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Rats are various medium-sized, long-tailed rodents of the superfamily Muroidea. "True rats" are members of the genus Rattus, the most important of which to humans are the black rat, Rattus rattus, and the brown rat, Rattus norvegicus.


Rats should be ranked much higher than this. They're so smart, even smarter than some small dogs. I have tons of pets at home and my favourites are my dogs and rats. They get along very well and they're actually quite similar. They're way more friendly than a hamster and way more affectionate. It's really sad to see their reputation be so false. They're the cleanest rodents, so easy to take care of and they all have such different personalities. One of my rats; Ruby is shy and friendly and once she gets comfortable with someone she is so affectionate and cuddly and my other one; Jackie, has such an extrovert personality, loves to explore and loves everyone. I love them both so much and I encourage anyone looking for a pet to get a rat.

they are so cute and are so small! I have got a rat nameed biscuit and she is my best friend!

I have two and whenever you walk into the room, they are always up at the front of the cage begging to come out and play. They are potty trained and they don't pee or poop when you hold them and are playing with them. If you are looking for a pet that will make you laugh and give you lots of love, the are the best! I have the sweetest dog and I think that my girls are much better.

Rats are much better than hamsters! I've owned every single pet on this list and rats far surpass rabbits, which are antisocial, destructive pets, and especially grumpy, mean hamsters that bite you ALL THE TIME! Rats have so many stereotypes surrounding them that aren't true whatsoever! I've never been bitten by a rat but I've been bitten by my dog, cat, bird, lizard, hamster, gerbil, rabbit, even fish! ( oh yeah, my beta fish bites! ) point blank period, rats are amazing pets

I love rats the only time they have ever bitten me is when I was a seven and we had just gotten the rat.They are such an awesome pet to have. Extremely nice and obedient. All of my rats were girls. Whenever they heard me open the door of the cage they'd come out from where they were to come be with me. Best pet in the world. Very tolerant even with toddlers. Very smart and easy to train. Quite sanitary too. My rat would poop and pee in the exact same stop making it easier to clean. I hope this post helped someone to get a pet rat. ( tip: if you want your pet rat to not be skittish don't give it a place to hide until it comes up to you voluntarily).

One of the best things about rats is that they potty train theirselves! Never have my rats ever peed or pooped outside of the cage or on me! They are so smart and will SHOCK you! I had my stereotypes but when I got my very own little babies they brightened my world, they're so loving and adorable and loyal! If you want a hand sized dog that will do tricks, follow you around, love you, kiss you, listen, and make you laugh then rats are the way to go!

I have had cats, dogs, rabbits, ginuea pigs, mice, gerbils, fish. But the best pets are rats. Very sociable, friendly, never ever bitten. I found rabbits and other smaller mammals didn't have personalities, but each of my rats had different traits. It is true that they are smaller versions of dogs. People have a misconception of them as dirty animals, but they are gorgeous, give them a chance, you'll soon fall in love.

I have a rat and she likes to spend more time with me then my dog. She is learning tricks, cleans herself, and is very entertaining. Rats are cheap, and don't take a lot of space. (But love to play and ride on your shoulder! )

Most people hate rats, that's why rats are ranked this lower. Have a rat is just like have a dog they play with u, they like caress, they are very smart and they love you. But they are much easy to take care of. Best pet for small place.

Rats may seem unlikely to be a house pet, but rats are actually smart, can learn complex tricks, and can even be called by their name. Rats also feel different emotions like anger, joy, and even sadness.

Rats are the best pets you will ever have! I have four girls and they are the best! They are funny, cute and FUN! They will give you lots & lots of kisses and they will even groom you.

rats don't make noise, they are smart, they are cute, they don't disturb

I've got two rats and they both have completely different personalities. One is a bit shy while the other wants to say hello to everyone. I love them both so much! I must say that mine do make a lot of noise at night, but they are cute so I forgive them

My friend has a very playful, cute, loyal and most of all loving pet rat. Amelia, her rat, has always been her best friend. I would love to get a rat myself but unfortunately my dad will not allow me to as we have a cat and dog. It is so unfair!

Wow, you guys totally persuaded me to get a rat. Now I have one and it is super friendly. This animal should at least be #3. If you have read the rabbit comments, you know what I mean.

This is the best small pet ever. There really friendly, loving, and they never bite. If I were to ever recommend a pet for a first time pet owner I would recommend a rat.

Rats are so cute! They are so smart and do not bother getting a weel for them because they know that they will not get anywhere! Unlike hamsters! I have got six and I still want more! I can't get enough of them!

Sometimes I feel like mine hate me, then I realise that they're just tired. Because the next day they'll just be asleep in my arms! Rats are the sweetest things ever. I can tell they really love me, and my family too! Rats are literally dogs! They are! I'm serious! Rats are dogs! If you can't have a big dog like a retriever or a husky, or a dogue de Bordeaux, the best breed for you is a rat!

Rats are so cool yet people think they horrible from all their disease stories which happen in india or saudia Arabia. We used to have rats and they such a great pets to have kids and adult + there so easy to take care of.

Rats are the most intelligent pets after dogs. They are very cute and naughty. I felt love with my rat Stuart. He keeps him very hygienic and clean tidy. Best creatures and well behaved animal on earth

I LOVE rats! People that say rats are gross and stupid obviously know nothing about these animals. These are by FAR the best pets. Mine are really well trained and smart and I love my babies!

rats are very smart and some people don't like them because they get the wrong picture and think of them as nasty sewer rats with rabies - lhairsoft

I absolutely love love love rats. I hate how people say that they are nasty and gross and vile and kill it with fire because they are good pets when domesticated.

Rats are so cool they could learn so many tricks, and are highly intelligent! I wanna get one

Rats are awesome they are the easiest pets to keep and will eat any thing you eat the main cost of a rat is its cage and the rat its self cheep