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Fashion is a popular style, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body that changes from time to time. However sometimes they can go too far & reach extreme levels of ridiculousness. So this is a list of the ugliest, most horrendous fashion trends in history.

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1 Face Piercings Face Piercings

This trend was supposed to show off "edgyness" when it really only goes off to make you look like a brain-damaged alien from Mars like the guy in the picture. - Joeljohns249

I understand one or two on the nose or something, but if it gets out of hand, I can see why people feel uncomfortable being around someone with so many piercings - wren6

Oh my god I hate this why why would you want to pierce your face especially like in this picture like why just why - Lpsgirl

Do not do this in your life. - RadioHead03

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2 Nipple Rings Nipple Rings

Oh yes, Nipple Rings. Some retarded teens started piercing every single part of their body in order to show off their rebelliousness. What they don't realize is that it has about hundreds of potential risks such as infections (or even breast abscess formation), nerve damage, bleeding, hematoma (a blood-filled cyst), allergic reactions, nipple cysts, and keloid scarring (raised, red scarring). Unfortunately, nipple piercing is also associated with hepatitis B and hepatitis C infection, and even HIV. Studies also show nipple rings can also form breast cancer for women. Not to mention, they take longer to heal from a piercing than do piercings in other parts of the body. - Joeljohns249

The picture grosses me out. - XxembermasterxX

Why don't you get armpit tattoos then? - TriggerTrashKid

That's painful and disgusting to look at... - Misfire

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3 Face Tattoos Face Tattoos

Remember in the 90s people would get angry when people drew on their faces. Now people want to look like that. - XxembermasterxX

Nothing quite screams "SCUMBAG" like a face full of tats.

The only thing they do is ruin your looks, 6ix9ine is a great example. - CharismaticKat

Yeah, of course it's 69 - LightningStrike

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4 Safety Pin Face Jewelry Safety Pin Face Jewelry

Yes, you read the title right:- Safety Pin Jewelry. Basically you would pierce different parts of your face with safety pins like seen in the picture. This was a prominent fashion trend during the first & second wave Punk Movements in 70s. Apparently the code to being a true punk was to destroy your cheeks with office supplies. - Joeljohns249

This actually looks cool to be honest. I wouldn't do it but doesn't look bad or anything, just pretty jarring - xEliHbkx

Argh! That looks painful! - Misfire

5 Grills (Jewellery) Grills (Jewellery)

All these rappers wearing Grills on their teeth as some sort of mouth-guard like boxers wear in the name of Hip-Hop. I hope they do realize that long-time usage of Grills has many potential health effects such as dental problems, base metals could cause irritation or allergic reactions, and that bacteria trapped under a grill worn on a long-term basis could result in gum disease, cavities, or even bone loss. - Joeljohns249

I didn't even know they cause health problems but I guess that's just another reason not to waste your money on these things. - CharismaticKat

That's so ugly... - Metal_Treasure

Really don't see the appeal in these - PeeledBanana

6 Half Shaved Head Half Shaved Head

I never understood this - Randomator

Never liked this. - Userguy44

7 Big Butts

Should be something for models and porn stars. Not random people. - SomeRandomGuy14

*Nicki Minaj rages* - TriggerTrashKid

I don't think this counts as fashion really does it? - xEliHbkx

Must be number 1 right now - LightningStrike

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8 Kylie Jenner's Lip Challenge Kylie Jenner's Lip Challenge

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, we now have a group of adolescent fan-girls with lips looking like they were kissing a stripper-pole for hours. - Joeljohns249

Proof eggs are "actually" better than Kylie Jenner *passes out* - TriggerTrashKid

Is this what happens when you crossbreed a human and a horse? - ToddHoward

That's ugly. What kind of trend is this? - JoeBoi

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9 Converse Sneakers with Socks

Converse were designed to be worn barefoot. Socks are gross. We should ban them

You should be barefoot with these shoes. It looks a lot better

Socks need to be banned

10 Rainbow Teeth Rainbow Teeth

This is what you get for eating too much candy and puking it out - LightningStrike

Those are grills, they're not actually his teeth. - CharismaticKat

No one did this except 6ix9ine - Demon_Kitty

Pedos & their weird trends - Joeljohns249

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11 Belly Button Rings Belly Button Rings

And the worst part is that apparently this is a very "atractive" thing for belly button fetishists & there is an entire section in Pornhub dedicated to this. - Joeljohns249

Ouch - LightningStrike

12 Buttock Augmentation Buttock Augmentation

I've added corresponding images to all the rest of the items below on this list. Be sure to revisit this list when those images get approved. - Joeljohns249

Can be used as a side table, LOL - Metal_Treasure

I rather a skinny butt over THIS monstrosity.

