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1 2 Fast 2 Furious

Best movie for me.. Paul and tyrese have fun together. Best driver both

Awesome Movie, Really g8t job done, From bottom of my heart really good work done, especially paul and Tyerese ! Both of them are god drivers in movie! Love you!

It is amazing #rippaul

Love both actors tyrese Gibson and Paul walker for the good movie

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2 Fast Five

This is the best movie in my life because of paul walker.

Fast five is my favorite movie

Best shot of Mr walker love it

The best movie ever. How on earth can you beat this movie. My favourite movie. For some reason it wasnt on vin diesels list

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3 Into the Blue

Beautiful movie!
Watched twice while in Kuwait.

He is really fantastic he swim like a shark :) very sweet movie love love love for paul

PW was made for this movie, he was in his element, the ocean, the diving, brilliant movie, I wish I was there.

Cool paul

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4 Takers

It's so good. definitely recommend watching it if you love action movies

Best looking men ever!

I love the action movies...and if in that movie paul wallker is there.. Thn that movie was awesome...

5 Fast & Furious 6

WHY PAUL WALKER, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY? Why did you go away? WHY? WHY? WHY? Now, who's gonna give the world movies like FAST & FURIOUS 6,2 FAST 2 FURIOUS, FAST 5, EIGHT BELOW, TAKERS etc.

Was eagerly waiting for your movie..."only god can judge me"... Still remember those lyrics... You are really an Awesome man... RIP

We Missing you Paul. Always in our heart.

I miss u Paul and you always our heart. Love you Paul (brain)

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6 Fast & Furious

I love this series! Love Vin, Michelle, Paul and Jordana!

Sad to see that he passed away todag but this is definitely the best movie to me he started in

How sad to say why Paul Walker gone...we really missed him a lot...if Fast 8 will be release how and what will be our feelings not to see him in the cast,we in the family want to continue watching this movie...but we feel we really missed him how can our tears be stop falling in our eyes when we see those cast without him even in image only.WE LOVE YOU PAUL WALKER...

He preferred representatives

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7 Death & Life of Bobby Z
8 The Fast and the Furious

"tuna no crust" a legend was born in this movie.

Has to be the best because he created a character that will be remembered for a long time.

The best fast and furious. And I have watched all of them

By far the best f&f film. His haircut was wicked in this one too!

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9 Joy Ride

Love this movie n will always

10 Eight Below

Incredibly underrated

One of my prefered movies, I love dogs

8 Below was a fun and beautiful movie and the acting was good! I LOVE IT

Loved this movie. Loved all Paul Walkers movies. He's sadly missed.

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11 Running Scared

Amazing movie, never lost my attention once, my eyes were glued... the ending was also amazing which was great

This film is one of his best work... A classic... He had my attention from beginning to the end.

One of my favorite movies

Great attention grabber. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen

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12 The Lazarus Project

It's a amazing movie I like action movies and PW is full of actions I really miss him from bottom of my heart

13 Varsity Blues

90's classic

14 Vehicle 19

In my opinion, this movie should be higher up on the list, he is in this movie 100% of the time, shows what a great actor he is.

Super star walker

15 Brick Mansions

One of his best shots he did is brick mansions this movie is not belong here it most be higher of this list

This was a pretty movie. It deserves to be much higher. - Lasvegasxavier

best movie


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16 Timeline

Thank you paul for being actor I love all your movies


17 Flags of Our Fathers

It's so good

18 Meet the Deedles
19 The Skulls
20 Hours

This movie must be at the top of list the best movie I ever never saw of him is hours I watch it a million times his role Nolan haze was really super fantastic

What! why is this so low down in the listings, no it is not an action movie, but he was absolutely brilliat in his acting, not many actors could work 100% through the movie, show such emotion and pain, another brilliant believable movie.

Very sad but I can connect

A movie you must watch - SherlockHolmes

21 Noel
22 Life Makes Sense If You're Famous
23 She's All That
24 Furious 7
25 Annabelle

I don't watching really so bored video's movie from this greatest actors?

26 21

Fast and furious

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