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61 Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog
62 Spiritual
63 The Legend of John Henry's Hammer
64 Sam Hall
65 Girl from the North Country

One of my favorite Dylan songs. Johnny truly gave it justice. - Billyv

66 The Night Hank Williams Came to Town

My favourite - so evocative of the time.

67 Give My Love to Rose

My favourite... A wonderful love song!

68 Song of the Patriot
69 For the Good Times

Another cover of a Kristofferson original - Billyv

Makes me so emotional

70 The Battle of New Orleans
71 The Rebel-Johnny Yuma
72 Time's a Wastin
73 Country Trash
74 Streets of Laredo V 1 Comment
75 Desperado
76 Nobody
77 Luther Played the Boogie

My IPod of hundreds of Johnny Cash Songs places this at number 1 on my top 25 list. There are So many excellent songs, that it is hard to choose, especially for those who do not know some of Cash's lesser popular songs. I do not place this above songs such as Sunday Morning Coming Down, Big River, etc. , but it ought to be higher up this list. Give it a listen.

78 Belshazzar

This is such a good song. Although it is a religious song, it is just a good song to listen to. Even those who do not like religious songs should enjoy it. It should rank in the top 25.

79 Straight A's In Love

The richness in Johnny's voice in this early work is exceptional. Even sounds a little like Elvis here. Johnny sounds fantastic.

80 Tennessee
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