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Helloween is a German power metal band founded in 1984 in Hamburg, Northern Germany. The band is a pioneering force in the power metal genre, and their second and third studio albums, Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part I and Part II, are considered masterpieces of the genre.


This should be above Dragonforce. Helloween created power metal. In my opinion they sound much better than Dragonforce.

Helloween is one of the creators, if not the creator of power metal. Through all the years they've been playing, most of their albums are good. Of course, no they're not fast like DragonForce, but they are easier and better to listen to. DragonForce is plain power metal because of their lyrics... Helloween actually helps people in life... Both either way!

Helloween is the best. And why the is Iron Maiden #1? Yeah, I love Iron Maiden but they are heavy metal, not power metal! In this category, Helloween deserves #1! I love their vocals, guitar solos, lyrics, I like all! This band is really good, we must support them! They really deserves it! No offense to other bands but they're the greatest power metal band I ever heard!

Helloween is the best! You need listen only 1 song by them to understand why they the best.. You shouldn't even search, just choose first what you see and it would be correct. Blind Guardian is great band... But nobody can compare to Helloween if we talk about Power Metal. Helloween is also one of the best metal bands at all

Helloween is the best power metal band and is still excellent today, unlike many metal bands... The last Helloween albums are better than those of the heavy gods (Iron maiden, Judas priest), and I think I even prefer Helloween's career. Underrated and unforgettable Crimson Glory's first two albums are pure art, at least equally good than the Keepers, but Helloween has made so many great works and still has so much to offer...
In the power genre, Iced Earth, early Queensryche, and then Blind Guardian are great too.

Helloween rules all! Make no mistake they are the best maiden can never and will never make anything better than helloweens worst albums, judas rocks hard but helloween keeps them on there toes. Blind guardian please they are so boring I don't even think they can rock like helloween if the sold their souls helloween is number one accept it and move on.

Helloween created Power Metal and are the kings of it! They songs are amazing, just listen to Keeper's Trilogy (I mean not the Unarmed one, the full - Keeper of the Seven Keys, The King for a Thousand Years and Halloween) then you see the beauty of Power Metal.

Helloween is far the best Power Metal band you can see over there! They even created it! Hear Keeper's trilogy (Keeper of The Seven Keys, The King for a Thousand Years and Halloween) and prepare yourself to go to Heaven!

Helloween, the creators of power metal, have proven time and time again that they are one of the best power metal bands ever, even until this day. Even through a few lineup changes and several changes in their sound, they still know how to make excellent music.

Helloween is simultaneously the best out of all the power metal and speed metal bands. Contains a very sophisticated sound while not becoming progressive, and lyrics not becoming too much like folk metal. Helloween is Pure Heavy Metal at its best.

I love Blind Guardian, but I can't deny that Helloween is perhaps the most important band of the genre. I mean not only did they invent the more prominent European style of power metal, but they are also one of the most frequently imitated metal bands of any genre.

1 word: LONGEVITY! From the early 80's until today Helloween has survived and thrived. Throughout tragedy & lineup changes, Helloween has proved, beyond a doubt, they are the standard of Power Metal. Helloween IS Power Metal. The greatest power metal band ever. Period...

Helloween's Keeper of the Seven Keys saga was the first example of epic, melodic power metal in general. Iron Maiden is classic metal. But Helloween, in essence, gave birth to power metal with those two albums.

Helloween created the magic ingredients, the rise of powermetal, Imitated by many bands in this genre and even influential in rise to countless bands Helloween are crowned kings!

The best power metal band ever! Their songs just changed my life! They never get old and always stay fresh with ideas! their songs never bore me and in my opinion get better every time!

One of, if not the best power metal band of all time. Been listen to them since the early 90's and still can't get enough. One of the only bands I can listen to over and over again, and not get tired of them.

My favorite band of all time! Whoever is the singer (I think that Kiske/Deris argument is lame.. They are both great in their own unique style). Just listen to songs like 'how many tears' 'ride the sky' 'eagle fly free' 'a tale that wasn't right' 'Wake up the mountain' 'a handful of pain' and so many more, they never fail to empress, they are number one!

Iron Maiden created Power Metal even though they aren't power metal. Helloween is power metal at its best. Dragonforce is a crappy overrated band that only got popular over guitar hero. Most of their songs are also sped up and enhanced in the studio, to seem halfway decent

I want out there are so many bands that do this song even hammerfall plays it love hammerfall straight out of hell live now steel tormentor just the best for me

They are true power metal.
You should hear: (by order)
1. I want out
2. Future world
3. Eagle fly free
4. March of time
5. Twilight of the gods
6. How many tears
7. Ride the sky

Without a doubt, most influential power metal band of all time. Whether it's Kai, Michael, or Andi, you have something fantastic, epic, and utterly powerful!

The only power metal love of mine. First metal ever heard. Will stay with me forever. The former albums kick ass. Newer less, though still great power metal

Helloween transformed Speed Metal, a genre that was dying due to Thrash Metal, into its next phase, Power Metal. They are the true pioneers, and the best.

Nothing needs to be said about Helloween that haven't already been said. If you've never heard them before - - Do yourself a favor and listen to them now!

HELLOWEEN FOREVER! Amazing variety of songs, and love the themes of their music. Excellent band.