13 Breast Augmentation Breast Augmentation

No explanation needed. - Joeljohns249

This is okay if you wanna do honestly, but I don't see a decent reason unless you're in 'certain' careers - xEliHbkx

14 Black Metal Fashion Black Metal Fashion

I like it, but it would be weird if you walked into school looking like that. - XxembermasterxX

Really? LOL. - Ananya

Nah it's kinda cringey but cool too - xEliHbkx

They look like evil C L O W N S. - CharismaticKat

15 Maga Hats Maga Hats

It was just really bad and hateful when Bill Clinton used this slogan in the 1992 presidential campaign, even though he was only copying Ronald Reagan from the 1980 campaign.

Lol I doubt people actually don't like the hat here, it's probably they just don't like Trump. Besides that, you could just put for this item: bland hats. - xEliHbkx

I mean in my opinion it needs a little more style but otherwise meh - RawIsgore

Sooper dooper stoopid. - XxembermasterxX

16 Comb Over

Comb overs are good - PeeledBanana

17 Sagging Pants Sagging Pants
18 Corsets Corsets

Corsets were apparently a huge trend in the 20th century. Not only was this horrible trend ugly but also had some harmful medical effects such as Internal organ damage, broken ribs when pushed to extreme levels.Not to mention the pain & time it takes to get dressed in one of these. - Joeljohns249

Hope you all realize most corsets were not worn like in this picture. - Stalin

That body though - Userguy44

19 Creative Eyebrows Creative Eyebrows

They look way too unnatural and it's just kinda scary - xEliHbkx

20 Stubble on Men's Faces
21 Hair Metal Fashion Hair Metal Fashion

Is that a wig or is that their actual hair...? - CharismaticKat

Considering that they used to perform for hours in concerts with that hair, it's probably real. But it's definitely dressed & manipulated a lot with hair-products in order to make it look that way. - Joeljohns249

22 Tiny Sunglasses Tiny Sunglasses
23 The Hitler Look The Hitler Look

Emo Hitler - Demon_Kitty

Hitler loves cutting himself then - ToddHoward

When was this a fashion trend? - Alkadikce

What part are we talking about? most people don't have Hitler staches.. and also Hitler didn't have gauges I think.. so that's not very helpful - xEliHbkx

24 Overalls Overalls

Mario. - TriggerTrashKid

25 Flock of Seagulls Haircut Flock of Seagulls Haircut
26 Ronaldo Haircut (2002) Ronaldo Haircut (2002)

Ideal for people who are balding on the top of their head - Alkadikce

27 Busta Rhymes Haircut Busta Rhymes Haircut

This is not a Busta Rhymes haircut. - RobertWisdom

28 Crop Top on Men Crop Top on Men

I don't support this because only men with perfect bodies could wear it, others would be ridiculed. At least by women there are lots of "accept your body" campaigns. And if you have abs and show it that way, people will probably think you're a vain egoistic buffoon. - Alkadikce

It is a little less ordinary but just be either self conscious, or aware that some people will most definitely find it weird.
Crop tops on men are perfectly fine - xEliHbkx

Approving crop tops on women but not men is a lousy double standard. As a woman, I want to see men's midriffs. - Crwth

It depends on the guy wearing it, but in the image it definitely does not work. - Atham

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29 Long Hair on Men

Gadzooks! No. I LOVE long hair on men! Exquisitely attractive, sexy, and elegant. - Crwth

I find it hot, but oh well. - XxembermasterxX

30 Socks Socks
31 Bell Bottoms Bell Bottoms

What? I love bell bottoms! - Jasmine21064

Love this - RoseCandyMusic

Ugly. - CharismaticKat

32 Jewfro Jewfro

Haha, P. Spector - Metal_Treasure

33 Dreadlocks Dreadlocks

Kinda racist, besides they look good on most people. - CharismaticKat

34 Mohawk Mohawk
35 Beatles Haircut Beatles Haircut

I think it's really cute. - Crwth

36 Crocs Crocs

Crocs are fine. - TriggerTrashKid

Ew crocs - Demon_Kitty

37 Scene Haircuts

I personally thing they look fine, it's just straightened/layered and colored hair. Some forms have highlights and stripes and all and those look a little more deliberately jarring to some people, but it's part of a somewhat alternative culture so of course people would do that. Overall though, I think they look fine and I personally do find them quite neat, honestly - xEliHbkx

Like Dahvie Vanity’s hair style.

38 Rat Tails Rat Tails
39 Mullets Mullets
40 Whale Tail

Please don't do this - xEliHbkx

41 Eyebrow Rings Eyebrow Rings
42 Metallic Suspenders
43 Naked Party Look

This is actually too popular, and for being done mostly by celebs who are adored by teens and children, it's a very irresponsible choice. Although they shouldn't be held accountable, they should and likely do know that kids will want to mimic this looks - xEliHbkx

44 Meat Dress Meat Dress
45 Purple Pasty
46 Sun Reflector
47 Christina Aguilera Look Christina Aguilera Look
48 "Dirty" Naked Look
49 Lil' Baby Dress Lil' Baby Dress
50 Psychopath Look Psychopath Look
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