK LIKE DOESN'T COUNT AN OUNCE! WE'VE GOT LOTS IN COMMON WHERE IT REALLY COUNTS! And HOW VERY SPECIAL ARE WE, FOR ...more

Why in the world is this ranked 39?!?! This is seriously one of the best movies ever! (And I'm an adult) I love Wilbur, I think he is definitely the best character. I love how he is a joyful person overall but can be emotional at times, like a normal person will. Not to mention that he's funny. One of the funniest animated characters ever. This movie has some wonderful songs too. I honestly love all of them. The voice cast is amazing and has great talent. It isn't super over violent like some other animated movies are. Not to mention this movie is heartwarming. I love how it shows the beauty of nature and the meaning of life. The story is beautiful. The movie also has a lot of meaning if you really pay attention. Overall this is one of my all time favorite movies, not just animated, all time!

WHY IS THIS SO LOW?! THIS SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 10! This is better than ANY animated movie made in since Finding Nemo, but even the best Pixar movies can't compete with the most beautiful, heartwarming, wonderful movie EVER. I actually cried during some parts, it was THAT touching! In just about every part I laughed, I cried, and I was completely moved beyond words! No other animated movie not from Disney or Pixar I've EVER SEEN has so much heart, beauty, and soul! Have you EVER seen a movie with SO MUCH values and meaning? This is the most meaningful movie of all time! GET IT TO THE TOP TEN!

I like this movie because it takes me back to my younger days of childhood. - Lunala

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24 Ratatouille

WE should believe in the impossible, anyone can do it, no matter who. The story evolves around the rat because rats are creatures that are considered pests and are the last animal that would be brought into a kitchen. Rats however can be very smart and quick. It is similar to the movie "mouse hunt".

This should be in the top 3!

Haven't seen anything like this, if you love cooking and pets, this movie is for you. I started watching it in flight and I fell in love with it. I think this is 1. Have watched more than 10 times.

That mouse is the best chief

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25 The Nightmare Before Christmas

This movie was absolutely wonderful. It was very dark like a Tim Burton movie but also very cheerful and emotional at the same time. Jack's struggle to fill a longing for happiness and change made the movie very emotional and Sally's struggle to be normal and see the outside world. The songs in the movie either were very funny and cheerful such as the Oogie Boogie Song and This is Halloween. Then, there's the case about songs such as Jack's Lament and Sally's Song. I thought the emotion of a Tim Burton film combined with the comical Disney moments made this movie excellent. The stopmotion was excellent and I loved the animation. The music also fit the film perfectly.


This film is downright amazing! It has to be my #2 favorite Tim Burton film next to Batman. Apart from its beautiful Oscar-nominated visual effects, the music is the best part. And to those Disney metalheads, there's actually a Disney cover album called "Nightmare Revisited" which has the songs from Tim Burton's beloved classic covered by metal/modern rock's biggest names such as Marilyn Manson (The Beautiful People), Korn (Freak on a Leash), Rise Against (Savior), Amy Lee of Evanescense (Bring Me to Life), All-American Rejects (Move Along), and tons more, and I recommend you check it out. Apart from that, this is undeniably THE greatest stop-motion animated movie of all time. Who knew a Disney-Burton pairing would work out so well.

I love this movie so much. It's a great Halloween movie but, I also enjoy watching it around Christmas, too. You know what? I could watch it all the time. I love it that much.

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26 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

It is a great, heartwarming tale that shows the true meaning of friendship, and it shows great quality of generosity! Disney expanded this film into one of the greatest motion pictures of all time! It is truly an amazing classic!

To imagine this movie was made with thousands of drawing papers, and the iconic story, the impression it gave; just AWESOME!

How is this 28...? It was the first animated movie. NONE of these others would have existed without Snow White. You know what, I'm done, I can't be bothered to say more. Please put me back in 1937.

If it weren't for Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, several films about friendship including Aussie & Ted's Great Adventure, The Baby-sitters Club and Now & Then couldn't exist - playstationfan66

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27 The Iron Giant

The best movie of all time. Vin Diesel kills it.

This in my opinion is the greatest animated movie ever made. The fact that Frozen and The Nightmare Before Christmas are higher than this masterpiece makes me absolutely nauseous. - TheMETALgiant

A classic movie about what paranoia, war, and fear can do to people, and our tendency to shoot at anything we don't know or understand. It's beautiful and possibly a new favorite movie of mine. With a climax that'll make you cry, but an ending that's hopeful too. Amazing. - keycha1n

This masterpiece is one of the best, animated move. It deserves to have a place in the top ten best animated movies of all time. And the ending... I don't wanna spoil it, but bring tissues.

