Top Ten Movies of 1987


The Top Ten

1 RoboCop
2 Predator

Incredible film. - iliekpiez

A shame that there a 4 movies above one of Cinemas biggest achievements. This is one of the most beautifully written scripts of all time and the acting was superb... Would have brought tears to Stanley Kubrick! Timeless masterpiece.

Arnold is steller in this movie, better than the new "Predators" - roblist

This movie is sweet. It should definitly be 1 - 3anegroes

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3 Full Metal Jacket

Best War Movie ever. You'd expect nothing less from Stanley Kubrick

4 Lethal Weapon

The action saga started and continued - MatrixGuy

5 The Princess Bride

Last place? Wow, that is sad because it would have been my #2 behind Predator.

6 Spaceballs
7 Good Morning, Vietnam

definitely this movie belong's in the top ten of 1987 - MatrixGuy

Definitely Top 10 here!

8 Over The Top

A very underrated movie - Ajkloth

9 Raising Arizona
10 Overboard

The Contenders

11 Moonstruck
12 Fatal Attraction
13 Wall Street
14 The Big Easy
15 Empire of the Sun
16 Evil Dead II
17 Innerspace
18 Nadine
19 Summer School
20 Untouchables

23? What the heck!

21 The Running Man
22 The Living Daylights
23 House II
24 Wings of Desire
25 No Way Out
26 Suspect
27 Five Corners
28 The Last Emperor
29 Blind Date
30 The Living Daylights
31 Project X
32 Angel Heart
33 Radio Days
34 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
35 Amazon Women on the Moon
36 Who's That Girl
37 Fatal Beauty
38 Burglar
39 Julia and Julia
40 Hangman
41 The Hidden
42 Siesta
43 Malady of Love
44 Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol
45 September
46 Pelle the Conqueror
47 Harry and the Hendersons
48 Roxanne
49 G.I. Joe: The Movie
50 Like Father Like Son
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1. Predator
2. Spaceballs
3. Wall Street
1. Full Metal Jacket
2. RoboCop
3. Predator
1. The Princess Bride
2. Evil Dead II
3. Full Metal Jacket

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