Top 10 Toys that Should Be Banned

Here’s a list of toys that are still there but are likely to be recalled in the future.
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1 Trampolines

Trampolines have been known to be fun for many children.

However the unfortunate downside is that these have led to countless injuries on people such as broken bones and concussions, yet worse was that between 1990 and 1999 11 people died after using trampolines and falling (more deaths than from any other toy ever made).
Yet even when they added netting people still get injured and killed when on them.

There's a reason they're the most dangerous toys ever invented, and they're still on the market,
They deserve to be banned from children on Earth.
I mean after all the complaints and lawsuits they ensued for being dangerous to children.

Trampolines should only be used by professionally skilled and trained acrobats, and many children aren't (no offense intended).

Trampolines such as recreational ones are extremely dangerous & many children don't realize the risk they! re putting themselves in. There's netting but that doesn't completely stop injuries or deaths from happening. They caused more injuries & deaths than any other toy invented & should never be placed at or near their homes. Now amusement park trampolines exist & were designed to be structurally safe, but parental supervision's required for further safety.

Accidents usually happen if there are two or more kids on it. Just stick to one at a time and if the safety manual says not to do any somersaults, then don't do them. They may sound fun, but this is about staying safe.

Ha... NO! my trampoline doesn't have the recommended safety net because these things rip so easily and cost like 200 dollars to replace, if you want some sort of safety without the expense, rip out the nets and install wood to replace them.

2 Fidget Spinners

They were meant to be a way for kids to calm them down from disorder conditions & anxiety, but instead they caused distractions, so schools banned them. They're known to cause injuries by unsuspected children & some were pulled off the shelves for containing dangerous amounts of lead, at a whopping 33,000 parts per million & electronic ones overheated, causing fires. Fidget spinners aren't entirely safe.

Fidget Spinners were invented in 1993 and were hugely popular, then were trending again in 2017, where many children fidgeted and let them spin, which takes quite a while to come to a stop.

Unfortunately these toys are known to distract children from things, leading to schools banning them.

Not only that, many people were injured by them, and also some in Target stores were thankfully banned for containing extremely high levels of lead (which is the 2nd most toxic household chemical on Earth, only behind arsenic), an eye-popping 33,000 parts per million (ppm - 3.3%).
Far more lead than 40 ppm (0.004%), which the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says toys shouldn't contain more than.
So they contained a whopping 825 X that level.
But many fidget spinners worldwide still exist today and the risks keep increasing.

They were meant to help children with ADHD and autism, but unfortunately only caused distractions and dangers.
Yet the metal circles come ...more

This existed in the 90s? And people were injured by them? Wow, I learned more today. Thanks for this list!

3 Baby Walkers

Baby Walkers have caused infants to be injured which can make them unable to move properly, they should be banned in the future.

These toys have caused multiple children to be hospitalized with numerous injuries due to their setup, making these toys dangerous, yet they're still around but should be banned in the future.

4 Gunslinger

Toy guns are dangerous and this is no exception.
It's still on the market and should be banned.

5 Jibber Jabbers

These toys were known to let players choke their necks and make a choking sound and taught them to shake babies, leading to shaken baby syndrome on the babies, putting these toys on the list of hopefully being banned in the future.

6 Zulu Blow Gun

Anything called a gun is not suitable to play with and this is also known to be a severe choking hazard, making it highly dangerous.

7 Boba Fett Action Figure

This toy would've been a hit for Star Wars fans, but unfortunately it fired rockets
and incidents took place where it flew into a person's mouth, causing children to choke and suffocate.

Yet the downside is that it's still on the market though it's highly expensive now considering how dangerous it is.

8 Cylon (Battlestar Galactica)

This toy allowed children to fire fake missiles which would lead to multiple injuries and property damage, yet toy weapons of any kind are a hazard and this is still around.

9 Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game

We all know Miley Cyrus messed up, but that wasn't the problem with this. The problem was these contained harmful amounts of lead, at 3,000 parts per million, but they were still on the shelves because the lead was in the vinyl (a carcinogenic material) rather than the paint & the law only applies to paint. Now since these have vinyl, they put children at risk of cancer & children are at greater risk of vinyl-induced cancer than adults.

