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Metallica is an American Thrash Metal band formed in 1981 . The original lineup was James Hetfield (Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist), Dave Mustaine (Lead Guitar), Lars Ulrich (Drums), Ron McGovney (Bassist). The group came into mainstream from their Self-Titled album and the hit single "Enter Sandman". more.


Just name is enough Metallica...
They deserve 1st position... They are god and they will reach number 1 position again I know because they are very popular my 1 out of 5 person in my class likes Metallica... Iron maiden is also good but cannot match Metallica...
Metallica has James with best vocals and best rhythm guitar, Kirk with best solo, Lars with best drum, rob with best bass... They all are god I love them they are like family to me... Just see there work from kill em all all hit albums, best lives... Just quickly change the rating and push Metallica at number 1 position... Iron maiden are also legends but they are no 2 for me...

Very often I've heard fans of other bands claiming that Metallica is mostly at the top only because they're more famous and well-known. Well, yes, they are famous for a reason- Because they are exceptional. So, they must understand how ridiculous it is, to make accusations like: Metallica fans haven't heard any other bands, or like, so and so band is the best because they're the father of heavy metal etc... We're not here to decide who the father or grandfather is, we're voting on the best heavy metal band here. And I would go as far as to say that Metallica is the absolute best, but personally I feel that Metallica is the best, and that's my personal opinion.

Talk about a pointless exercise in futility. You have people here saying Metallica aren't heavy metal, they're thrash metal. You have people saying here saying that Master of Puppets sucks - and some say that they don't even belong here. Reality check, ok. They invented thrash metal - fact. They invented it, so those who came after them are indebted to them - fact. They wrote 5 of the greatest thrash METAL albums of all time - fact. They are the most influential heavy metal band on the planet - fact. No-one has come close to toppling 'Master of Puppets in 30-years - fact. Say what you will about them now, but don't try and re-write history, because that's fanboy stuff - fact.

Here's some irrefutable facts about Metallica: they have been voted as the inventors of thrash metal they have composed 5 of the greatest thrash metal albums of all time they have written 5 of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time they have been voted as the best progressive thrash metal band of all time they have been voted as the greatest heavy metal band of all time by all reputable publications. There's no band on this thread that achieved what they have achieved.

Metallica shows perfection in every field. Whether its the lyrics, vocals, guitar solos, drum beats, no other band shows the energy that they have when performing. Rocking the world for more than 30 years they've done a hell lot to be deserved to be called as the best.
True iron maiden does have a great history. But taken as whole metallica rules now

Throw Slipknot aside, Metallica are the gods of heavy metal! They are the best metal band ever, and when they were on form in the 1980s nobody could stop them. Although I don't really like them after the Black Album, their first 5 albums are unbelievable. All nu metal like Slipknot will never beat Metallica, regardless if Metallica release any crap. But they are legends.

It's true I'm the biggest metal fan out of anyone I know, and yes Metallica are actually the best, not only did they influence into becoming a musician (specifically Cliff Burton), but they've been my favorite band for 25 years and carved me into becoming the decent person I am today. Here's the real list of the top 10 metal bands of all time:
1. Metallica
2. Kiss
3. Megadeth
4. Ozzy
5. Alice Cooper
6. Iron Maiden
7. Slayer
8. Black Sabbath (in particular Ronnie James Dio or Tony Martin Sabbath)
9. Anthrax (especially Sound of White Noise)
10. Testament and/or Savatage

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS LIST. Even if Metallica is not the best iron maiden never had a movie and A WORLD RECORD FOR PLAYING AT ALL CONTINENTS. Iron maiden dos not disserve to be number one. It should be a band like Metallica or pantera. Even if Metallica had slow songs iron maiden never did anything like Metallica. Help put iron maiden somewhere else. Actually. Change this entire list. What is wrong with this website.

Be realistic! Metallica is the best metal band of all time. Because Cliff Burton... He's a really the best metal bassists of all time. Better than Steve Harris. Because James Hetfield... He has an amazing voice. For example Seattle '89. Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets... The best metal albums with the Number of the Beast. Metallica composed Master of Puppets. And other fans... Keep Silence! Metallica 's the best. Don't say anything about it.

Message to all heavy metal fans: If you're a Metallica fan - particularly their first epic 5 albums - many on this site think they don't belong on a heavy metal thread, because they're a thrash band, and thrash METAL is not metal. Now go back to University, take a degree in 'Absurdity and Irrationality' and come back to this thread in 5-years. For those who think Metallica aren't heavy metal, go back to University, take a degree in 'Plain Old Common Sense', and come back to this thread in, say, 2-seconds? PS: Quick! Remove this post. There's far too much obvious truth in it.

