Top Ten Worst Days of the 60201 Lego City Advent Calendar (2018)

Woah, it's already almost christmas, and time has certainly gone by. So I have now gotten to open all the doors on the 2018 lego city advent calendar: 60201. And overall I found this calendar to be an enjoyable one! It's not as good as many previous calendars, but it's definitely recommended and I really thought it was a great one! I made a list about the best days of the calendar so now it's time for the worst ones. Keep in mind there was only one build I didn't really like in this calendar, just so you know, so let's get started!
The Top Ten
1 Day 4: "Husky and Bowl"

This is the only build I didn't like at all in this advent calendar. As you may know, in the Lego City advent calendars, certain items almost always appear, although they may look different - Christmas trees, dogs, presents, snowmen, and Santa among them. However, none of them are as boring as the dogs, as they lack both construction elements and variety. While this particular build isn't as terrible as those from 2014 or 2015, due to the unique bowl and included chicken leg, it's still just so boring.

2 Day 6: "Snowman With Coffee"

Snowmen are usually among the best of the annual items you get in Advent calendars. Well, for the most part. They can be quite unique and cool, but this one is the worst since 2014 by far! The design is a replica of the 2013 one, but the bottom is rounded - yay, how original! Also, he is holding coffee, which is somewhat original, but eh. Not bad, but seriously below average. The best snowman was in 2010, followed by 2015 and 2016.

3 Day 9: "Lamp Post"

So now we are getting into the okay tier. This lamp post isn't all too bad. However, there have been numerous lamp posts in the past few years, and all of them were overall more impressive to look at. This one is mostly just unnaturally huge and thin. I think the 2016 lamp post was my favorite due to its impressive look.

4 Day 5: "Sled"

This isn't too bad. I mean, it looks quite good and offers playability. My problem is how simple it looks. There have been a few sleds in the past, and they have all been more impressive overall. Also, that snow pile is confusing.

5 Day 14: "Presents"

This is one of those annual items you get in Advent calendars (well, they were strangely absent from the 2017 calendar along with dogs, anyway). Luckily, these were quite impressive and unique compared to previous ones, and I would place this in the good tier.

6 Day 15: "Christmas Tree"

The period from 2015 to 2017 was a dark era for Lego City Advent Calendar Christmas trees. They were just so disappointing and had major flaws (the 2017 version didn't even have decorations, and that's saying something!). Luckily, this one is quite impressive. While it's also quite small like the ones in the dark era, the golden statue on the top is what makes it stand out so well.

7 Day 21: "Candy Cane Clock Tower"

This one isn't that bad either. It's quite cool. A candy cane clock tower is not something we get in every calendar! Plus, the clock is a very rare piece. I think my only problem is that it doesn't offer much playability as it's, well, a small clock tower. Sure, it's a candy cane, but overall, eh.

8 Day 20: "Drill Machine"

This build overall just looks very unfinished, in my opinion. Why is there only one window? And what's that gray thing? The driller looks so unfinished as well! I get that it's based on a set, but wow, this looks just unfinished at best. I mean, I'd probably place it in the good tier still, but that doesn't change that it looks unfinished!

9 Day 10: "Soccer Ball and Goals"

I think the major flaw about this one is the fact that these goals have green on them and soccer - well, say it with me guys: "It's not a winter sport!" It offers playability, and I appreciate the obscure building, but it does feel out of place at the same time. You could say the same thing about Day 12, which wasn't one of my favorites either.

10 Day 19: "Remote Control Cars"

I think I might have overreacted when I put this on the BEST list. While this certainly is a great build, that doesn't change that they look kind of underwhelming at the same time. No actual wheels and not much effort, unfortunately. It's great, but I seriously overreacted.

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