Best Towers In Bloons Tower Defense 5

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21 0-0 Dart Monkey

I mean, this is the best of the best

It can solo boss

It beat the temple god and can pop infinite zomgs - Masterofal

Only weakness is camo regen reds

22 Sniper Monkey

When you have it targeting strong, it can quickly pick off large targets in crowds that might otherwise cause trouble later on down the path. Even better on longer paths as it's range is everywhere. One 2/3 sniper can mean you don't even see any bloons some early-mid rounds and 4/2 can stop MOABs in their tracks. Great when combined with Apprentice monkeys or supers for the wave clear.

If it's used with the right towers it's the best tower.

But not good against rushes

The sniper is one of the best towers on btd5. when you max out all of its powerful upgrades it is unstoppable. I to round 174 when I maxed it out. even it does save you at the end sometimes it just a waste of monkey dollars. use the sniper monkey and you can thank me later.

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23 Temple of The Vengeful Monkey V 1 Comment
24 Ice Tower

It's totally not a bad tower. The ice tower is terrible with ice shards and Absolute Zero, but the Arctic Wind ice tower is super cool and underrated. Pair the arctic wind with a Ring of Fire, and watch the near infinite bloon slowing and popping power

The ice tower is the "coolest" troop ever it the best

It is bad

25 Mortar Tower

With the mortar specialist tower it becomes one of the most powerful towers. A self aiming cannon on steroids with unlimited range that either shoots super fast and reveals camp or shoots huge explosions that take off 3 layers at a time! What more could you ask for?

To me this is one of the worst because it can only attack in one specific spot and even though it does reveal camo with signal flares it wont hit them all with it's incredibly slow attacks. Also none of the upgrades deal massive damage to moabs.

The Big One annihilates rainbows. - Vortexium

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26 Wizard V 3 Comments
27 Moab Mauler
28 Ice Monkey

Upgrade it to ice shard or viral frost and you one good player against normal non moab bloons. They can defeat a moab if the map is very long

29 Cobra

It can give you extra health. best ever! 1

30 Tack Shooter

Just good against non camo bloons

The fire path is good

Ring of Fire is OP

Ring of fire/ blade maelstrom+ monkey village radar scanar=

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31 Destroyer
32 Engineer V 2 Comments
33 Bloonjitsu Master V 1 Comment
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