Metallica aren't really heavy, more thrash. Laugh my ass off. Metallica own Iron Maiden, are the greatest metal band of all time - as judged by 99% of the planet - and Iron Maiden have had more band members than women have shoes. Keep rewriting metal lore, because Iron Maiden were lost somewhere in time after Somewhere In Time, which is why Dickinson and Smith left for a decade shortly after.

Gotta say, the best heavy metal band of all time and one of the best bands of any genre (of course maiden is basically tied but I had to vote for the one I listen to me more which is Metallica).

Here is my top 10:

1. Metallica

2. Iron Maiden

3. Black Sabbath

4. Megadeath

5. Judas Priest

6. Dio

7. Slayer

8. Pantera

9. Slipknot

10. System of a Down

Honorable mentions:






Want all out Thrash? Ride the lightning, battery, hit the lights, trapped under ice. Want amazing instrumentals? Orion, call of ktulu, anesthesia. Want a powerful ballad? One, nothing else matters, fade to black. Metallica delivers so many kinds of amazing music and they show great talent in almost every piece they have created. Who cares that they have softened up a little over time...

I love Metallica, but they aren't really heavy, more thrash. First, don't conveniently leave out the metal part of heavy metal, and don't conveniently leave out the metal part of thrash metal. Second, play Aces High first, then, once it's finished, play Harvester of Sorrow and tell me which is heavier. Deal? I mean, considering you know so much about Metallica and all...

Simply because they have achieved what others don't. And they did it their own way. They evolved and their musics past and present are proved how talented they are. Look at them now, compare to other bands. Metallica is known through out the world and their hardcore fans are million in numbers. Even in Asia, Sourh America they are the Metal God. As for Maiden, they are famous in UK and some part in US. In other continents, they are nobody. Their mascot, Eddie is more famous than their music. That is the fact.

THIS IS THE BEST ROCK BAND OF ALL TIME! Where can I begin! Metallica made some of the most LEGENDARY SONGS OF ALL TIME (Master of Puppets and Fade to Black are my favorites). James Hetfield is one of the best singers I've ever heard; Lars Ulrich is an AMAZING drummer; Kirk is the best guitarist EVER (so is James), and the bassists are AWESOME. METALLICA FOREVER! - PhoenixAura81

Three albums: Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and... And Justice For All. Who can resist banging your head to a song like One or Battery or my favorite Damage Inc. Iron Maiden is a great band but to technical when it comes to riffs and song arrangement. In my opinion Metallica is the straight up best.

Load studio sessions should have produced the best album they or any Metal/Rock band ever made but they made two mediocre albums with too many songs in both some of which just aren't very good! If you disagree do yourself a huge favour and invest some time listening to them, in full, a few more times!

I love iron maiden, too. Metallica use thrash and heavy. Traditional and thrash. Iron Maiden use usually melodic but it's not prettier than other bands. Metallica's lyrics (James Hetfield) are the best. Master! I'm your dream make you real! Back to the Front! Darkness improsining me! SO metallica is the best metal ban of all time. I love black Sabbath, too but metallica stronger than black sabbath.

The band that brought metal into the main stream. They changed the way everyone looked at metal up to that point. To those that call them sell outs... Listen to every album in order of release and you will realize that their sound always changed. That is what I love about Metallica most their range and evolving sound always amazes me.

Iron maiden is no where near as good as Metallica. Metallica has more platinum albums than any other band. EVERY STUDIO RECORDED Metallica ALBUM IS PLATINUM! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! They are also the only band to ever play on all seven continents and the first to sell out on all the other six. so shut up about iron maiden cause I don't want to hear it.

Metallica makes very strong, powerful, energetic, and unique music. The music this AMAZING band makes, should be classified as its own genre because it is different than most metal bands. Metallica has been a FANTASTIC inspiration to many musicians including myself. Personally, they are my favorite band of all time.

I love Metallica. I was talking to this one person who was about 20 and he said Metallica sucks. His favorite bands are Disturbed and Godsmack. This angered me because he had never heard many Metallica songs. He said they ripped off of a band called Behemoth. They are a death metal band that are Nothing like Metallica.

From cradle to grave, Metallica will remain the greatest heavy metal band ever. They continue to provide fans with great music time after time. The only exception I can think of is the CD with the orchestra, but at least they had the balls to try something new.

No disrespect to the other great bands on this list, and absolutely past their best, certainly not hanging out for a new album, but... First 5 albums remain unrivaled master pieces and can still own live performances with energy and crowd interaction like no other