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Best Trippy, LSD, Freaked Up, Random Movies. The movies that make you think, the movies that make you wonder what in the hell you are watching. These are the most random, weird, messed up, hallucinogenic-like, mind-twisting movies of all time!

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1 After...

This movie is nuts. You want to know what LSD is like... Watch this movie. This movie is one of the most mind-blobbing, trippy, classification-defying flicks I have ever seen. It is a sure adventure through faith, horror, love, death, disease, torture... And un-explainable, unquestionable chaos. It was a great movie, and a piece of art in it's own style. If you like psychological- thrillers, this is your type of movie.

It leaves you questioning, thinking, identifying, so messed up this movie is, it gives you a migraine. A horrifying, claustrophobic, terrifying experience.

Watching is movie is basically like having a really bad dream while having an extremely bad trip on LSD, and when you are done watching the movie, it is like you are coming out of it. - blakematthew.tompkins

2 1408
3 Detention
4 Alice in Wonderland
5 Rubber
6 Spirited Away
7 House of 1000 Corpses
8 Scary or Die
9 Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
10 Planet Earth

The Contenders

11 2001: a Space Odyssey
12 Performance
13 Easy Rider
14 As Above, So Below
15 Naked Lunch V 1 Comment
16 The Exorcist
17 Session 9
18 Pontypool

This is the most wicked movie ever. Totally plays with your brain, making you go insane, never being able to tame, in the end you are the one that is insane.

19 Dead Air
20 Wrong
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1. After...
2. 1408
3. Detention



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