Top Ten Tributes In The 74th Hunger Games

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21 District 4 Male

I was so sad when he died. He was only 12. He didn't deserve to die. In fact, No One deserved to die. The Hunger Games movie is beyond awesome and the books are epic, but the government in the Hunger Games universe are even dumber than Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber. - Jetticus12

He was so young. His death is really disconcerting

It makes me very tenderly, because it is so small

He was my favorite tribute and he was so small and cute I thik he should go out with Rue

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22 District 6 Female

Pretty - Untildawn8

23 District 8 Female

She looked pretty cute and adorable. She was 13 and she was too young to die that way. It must hurt very much and the careers are bad because they were not merciful even she pleaded for mercy.

She was really cute. It was sad how the careers killed her but come on it was stupid to light a fire at night (in the Hunger Games at least).

I like her she go in second day

This death was stupid if I could kill her I would sit on her face then fart for 10000 years then finish her by digging ahole and burying her by pooping on her

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24 District 7 Male V 1 Comment
25 Annie Cresta

She wasn't even in the first film - Untildawn8

Get a clue she wasn't in any games in the seriea - Oreos

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