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21 Sleepwalking Past Hope

this is the best song its a masterpiece... it has everything you want... giutar solo, bass solo, drum solo and perfect keybords

Epic Song...10 MINUTES A MASTERPIECE! And Very Good Performance At Digital Versatile Doom... Very Emotionly Lyrics From A Love Metal Band...

The best song from Venus Doom... Very Hard guitar, Very Hard Bass, Very Dark lyrics..

I gave up long ago
painting love with crimson flow
ran out of blood and hope
so I paint you no more
- I especially love this part of the song. And I love it when his voice is so deep.
This song is simply a masterpiece. There's nothing else I can say

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22 Salt in Our Wounds

This is song is incredible, it should be in best five songs. Its Lyrics are absolutely adorable, really deep, obscure and poetic. Theses guys are true artists

23 Acoustic Funeral (For Love In Limbo)

For months I sung along to this without actually listening to the words - then when the penny dropped and the story began to unfold, I ended up bawling my eyes out. My breath still catches in my throat when I listen to it...

Finally this song is getting the acclaim it deserves, "the lullaby from hell" as Ville called it is probably his finest piece of songwriting.

Words cannot express how beautiful this song is, "I save my last breath for your window to write you this song"

Absolutely perfect!
I saved my last breath for your window to write you this song
We're dancing with tags on our toes

24 Poison Girl
25 Venus (In Our Blood)
26 Love You Like I Do
27 Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart

This song has something in it. The atmosphere is very good, I love the piano in the backside. Tingles run thru my body when listening to this song.

Very nice song, I'm suprised it's not on the list.

28 All Lips Go Blue

Beautiful song from their album tears on tape propably the best one

29 Face of God

This song isn't your typical love song. It shows just how much you care for someone when you really do care for them. It shows that when they don't feel that way "you'd kill just to share their pain"

30 Close to the Flame

It honestly feels so relaxing to hear this sweet, romantic, yet depressing song. Just the perfect mixture giving you a good reason to love HIM for their uniqueness with these kinds of songs.

A song which make me cried all the time.

31 Shatter Me with Hope

Why wasn't it there already?. One of the best songs by HIM. Damn never expected screeches from them.

Such a powerful song! I actually love all HIM songs so hard to choose but this is definitely in my Top Ten! The lyrics are fantastic!

My personal favourite HIM song which is saying a lot as I love so much of their songs. Top class vocals from Ville - wolphert

Delicious tune, I can't decide on a favorite him song, so I scrolled down till I found one that was way too low, the rankings of this as well as BaBL are WAY too low, I expected BaBL to be #1 or #2 ~, ~ this one should be top 10 as well.. Ohh well, just a site I guess

32 Venus Doom
33 Bleed Well

It's one of their best songs. It's amazing.

This song is basically the definition of underrated

Fast, rhythmic and awesome!

I can't beleave that bleed well is on this rank...

34 And Love Said No

This is the song. I can't comprehend these voters! Wow...

Sums up everything that makes HIM special

The sweetest pain ever.

35 Soul on Fire

Should be a top 10 song

36 No Love

Amazing song from their new album Tears on Tape!, have to give it a try!

37 I Love You
38 Katherine Wheel
39 The Path
40 Buried Alive by Love

Great song should definitely be placed higher on this list, Second song I ever heard by H.I. M

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