Top Ten Trio of Video Games That Would Make Awesome Mashups


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1 NFL Madden/Mario/Sonic

This shall be called Mario & Sonic at the NFL. This is for all those who thought there weren't enough Mario & Sonic games that involve Olympics & sports.

1. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
2. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
3. More Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Now, there is Mario & Sonic at the NFL.

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2 NFL Madden/Mortal Kombat/Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale
3 Mario/Pokemon/NFL Madden
4 NFL Madden/Super Smash Bros/Zelda

It could be a stage in SSB where you make field goals to up your power and everyone uses swords.

5 Mario/Kirby/NFL Madden
6 Fnaf/Silent Hill/Resident Evil
7 Call of Duty/Battlefield/Crysis
8 Dead Island/Dead Rising/Left 4 Dead

DEAD Island, DEAD Rising & Left 4 DEAD. This shall be called Left 4 Dead Island Rising. Prepare to be dead!

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9 Marathon/Halo/Destiny
10 Minecraft/Terraria/the Walking Dead

How is Terraria immature? Have you seen the amount of blood and gore in it? Not to mention the alchohol references, slight nudity, sexual references and overall violence? Please play a game before making an uneducated statement relating to it.

Terraria is the best

The Walking Dead is a great game but the other two are way to immature

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11 Zelda/Pokemon/Mario

3 of my favorite Nintendo franchises coming together. I couldn't ask for more, I like the idea - nintendofan126

You are Mario, who trains Pokemon to fight Ganondorf and his Mushroom Army

Well at least you can see them united in Super Smash Bros.

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12 Cave Story/Shovel Knight/Mega Man
13 Zelda/Elder Scrolls/Pokemon
14 Gex/Croc/Bubsy

Gex from Crystal Dynamics, Croc from Argonaut Software & Bubsy from Accolade are a perfect trio to have in a video game crossover.

15 Wolfenstein3d/Doom/Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3d, and Doom are classic fps shooter. So I think they would make a great mashups. - Delgia2k

16 Pac-Man/Mega Man/Bomberman
17 Super Smash Brothers/PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale/Sega All-Stars
18 Kirby/Mario/Pokemon
19 Just Dance/Sing It/Guitar Hero
20 Spyro the Dragon/Pac-Man/Mega-Man
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1. Super Smash Brothers/PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale/Sega All-Stars
2. Cave Story/Shovel Knight/Mega Man
3. Conker's Bad Fur Day/Banjo-Kazooie/Donkey Kong Country
1. Wolfenstein3d/Doom/Duke Nukem
2. Dead Island/Dead Rising/Left 4 Dead
3. Fnaf/Silent Hill/Resident Evil
1. NFL Madden/Mario/Sonic
2. Mario/Kirby/NFL Madden
3. Mario/Pokemon/NFL Madden

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