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21 Tracker Dart

Can't believe why nobody has mentioned these, people seem to forget how great they are, I've been skating since the late 80s and I've rode a lot of different trucks in that time, everyone gets a boner for Indys but I really don't see the attraction to them.

I have a pair of Darts on my current transition board, and I honestly haven't rode trucks this nice ever before great feeling to them and their geometry is so nice, awesome for carving bowls, and they grind really well, I wouldn't use the 161s for street as they are pretty heavy, and with 66mm Bullet wheels on them with a 9.5" board flip tricks are REALLY hard on that setup, but again this is a transition setup, I run Tensors on my street board (element) with a set of Bones SPF wheels.

Most of the brands stated above are all pretty similar to Independent trucks in their design, Trackers 4 life!

22 Orion
23 Mini Logo
24 Blacksmith

I received these trucks for free off of craigslist and I must say I am very impressed, very durable, grind well and all at the same time they're not ridiculously heavy

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