The Hannah Montana pop star card game would've been a potential if it didn't fail the safety tests by containing dangerously high levels of lead.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that no toys should contain more than 40 parts per million (0.004%) lead, but the Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game contained 75x that level, at a whopping 3,000 parts per million (0.3%).

However the lead was contained in the vinyl rather than the paint, but still kids coming into contact with and swallowing lead report serious health problems including lead poisoning and since the lead was on the vinyl rather than the paint, the toys are still on the market shelves, yet should consider being banned at least as of this version to hopefully be modified to remove much of the lead contained in the toys, so that no more than 40 parts per million exists due to safety reasons.

After all, better safe than sorry.

10 Burger King’s Pokémon Toys 1999

Those were so dangerous that they had to be recalled. These caused more incidents than any other toy besides the kinder surprise & trampolines.

It's like the Kinder Surprise.
How old were the kids?
0-3 year olds cannot have Kinder Surprise.

Not only did Pokemon Go kill people but so did the toys to Pokemon The Movie.

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11 Rubber Band Guns

First of all, toys guns of any kind are not safe, yet 2nd, rubber bands themselves can be dangerous and this was no exception.

The rubber band gun fired rubber bands on people, causing numerous skin injuries and even lacerations.

Despite the complaints it ensued, they still exist and can be sold.

They are guns and things with guns in it is bad!

12 Kinder Surprise

10 children in the world have died from this, those were made in 1974 and it is owned by Ferrero Food Service (FFS), Yep, it is banned due to 10 children died from it.

They've caused countless children to choke on the small pieces, yet they were once banned in the U.S.

However they still exist in the rest of the world.

Yet the worst part was that 10 children died in the U.K. after eating the candy inside the eggs, making it the 2nd deadliest toy ever made, only behind home trampolines (which killed 11).

Yet it was recently discovered there were drugs inside these toys and their candy, making them extra dangerous.

They should consider be banned worldwide for the safety of children and everyone in general.

I think it has a warning on it saying not for kids under 3.
0-3 year olds cannot have Kinder Surprise.
Now go and fire your guns at the school shooting.

Proof that Eggs are Evil.

13 Springballs

These were made to help children balance, but unfortunately many children fell and experienced injuries, but unfortunately they didn't get banned.

14 Non-edible Play-Doh

Play-doh has put children at further risk of suffocation due to confusion between non-edible stuff & food. Play-doh has the color, smell, texture & taste of food that babies like to eat & babies eat everything, making it a total choking hazard & standard play-doh isn't meant to be eaten. They needed to rethink their business.

Unfortunately, standard play-doh isn't edible and many kids think it's food, so they eat it and suffer health conditions along with suffocation.
Edible play-doh should be the only type that's available for safety of little children.

15 Leapfrog Fun & Learn Phonics Bus

These toys are being used by some children as skateboards, putting children at risk of tripping over and getting injured.
Yet some children try to ride these down stairs, also posing risk of fall injuries.

We know this wasn't meant to be a skateboard, but very young children don't know much how safe something is or how dangerous and can't properly distinguish toys from other things.

They can kill you if not used in the right way.

16 LEGO playsets that fire rockets

Because of course, little rockets can land on people's mouths and choke them, yet legos in general are choking hazards.

17 Furby
18 Sky Dancer Dolls
19 Toy Knives
20 Vinyl Beach Balls

Beach balls are made of vinyl, which is extremely toxic & carcinogenic, putting people at risk of cancer. Vinyl even emits fumes, which also risk cancer & it's dangerous at all times. The risk of cancer is increased by a factor of 6 & children are at greater risk of such cancers than adults & children play with beach balls. If they were replaced with non-toxic biodegradable ones, the risk of such cancers would be unlikely. Cancer kills people every year, kids & adults. Also vinyl is bad for the environment & is one of the materials responsible for unwanted climate change & global warming, so if these toxic beach balls were banned & replaced with biodegradable ones, the environment would be even safer.

21 Wubble Bubble Balls

Many kids don't realize the inflation point has a bull's eye pattern that makes the ball overall look like a female chest part. What were the designers thinking when they thought of this toy. Never expose kids to such vulgar imagery.

22 Plastic Food
23 Hatchimals
24 FIJIT Friends
25 Shopkins
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