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101 Australia vs England Cricket
102 Pace High School (Pace FL) vs Milton High School (Milton FL)

Why are my local high schools in this list...

103 Ducks vs Sharks Hockey
104 Toyota v. Crispa Basketball
105 Spurs vs Mavs
106 Benfica vs Porto Football
107 Coe vs Ovett Athletics

How is this not on the list? Greatest athletics rivalry ever. Also, its not another soccer rivalry thank goodness.

108 Angels vs Dodgers Baseball
109 Kimi Raikkonen vs Fernando Alonso

2014 is coming... Watch this space.

110 Seattle Sounders FC vs. Portland Timbers

No competition, Seattle almost always!

111 Björn Borg vs John McEnroe
112 BYU vs Utah Football

This game has turned family against each other, it has caused good lds members to turn to violence. it runs deep in Utah. With no nfl team, the "holy war" has made this state draw a line red or blue. This game every year it's played crests a fog over the beehive state. Wondering praying arguing on who will get the bragging rights.

How is this #95? This is probably the fifth best rivalry in college football!

113 Imran Khan vs Nawaz Sharif

The most entertaining and fierce political rivalries ever

114 Kaizer Chiefs vs Orlando Pirates

Sport brought South Africa together but when the Soweto derby is on it splits it back in half.

115 Rabbitohs vs Roosters
116 Celtics vs 76ers Basketball
117 Steelers vs Cowboys Football
118 Portland Timbers vs Seattle Sounders Soccer
119 Dodgers vs Diamondbacks Baseball
120 Michael Phelps v. Ryan Lochte
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