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28 Fantasia

Number 40? Are you serious!?!? MegaMind was worthy enough to make the top ten but this masterpiece is below some of the worst.

I saw this movie when I was a young kid and I LOVED IT. It had beautiful animation with some of the greatest music compositions. This also introduced me to music before that I listened to nursery rhymes. The music in this movie intrigued me and still does.

As for story the movie doesn't have a main story but each composition has its own little theme and sometimes tells a small story as if it's a ballet. There is not one moment I was not entertained. Another thing is that the music and visuals tell the story so there is no need for dialogue. Each bit of animation matches up perfectly with the music and is in perfect sync.

It's hard to choose which part is my favorite, but I'd have to go with The Rite of Spring. I just love how the scene opens up in space and as you get closer to earth the music gets more chaotic setting the mood for the all ...more

Best movie ever

When Micky Mouse first appears. - WorldPuncher47592834

This is without a doubt and hands down...The Best Disney film ever made. Best music, best animation, best storyline (if you can switch segments around), best characters, and best Villain. I mean christ! Chernabog is the best Disney Villain, I think this should switch with Lion King. Cause this is classic and fantastic. Chernabog is better than Scar. - asantalo

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29 Cars

Way better than Frozen and Illumination films

Why is this?

Shut up you goon! This film deserves to be in this list. You don't get to manipulate whoever made this list and be the control-freak about it. Cars is aloud to be in this list. - Badabooo2

Can't believe how low this is, best movie my son loves this show

Number 50 seriously guys?

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30 Beauty and the Beast

Why is this movie not in the top ten! It's my favorite animated movie of all time (next to "The Lion King"). The characters are great, the story is crafted well, and the songs and score are fantastic (You're lying if you say that you have never gotten "Gaston" or "Be Our Guest" stuck in your head after you've heard them)! This movie was the first animated movie to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture and for good reason. "Beauty and the Beast" is a masterpiece that was among the best films of the Disney Renaissance. It has stood the test of time, and I'm certain that people will be watching this film a century from now, unlike some of the other films that are placed higher on this list. I recommend this film to anyone who appreciates high quality storytelling and breathtaking animation.

This movie was ahead of it's time as mentioned by other reviewers. It was a highly acclaimed movie that had a musical score comparable to Broadway and had technical jumps far ahead that set the bar high with films to follow. What made this special? They weren't using cg as a crutch like todays animation to substitute hard hand drawn work. They would merely use it to give 3d perspective as seen during the chandelier scene in the ballroom dance. Today's movies have gone lazy and laced over the top with effects. Hard work went into this timeless masterpiece and it shows.

This movie isn't even in the top 40? For shame top tens, for shame...

Tale as old as time

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31 Despicable Me

Gotta love this movie. It's my favorite out of the series - Spongehouse

One of the funniest animated movies of all time! That painted pyramid in the background of Vector's house is just genius! This should be much higher!

Similar in tone to Megamind this is the story of an evil mastermind who attempts to steal the moon. But unfortunately for him there are 3 orphans in his way. - jezza0

Gives an amazing view of how children can change us. Children don't think like we do, they don't understand what we do and that makes them superior to us, because they have the ability of believe when they have no reason to, to hope even when we would know its impossible and to try even when its absurd or foolish. For children every thing is impossible, cause that's just how their mind believes the world works.

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32 Kung Fu Panda

Out of all the movie here, Kung Fu panda is top 5 in rewatchability. Come on, tai lung is a Beast.

How is this movie down here?

My all time favourite animated movie.. I'm NOT kidding or exaggerating when I say that I have watched this a thousand times. And every time I watch this, I have the same magical feeling.. And unlike many other animated flicks, Kung Fu Panda can be enjoyed by both young as well as adults.. And that's the reason why a 20 year old like me still watches it and LOVES IT

I love this animation... Its one of my best

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33 Toy Story 2

This one is much better than the 3rd in my opinion - Spongehouse

I like all 3 movies equally. They are all in my top 10 - Sabbath

Why so low on the list. - anonymous1

Not the best, but I had lots of fun watching it.

