Avenged Sevenfold

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Avenged Sevenfold is an American alternative rock band, that was formed 1999 in California. Their longest lineup of members was M. Shadows (Vocals), Synyster Gates (Lead Guitar), Zacky Vengeance (Rhythm Guitar), Johnny Christ (Bass Guitar), and The Rev (Drums). ...read more.


In my personal opinion, Avenged Sevenfold is the best heavy metal band in the world because they have proven they can do absolutely anything! They can make any style of metal work. They can scream, they can sing, and in Hail to the King, they've proven they can pull off the Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath sound.M. shadows voice is probably the most unique voice in the world. No one can sing like him. Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance are the best guitar duo in to world, and no one can shred a solo like Gates! Johnny Christ is an amazing bassist and he certainly knows how to make everything come together with the bass! Now Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan was one of the best of the best! He was an inspirational drummer who always knew how to get the beat kicking! It was a tragedy what happened to him.. But now we move on to Arin Ilejay! Arin is another amazing drummer! What he did for the band in the Carry On, Not Ready to Die, and Hail to the King songs was amazing! He stepped up and ...more

You got 5 guys who are great friends and love what they do. They have showed us that threw losing one of the greatest drummers they can go on and put out great music. They took us on a trip from sounding of the seventh trumpet to waking the fallen took us on a road trip threw the city of evil with us going to the afterlife with their self titled album and showed us with nightmare how to keep the life of a fallen friend and hearing fiction still makes me cry the one song that I don't sing a long with cause I don't want to sing over the REV. They love their fans cause they no without us they wouldn't be where they are. They are my favorite heavy metal band. They show that they aren't afraid of showing people who they really are and show that they love to have fun. It's nt just the band its everyone that is evolved.


Avenged Sevenfold: My Best Band.
M. Shadow: The most talented vocalist I've ever seen. He has every quality a singer should have. His screaming, singing... I love to hear.
Synyster Gates: He is my idol & his solo, riff... I love every thing about him. For me he is best guitarist & he is cool, his style of playing guitar is superb.
Z. Vengeance:He is twins of Syn, he has got talent to play awesome rhythm. The story behind his name_he really showed that he is best.
Synyster & Vengeance back vocals is amazing.
J. Christ: His bass variation in every songs is superb. He puts feeling on A7X's music, though he is cool & best bassist.
The 'REV': I wish he was alive. His death was the most sad & bad news I've ever heard till now. He was multitalented musician he used to play drums, piano, guitar... Almost every instruments. His drumming in every songs was mind blowing. His back vocal was like an angel singing.
Arin Ilejay:Though he can't replace REV but he brought back the ...more

Sometimes they show Rock/Hard rock but they are HEAVY.

Though So far away, Dear god, A little piece of heaven, Seize the day, Gunlisher, Warmness on the soul, Hail to the king's some songs pointing rock,
A7X r just awesome, syn & zacky are best guitar duo ever
M/ A7X m/

A7X is just an amazing band, like M. Shadows who has an amazing voice, he sends shivers down anybody's spine just singing songs like Nightmare, Synyster Gates roocking with solos in Eternal Rest or Afterlife, Zacky V is left handed and is full of talent just check Unholy Confessions, Johnny Christ is the best bassist ever he is very talented with his fingers, The Rev (1981-2009) he was the best drummer ever and he will always be in our hearts and finally Arin he is very young but he is as good as anyone, he is also a pretty good drummer an we welcome him in the family. AVENGED SEVENFOLD isn't the best metal band but they are one of the best and I as deathbat am very proud of them

They're simply the greatest band that ever lived and there songs tell a short story. In my opinion avenged sevenfold started when 4 kids grew stronger and stronger until they formed a band, a band that grew up to be avenged sevenfold and since then have stuck together through thick" the death of THE REV" and thin "making millions and being on top" therefor in my opinion they should be number one and they are in my book right next to green day

There 1st 2 albums are when they were the best and they deserve to be in the top 5 just for those 2 albums.. After those 2 albums they are a sad excuse for a metal band. Nightmare - to guns of rosy and no really good solo compared to the past,
City of evil - way to much singing and hardly any screaming ( have to have screaming of some sort I mean that's what the band was built on )
There self titled album - it was good but it was a tell of what to come because they had more singing than usual. And the tell of what to come was going commercial and not be as heavy metal so they can get more fans

-The Rev has a unique talent, really-really unique man. His art will never die because of time rolling.
-M Shadows has an awesome voice that really shock everybody who never heard his incredible voice before.
-Syn Gates's feeling of playing guitar is so awesome too, also he has cool style B-)
-Johnny C is an amazing bass player and a cool boy, his performance on the stage looks so *silent (cool)
-Zacky V is a unique guitarist, besides he's a left handed guitarist, he's also good appearance man.

Guys what the hell, why is this poser band ahead of the greats like megadeth, priest, slayer, anthrax or even motorhead this is ridiculous, the guitarist is only playing scales up and down, and the singer sounds like a 12 year old, the only good part of this band was the rev but he's gone. Seriously they don't deserve to be called heavy metal.

They are not even metal, just a lot of styles combined. And no, metalcore is not pure metal, it's hardcore with metal influences, but that's just because there's screaming and distorted guitars doesn't mean it's heavy metal, the genre is more complex than that... - Roy_Aspiros

Which band can perform like avenged Sevenfold? Now m shadow grow a long hair. Syn became the guitarist of the year. Just awesome everyone in the band... They are young but much more better. I think metallica pantera as I lay dying trivium dragon force bullet for my valentine children of bosom and many more bands are listening A7x songs now if not then that's how they are not getting high here!

