Top Ten Movies of 1985


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1 Back to the Future

One of my favorite movies of all time - Ajkloth

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2 The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast is my family, it's my love. It deserves to be #1.

Every teenager must see this movie. MUST.

3 Commando
4 Rambo II

Should be 2 cuz any Rambo movie is 10 times better then Back to the Future - 3anegroes

The second movie of the famous warrior - MatrixGuy

5 The Jewel of the Nile
6 Rocky IV

Most likely the best movie ever made.

Great movie should be at least no.5

7 A View To A Kill
8 The Goonies

I love 1985 movies, there are many great ones! But how can a classic like Goonies not be top 5. I mean eveyone loves this movie and quote it all the time!

I agree this movie is AWESOME one of my favorite movies of the 80s

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9 Ladyhawke
10 Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Vote for this and tell em' Large Marge sent ya! Eh heh heh heh hehhh...

Vote for this and tell em' Large Marge sent ya! Eh heh heh heh hehhh.

The Contenders

11 Fool for Love
12 To Live And Die In L.A.
13 Witness
14 Brazil
15 Desperately Seeking Susan
16 The Return of the Living Dead
17 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
18 The Color Purple
19 Out of Africa

A superb Melodramatic presentation of nature - MatrixGuy

20 Better Off Dead
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1. Pee-wee's Big Adventure
2. Back to the Future
3. Rocky IV
1. Back to the Future
2. To Live And Die In L.A.
3. The Breakfast Club
1. Rambo II
2. Ladyhawke
3. Desperately Seeking Susan

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