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81 Other Mother - Coraline
82 Xerxes - 300
83 Bill Sykes - Oliver Bill Sykes - Oliver
84 Peter Foley - Copycat
85 The Penguin - Batman Returns The Penguin - Batman Returns

Pinguin is worst baby push up to ice water, like in mutant of animals handstand. The Penguin is Batman opponent and enemi. Pinguin is werry big nose and small fet body. His weapon to umbrella.

86 Two Face - The Dark Knight Two Face - The Dark Knight

He's looks scarier than the ghost of The Exorcist. - FieryKnightFloyd

Not two face, Harvey Dent, and he's the weakest villain of all time.

87 The Predator - Predator

Predator is no beautiful face, werry big and strong creature of magic planet. Predator is have big four teeth. He is like mask.

88 Reggie Warrington - The Nutty Professor
89 Khan - Star Trek Into Darkness
90 Kazuo Kiriyama - Battle Royale

Watch it. You'll understand.

91 Lord of Darkness - Legend

He wants to kill the unicorns so there will never be another dawn and the world with be in eternal darkness.

92 The Riddler - Batman Forever The Riddler - Batman Forever The Riddler is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman.
93 Karl Rupchert Kroenen - Hellboy
94 D.E.A. - Blow
95 Sheriff of Nottingham - Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
96 Jafar - Aladdin Jafar - Aladdin
97 Death - Final Destination Series
98 Sharptooth - The Land Before Time

Of all the characters in the movie he is my favorite. Seriously have you seen him. He rips of flesh on camera.

Oh my god this is the best don bluth villain ever! He kills Littlefoots mom, pretends to be dead, chases the main characters making sure they never reach there paradise, destroies Littlefoots treestar the last connection of his mother, and almost kills Petire. All for losing an eye! Another thing that makes him so threatening is he only kills for fun, you now for kids. In fact he rips flesh off Littlefoots moms back! Is this a kids film? In fact he was looking for a way in the great valley so he can go on a killing spree. Sharptooth has been terrifying the earth for the last 65 million years.

99 Cato - The Hunger Games

Cato's a complete thug.

100 Hades - Hercules
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