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21 No Direction Home
22 Don't Be Cruel

Great cover by cheap trick from epic Elvis song.

23 Never Had a Lot to Lose
24 Oh Caroline

ha ha ha. funny yet serious - dyrdek114

25 Tonight It's You

Great song, give it a listen.

26 Mandocello
27 In the Street

The theme from That '70s show! Definitely heir best!

28 Heaven Tonight

Come on guys, this song is great, it takes you to a whole different universe!

What a song about real life and growing up listening to the greatest rock and band.

29 Stop This Game
30 My Obsession
31 Carnival Game
32 Come On, Come On
33 The Ballad of TV Violence (I'm Not the Only Boy)
34 She's Tight

This song is crude, but awesome.

35 Mighty Wings

Should be higher love this one from top gun

so good

36 Downed

This should be top utter classic...and a staple at their shows...just phenomenal

37 I Can't Take It
38 Reach Out
39 Ghost Town
40 Stiff Competition

This is a rare over the top rock song for them. This is a top 5 from them.

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