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41 You're Lost Little Girl You're Lost Little Girl
42 Celebration of the Lizard Celebration of the Lizard

Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin...

You gotta love this song, this is Morrison at his best. Such a shame it didn't make it onto an album. :(

I say this needs to be in the Top 25. Number 41? Come on people!

45? If you like Jim Morrison, this should be your top spot. It's pure genius

Playing this live and the power and energy they put in it is like no other. They take u for a ride, it goes up and then down. They were perfect and meant business doing it! 😀 It was the doors work of art, simply a MASTERPIECE!

43 The Woman Is a Devil The Woman Is a Devil

I think this music is not well known, it should be in the top 10

44 Wild Child Wild Child

I love this one. Should be a top 10 song. The riff is perfect, bass is great, lyrics brilliant, drums are great, keys are awesome. It's an easy enough song for a beginning muso to pick up and play along to.

With hunger at her heels, freedom in her eyes, she dances on her knees, pirate prince at her side.

This song is great is my favorite!

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45 Cars Hiss by My Window Cars Hiss by My Window
46 The Mosquito The Mosquito
47 Wintertime Love Wintertime Love
48 You Make Me Real You Make Me Real V 1 Comment
49 L'America L'America
50 My Wild Love My Wild Love
51 Twentieth Century Fox Twentieth Century Fox V 1 Comment
52 Universal Mind Universal Mind

Maybe not as heard as others, but this is a top 5 track, easy. I think it's only on Absolutely Live, but it is such a brilliant and beautifully written song. YouTube it if you have never heard it before, it will change your life.

53 An American Prayer An American Prayer
54 Yes, The River Knows Yes, The River Knows

This song is so smooth and relxing, not the best the doors song but I thing it definitely needs to be in first 15

55 I Can't See Your Face In My Mind I Can't See Your Face In My Mind

A song that all people can relate to, one way or another.

56 Take It as It Comes Take It as It Comes

Time to walk,
Time to run,
Time to aim your arrows,
At the sun,
Take it easy Baby,
Take it as it comes,
Don't 'ya move too fast,
Because you want your love to last.
Classic Doors lyrics!

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57 The Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat) The Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)

Daring, hilarious and insanely creative. Only daft gits think otherwise!

Not sure how this song is #54. This is one of their most atmospheric songs - a masterpiece in my opinion and should be in the top 20.

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58 Easy Ride Easy Ride
59 Land Ho! Land Ho!

Quirky and full of great imagery love the sailor imagery on this track that's what the doors do better than any band to me they create whole realities in a few minutes

60 Orange County Suite Orange County Suite

Definitely the best for me. The lyrics are great the background score scorching but the best part is how jim has handled this song. A masterpiece

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