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34 Kung Fu Panda 2

This should be at least number 2, because this movie is awesome! 9.7/10 - LuminousSaiyan27

Should be in top 10

This deserves to be higher up. It builds on the story and closes so many open ends it's crazy. The villain isn't caught in that "I'm secretly a good guy" phase, (choosing his own destiny after being warned) and all the characters are extremely 3 dimentional and believable. Also, the art and music are PHENOMENAL, and the voice acting sounds conviencing and enjoyable. We also see Po transform from a kind comic relief character to a mature yet still funny character who sees the best in others. He reminds me of Steven Universe in those ways. This movie deserves to be higher up then half the movies on this list. (Although I can understand why the 1st and 3rd movies wouldn't be higher.)

It should be the first best movie

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35 Zootopia

This movie taught people to live beyond stereotypes, and that they can be whatever they want to be.
Why is this so low...?

I love zootopia!

35th! This is the 1st movie/show in a long time that has a little something called character development

For me, it's on the same level of greatness as Inside Out.

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36 Finding Dory

I like how they made baby Dory look SO CUTE

This movie is boring. #40. - WorldPuncher47592834

Good - Lunala

Amazing film but very sad. It's got a happy ending - Gamecubesarecool193

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37 Mulan

What?!?!? Why so low? It at least deserves to be above frozen, as this movie was a big part of my childhood - Spongehouse

Speaking as a bullied girl, I did not think this movie was "perfect". In fact, watching it just left me wondering what the heck I was missing that made it so great like everyone swears it is.

Now Wreck-It Ralph, that's a perfect movie for anyone that is bullied, even has one of each in that situation gender-wise.

No, this does not deserve to be in the top 10. "I'll Make a Man Out of You" got annoying well before "Let It Go" even existed, "Reflection" is a whiny emo song, Mushu is THE most annoying Disney animal sidekick ever, and Mulan saving China does not make up for her spending the earlier parts of the movie where she wasn't wallowing in self-pity out over being discovered. The uber-feminists and social justice warriors who refuse to let this movie be the mere footnote in Disney history it should be need to get over this movie and themselves.

Milan deserves to be in the top ten. She is a great leader, and a total awesome person when it comes to being a rebel. And the songs rock. - AnonymousChick

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38 Princess Mononoke

Magical. Different from every movie you see nowadays like Frozen, Toy Story, etc, but better still. Just see for yourself.

It's awesome. It's got giant wolf gods and giant boar demons! What's not to like?

If you love wolves you will love this movie. Also as long as u don't mind blood

I love this movie! One of my top 5 movies of all time! Why so low on the list?

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39 Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Probably the most popular of Aardman's creations in their firse feature length outing. - jezza0

The references to An American Werewolf in London just keep on coming in Wallace and Gromit's first feature length outing.

Haven't seen it but it looks better than the shaun the sheep movie wallace and gromit is better

I think it is one of the best animated movies of all time very creative and very enjoyable to watch

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40 Grave of the Fireflies

Best movie of all time

This should be at number one. Genius. High art.

This is by far the most intense animated film that's more near to realism and gives a heart-breaking yet thought-provoking insight of the actual world that the children and adults alike should know about...

Grave of the fireflies is one of those rare films that will make you angry at our government for causing so much death and destruction but then you realize it was a war and you had to do what you had to to win

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41 Despicable Me 2

I love this movie one of the greatest animated movie ever absolutely amazing I went to go see this movie in theaters and it was out of this world I love the minions there awesome very funny I can't wait till they release it on dvd

Why is it on 42? It should be on top ten! Because it ROCKS!

Awesome should be higher - jeter

I loved it just as much as the first one. - Pony

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42 Megamind

Magamind is one of the funniest animated movies that Dreamworks Animations have ever made. Whoever said that Madagascar and Megamind isn't "magical" enough to be top is clueless. It doesn't have to be magical to be brilliant.

With the voice of Will Ferrell and Tina Fey, how can this not be funny? Yes it might be predated by Despicable Me, but Megamind is an enjoyable romp in it's own right.

Very oringinal, unpredictable, great twists, action packed and very funny. Great!

One of the most surreal animated features around. Because of that, Megamind is never boring, Will Ferrell is a bonus.

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43 Chicken Run

Chicken Run is brilliant! With a voice cast that includes Jane Horracks from Ab Fab, Julia Sawahla, Mel Gibson and Miranda Richardson, you can't go wrong.

The best characters in Chicken Run are ironically not chickens! Nick and Fletcher, 2 wheelin' dealin' rats are the real scene stealers.

