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261 DJ Z-trip

A great party rocker, can scratch with the best of them, great selection of music. Make you Dance to things you didn't think you could dance to.

262 Aly & Fila

The Egyptian future sound - JolteonIsAwesome

264 Dannic
265 S3RL

He is just amazing. I feel like I need to give this guy credit. He has some awesome songs. Maybe not as good as David guetta, Skrillex, or deadmau5. But he is still pretty good

266 RL Grime
267 Shy Kidx
268 Gigi D'Agostino
269 Capsule

Capsule at 260?
Okay, so I know this EDM duo isn't really that well-known in the western area of Earth, but these guys SLAY! Capsule consists of a man who's the producer and a woman who's the singer. You should try to listen to their discography from FRUiTS CLIPPER until their recent one. PS. Capsule is dubbed the Japanese Daft Punk! Isn't it cool and unusual to see true Asian EDM artists? (I wouldn't count Steve Aoki since he's Asian-American.)
Come on my internet friends, please vote for this!

270 Heatbeat
271 Approaching Nirvana
272 DJ Bobo
273 Jack U
274 Nujabes
275 3LAU
276 Rehab V 1 Comment
277 Apashe

Apashe is amazing, just listen to goodbye, I'm a dragon, no twerk, and battle royale - Tio

278 Terminator X V 1 Comment
279 Flume Flume Harley Edward Streten, better known by his stage name Flume, is an Australian electronic music producer.

This guy makes the most amazing sounding music, with his own genre. His goal is to make music and sounds nobody has ever heard before, and it is absolutely amazing. If your reading this, listen to the new Skin Companion EP I. It's a masterpiece. - SodiePopz

280 DJ Kaori
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