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41 Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier

Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!

42 Broncos vs. Chargers Football

This is at least the 3rd best rivalry in the NFL, if that. These two teams hate each other and are usually the two best teams in the AFC West.

43 Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers V 1 Comment
44 Flamengo vs Fluminense
45 Kentucky v. Louisville College

It's the University of Louisville not Louisville College

46 River Plate v. Boca Juniors

Should be top 10, but some American (United States) made this list...
NCAA Basketball rivalry top 2? Are you kidding me? - redshark

47 Flames vs Oilers Hockey

The Battle of Alberta Canada!

My vote moved this up from 81 to 59!

48 Eagles vs. Giants

Should be much higher. These two teams have been competing since the early 30's, which is longer than many of the rivalries mentioned.

St george illawarra dragons vs cronulla sharks

49 Germany vs Netherlands Football

I don't think any of the upper 10 belong there because the worst rivalries are the Eastern-European soccer rivalries which cost hundreds of casualties yearly (! ) For a sport!

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50 Brazil v. Argentina

Oh no! Its Brazil vs France. Look at the times both have denied each other to be in the the top 4!

51 Bill Russell vs Wilt Chamberlain

Defense vs Offense. Defense wins Championships. Count the rings, Gotta be RUSSELL

52 Torino vs Juventus
53 White Sox v. Cubs Baseball

Chicago is a city split in two. The North Side and the South. At EVERY game between these two you can expect an intense atmosphere between not only the teams but especially the fans. It gets crazy!

54 Blackhawks vs. Red Wings Hockey

Blackhawks are Chicago's NHL team
Red Wings are detroit's NHL team
NHL is ice hockey not American football.

Who ever said that the red wings and Blackhawks are football teams is a moron.

The blackhawks and redwings are good football teams

Go Hawks! My Favorite! - masonkv

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55 New South Wales vs Queensland Rugby League

How is this not at least in the top 20! Australia's greatest sporting rivalry! Mate against Mate - State against State!

Easily the most intense rivalry in sport!

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56 Yankees v. Mets
57 Capitals vs Penguins

Who cares if the Pens always wins, but its Crosby vs Ovechkin

Ovie and Sid are two amazing super stars and that is how it will always be.

58 Rangers V Celtic (Old firm)

Fiercest and greatest rivalry ever

59 Dan Marino vs Joe Montana
60 England vs. Australia Cricket

Dating back to 1882, this is the grand-daddy of all international sporting rivalries.

They have their own rivalry. Check out the Ashes dude. All for the the little Trophy full of Ashes.

Woah, the ashes! This must be higher! - Animefan12

How is ashes only 45?

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