Only the British could come up with such an animated masterpiece like Chicken Run. Lion King is nothing more than sub-Watership Down. James Earl Jones has nothing on Julia Sawahla, Mel Gibson, Timothy Spall, Miranda Richardson and Jane Horrocks

One of the reasons why my dad loves chickens! So much, he wants to keep chickens in a bigger garden. He'd call them Bunty, Babs and Ginger.

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44 Coraline

Seriously? Cars and other silly stuff is above this masterpiece? I JUST saw this yesterday on Netflix, and my thoughts. It is a fantastic movie! The stop-motion is stunning as well as the effects in the film. Voice work was well down. The characters are amazing, and the plot. Caroline lives in a complicated family, but she discovers a hold takes her to another demension with the other mother, who was nicer than the typical mother. The place is fun until things get dangerous. Watch this! Way better than Spirited Away! 10/10 - SobbingSobble

This movie is the definition of underrated, it should totally be at #1

Its very scary for kids. - WorldPuncher47592834

Chilling... I love it! It is the most creative scary movie I've ever seen. Great animation too! Why is it not higher?

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45 Frozen

This film is bad. It's not awful but it's bad. First off, it's like many things that's the reason for a song's popularity. Let It Go only became popular because of this movie. And, I want a clear answer on where Elsa got her powers from. Thirdly, how can Elsa stay in that room for years without needing to eat or go to the bathroom. Also, what was the point of the king and queens death. Also, when Anna steps outside that castle, no one watches her. It's like she's not a princess. Finally, LET IT GO TORTURED ME SINCE THE MOVIE CAME OUT! Everyone at school was annoying me with that song that I would rather sit through that crap once than hear people sing Let It Go everyday.

I hate this movie as much as you do, but in the movie, during the trolls scene, they say she was born with her powers. It's just very quiet. Not enough proof? Read the screenplay PDF online.

This film is insanely overrated, I mean- what kind of maniac decides to run and freeze an entire kingdom because of "fear"? The story could have been made into a great movie, but instead became one of the most overrated films of all time. The voice acting was mediocre and so were the songs. Nothing happens in the movie that was well written, or to sum it up, good. Olaf is just- useless. He does absolutely NOTHING that is important to the story. The plot was predictable and the characters to me were rather flat. I would not watch this movie EVER AGAIN.

Like usual it ain't the best. But the fact that it got this high so quickly really says something. It's a wonderful, satisfying movie, it's not often every single character (except for that one guy) is likeable as hell, the songs are so damn catchy and well sung. It's only fault is the ending, which I figured out in the first 20 minutes of the film, but it's intended for little kids so why the hell does it matter. A 10/10 for me, made me so damn happy and I can't wait to see it agin.

Frozen is overrated garbage. the characters suck, the songs suck, the story is clique as all hell, and it's just the worst thing Disney has ever done. 0/10 - LuminousSaiyan27

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46 Kubo and the Two Strings

2nd best how to train your dragon 2 is better but this movie is amazing! (hands down)

Not perfect but still a great film 9/10 - LuminousSaiyan27


2016 was when the best movies came out. - WorldPuncher47592834

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47 The Little Mermaid

Yay 32

Yay 35

This movie is so amazing! The characters, songs like under the sea and part of your world are all completely awesome!

This movie restored Disney to it's former grandeur. How could it possibly be so low on this list. What a shame

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48 Pinocchio

Very dark movie, but Pinocchio was adorable! I just wished he listened to Jiminy Cricket and his father

I think it's great the story is pretty entertaining

39? What? This is a classic metaphor for a bunch of relevant stuff!

How is that fun?

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49 Dumbo

This one is pretty dark too, but it was alright

How is Frozen and NIMH higher than this? This is one of the best Disney movies ever. - Tacocheese

Isn't my favorite animated movie, it's my 10th favorite but I just decided to vote for this because a lot of my favorite animated movies are already high on the list - PeeledBanana

Yes! The Fox and the Hound and Bambi are in the top 20! Now let's get Dumbo in!

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50 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I'd have to agree; this is personally my favourite animated musical by Disney yet. Of course the subject matter might not garner a G rating in movie theatres nowadays. - sockythesock

Shame it's so underrated, probably because it's so dark.

Tom Hulce + Tony Jay = Win

So dramatic and with an awesome villain song with "Hells fire" this is my all time favorite Disney film.

The most underrated animated movie of all time. Period.

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