I am literally obsessed with these guys! Been a fan for years, and they never disappoint. Their music brightens up the darkest day. And they sound just as amazing live. I have a deathbat tat on the back of my neck and foREVer on the inside of my wrist. That's how much I love these guys. They are music legends and The Rev will always live on, through their music. He's up there somewhere still rocking on (r.I.P. jimmy)
I'll always be an A7X girl.. FoREVer m/

I've listened to and love all the bands on this list. But A7X is the one that gets my head bopping and my adrenaline pumping every time. I grew up on this band and that its number 9 is almost enough to make me cry. This is a band completely in tuned with the inner me. Its one of those bands that makes me feel. I feel the music in my soul I might even say. Absolutely the best. Really just the new Metallica. Certainly not over-rated. I haven't questioned a single song besides God hates us(for the obvious reasons). And I still can't stop myself from listening to it. Absolutely amazing.

These guys, they're just meh. Their sound has brushed with metal in the past, but about half of them have had a hard rock sound to it. They're mildly talented. The REV was good, but not great. Their singer is okay, but he sounds nasally. Their rhythm guitarist is OK at best. Their bassist, well he's about standard for a mediocre bass player. Their lead guitarist can write some decent solos, but he's nothing too special with his generic sound and sloppy playing.

Now they have some level of skill to be able to play what they play and to write the music they right, but they are highly overrated and they're just not good to my ears.

I think that they can be as driving as any other great metal band. What makes them my favorite is how they blend so many musical elements into their songs. Then they can pull off so many styles, yet keep so much of the original screaming rock flavoring most everything that they do...Really need another category for groups like Metallica, A7X and others.

People are mad saying A7x overratted.
Need something heavy metal & metalcore (early albums), you will find A7x
Needed some f****** solos, SYN Gates is here
Awesome Riffs, Zacky present.. Best bass-johny
Heavy vocal, SHADOWS have it
Perfect drumming, REV can play all

I agree A7x is little bit rock but the best heavy metal band is AVENGED SEVENFOLD
A7x foREver

I funking hate Avenged Sevenfold.. I don't like this band. They only know how to act like a mad person. They are trying to produce heavy metal music but it turns to be funny and hopeless music. Their music is not like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Children of Bodom, Unisonic, Grave digger, Slayer, Anthrax, Dragon Force, Pantera etc. Moreover, I hate the vocalist. His voice is not melodious like others, it is a funny voice. I really hate their music and songs. This hopeless band cannot be in the list.

Avenged sevenfold are the very best band and so glad they are back we will always miss the rev but we need to get our fab band back and all the members do there own part of the band and there write all there own songs keep up the fab work lads AND ROCK AND ROLL

Avenged sevenfold has gotten through sad deaths and they have evolved from heavy metal to softer more melodic forms if you are a true A7X fan you support them and their decisions and like all their albums because they are good

I have been introduced to this band, when a friend of mine sent me a link. The first song that I've listened to was "Almost easy", and I still remember the eargasm that I've had. They are reaaly really good, and God knows what would have happened to them if REV didn't pass away.

Its really hard to say that they are the best because both Iron Maiden and Metallica highly deserve the top place on this chart.

I was embarrassed for the city of Montreal when I had to witness Avenged Sevenfold play their set AFTER Megadeth during the Heavy MTL festival last year. EVERYBODY! Just because you sound heavy does not mean you are a Heavy Metal band. Avenged Sevenfold is not a Metal band. definitely Leppard is a Metal band yet no where close to being as heavy.. Its not entirely about what you sound like. - nefaro6

Wow what is this list? A7X should be first, and by a lot. Metallica number 1... Are you kidding me? They had a successful first 5 albums. They're newer stuff is just ridiculous and not metal at all, and they don't have elements like A7X. Neither do iron maiden. I like them, but they're inferior to A7X. FoREVer!

Avenged Sevenfold FOR LIFE and Avenged Sevenfold went from death metal to heavy metal to punk that's what makes them the best band that will ever live they are legandary half of it is because synister gates is my idol and were both guitarist he's just the best guitarist out there no one will ever beat him, zacky v is Jesus there both just the gods of the guitar M shadows has the best voice that any body can get Johnny Christ is the master at bass and the rev was and is still legend and his legend will never die RIP jimmy the rev Sullivan me and my brother praise a7x there just the best

Their songs are attractive, hard but still captivating, mostly meaningful, expressive, creative with great solo's and drum cover and waay good lead voice. They are unpredictable and unlike other bands, cover a lot topics like emo, heartbreak, treachery, patriotism etc. You never get bored listening to them, unlike metallica

The Rev's legacy lives on, Arin does a great job, as does the rest of the band. With Hail to the King the again achieved greatness, with songs like St. James, Requiem and Doing Time they show yet again that they are able and willing to rock us. Expecting more great and awesome songs in the future... If it isn't too much to ask. Respect from a deathbat to the greatest band of all time.

I mean, they are quite literally everything a good metalband has to be. The instrumental and vocal parts are amazing to say the least and a certain atmosphere surrounds these guys that is hard to describe. All creds to the all mighty Iron Maiden and Metallica, not to mention Black Sabbath, the very creators of metal but A7X really deserves a place in the top.