Top Ten Movies of 1988


The Top Ten

1 Die Hard

What a movie for that year... - MatrixGuy

2 Beetlejuice

Should be much higher on list! Great Film!

3 Who Framed Roger Rabbit
4 Big

One of the best movies with Tom hanks - Ajkloth

5 Gorillas in the Mist
6 Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
7 Rain Man
8 Akira
9 Grave of the Fireflies
10 The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

The first movie of the famous comedy trilogy with Leslie Nielsen - MatrixGuy

The Contenders

11 A Fish Called Wanda
12 My Neighbor Totoro
13 Tequila Sunrise
14 Rambo III

Rambo's war with the rusians to rescue colonel Trautman - MatrixGuy

15 Working Girl
16 Heathers
17 Switching Channels
18 Bull Durham
19 Stealing Home
20 The Seventh Sign
21 The Telephone
22 The Accidental Tourist
23 Earth Girls Are Easy
24 Running on Empty
25 Twins

My favorite movie! Arnold was the perfect person, brains, muscles and morals! Loved it.

Please give this movie a chance if you have not seen it. Great film!

26 Hairspray
27 Crocodile Dundee II
28 Married to the Mob
29 Dangerous Liaisons
30 Willow

Big Willow Ufgood? This was a fun movie from my childhood. I thought it was more popular. Apparently not

31 Scrooged
32 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
33 The Land Before Time
34 Cocktail
35 The Accused
36 My Stepmother Is an Alien
37 The Last Temptation of Christ
38 Child's Play

This Movie Is Great Packed With Suspense And Violence

39 1969
40 D.O.A.
41 The Presidio
42 Sweet Hearts Dance
43 Mississippi Burning
44 Cinema Paradiso

One of the best Italian movies off all time - MatrixGuy

45 Camille Claudel
46 Oliver & Company

Only 29? This not only has my favorite song, but also my favorite soundtrack of all time!

47 Above the Law
48 The Unbearable Lightness of Being
49 Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach
50 The Dead Pool
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1. Beetlejuice
2. Die Hard
3. Heathers
1. My Neighbor Totoro
2. Heathers
3. Beetlejuice
1. Grave of the Fireflies
2. Akira
3. Big

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