Top Ten Tributes In The 74th Hunger Games

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21 District 9 Male

That was so sad he was the first one to die. He only lived for 35 seconds. I'd probably live shorter than him lol

First one to die. That's why I like him

9 is the best district - MasyMenos

It was Katnisses fault he died

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22 District 4 Male

I was so sad when he died. He was only 12. He didn't deserve to die. In fact, No One deserved to die. The Hunger Games movie is beyond awesome and the books are epic, but the government in the Hunger Games universe are even dumber than Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber. - Jetticus12

He was so young. His death is really disconcerting

It makes me very tenderly, because it is so small

He was my favorite tribute and he was so small and cute I thik he should go out with Rue

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23 District 6 Female

Pretty - Untildawn8

24 District 7 Male V 1 Comment
25 Annie Cresta

She wasn't even in the first film - Untildawn8

Get a clue she wasn't in any games in the seriea - Oreos

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