Top 10 Tropes to Take a Drink Every Time Mario's Mystery Meat Uses

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1 Shout-Out
2 Irony
3 Awesome Music

The game's soundtrack features Title Theme (Super Mario World), London (Kid Kleets), Startup Song (Playstation 1), Item Room Ambience (Super Metroid), Brinstar (Metroid: Zero Mission), Tail Cave (Link's Awakening), Beyond the Deep Blue Sea (Final Fantasy V), Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude, New Age Retro Hippie (Earthbound), Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent (Earthbound), Megalovania (Undertale), A Flash of Memory (Earthbound), Italian Medley (Earthworm Jim 2), Worst Map (VLDC 7), Viridian City (Pokemon HGSS), Burn Bobonga Burn (Chrono Trigger), Times Remembered (Bill Evans), Passat of a Hero, The Minks (U.N. Squadron), Stage Select 2 (Mega Man X), Abstract Map (VLDC 9), Tension (Front Mission: Gun Hazard), Cursed Cathedral, Byunei's Nest (Romancing Saga 3), The Spirit Chaser (Rudra no Hihou), AND Stepping Out (Joe Jackson)

4 Hugh Mann

The Chat "People" have "we are robots" written ALL over themselves

5 National Stereotypes
6 Long Song, Short Scene

London: Is the theme song of a map that gives Sponge access to exactly ONE level
Brinstar: Plays in a level that barely even is long enough to allow it to finish playing
Tail Cave: Plays in a level that barely even is long enough to allow it to finish playing
Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude: Plays for the few seconds that Sponge entering the Restaurant takes
New Age Retro Hippie: Plays during two of the game's most ludicrously short and easy boss battles
Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent: Plays during a very short Zero-Effort Boss Battle
Megalovania: Plays for the few seconds that Mr. Dink "becoming tame" takes
Worst Map: Plays for the few seconds that Sponge unavoidably getting killed by Meat takes
Cursed Cathedral: Plays in a confusing and difficult but rather short level
Byunei's Nest: Is the theme song of Meat's Core's pitifully weak first form
The Spirit Chaser: Is the theme song of Meat's Core's highly stun-lockable second form

7 Mood Whiplash

For example:
* The boringly normal Green Grass Zone is immediately followed by the horrifyingly weird main part of the game
* Daksu's Hideout is immediately followed by Bird Hell
* Bird Hell is immediately followed by the Urinary Sea / Lemonade Lake
* The Urinary Sea is immediately followed by Ringo robbing Sponge at gunpoint
* Alternatively, the Urinary Sea is immediately followed by Mr. Dink trying to molest Sponge
* Pasta Land (one of Mario's/Luigi's nightmares) is immediately followed by Sponge's Early Years
* After the extremely innocent first few parts of Sponge's Early Years, Sponge gets sent to Mario Hell
* Sponge getting sent to Mario Hell is immediately followed by Sponge getting sent to Chat City
* Chat City looks like Heaven while Dark Chat City looks like Hell
* The hilarious Rewind Fortress is immediately followed by the somber Cursed Image Land

8 Unexpected Gameplay Change

For example:
* Green Grass Zone is a Super Mario Bros parody while Daksu's Hideout is a Metroid parody
* Sponge's boss "fight" against Daksu actually is a quiz
* The second part of Bird Hell is a chase scene in which Sponge gets chased by Smile Ghosts
* Sponge "fights" Ringo Starr and Mr. Dink by using Earthbound's combat system
* Sponge gets forced to play Mario's Early Years in Sponge's Early Years
* Chat City is about talking to characters rather than being about jumping onto platforms
* The first part of Rizon Land is a U.N. Squadron parody
* Cursed Image Land is upside-down and features inverted climbing controls
* The final part of Cursed Image Land forces Sponge to use gravity flips as a substitute for jumps

9 Soundtrack Dissonance
10 Joke Boss

Daksu: Is a Quiz Boss who doesn't even punish Sponge when Sponge incorrectly answers his questions
Ringo Starr: Is "fought" in an impossible-to-lose Earthbound "battle" that is exactly ONE TURN long
Mr. Dink: Is "fought" in an impossible-to-lose Earthbound "battle" that is MUCH funnier than Ringo's
The Dancing Sausage: Is a clone of Super Mario Bros 3's Boom Boom
Sponge's Early Years: Is "fought" in an impossible-to-win Cutscene Fight
The Chat Cowboys: Use short-range projectiles while Sponge uses long-range ones
The Rizon Heads: Can ridiculously-easily be destroyed over the course of TWENTY SECONDS
Meat's Core: Has both an absurdly weak first form and a pitifully small and stupid-looking second form

The Contenders
11 Big-Lipped Alligator Moment
12 Surreal Horror
13 Vulgar Humor
14 Take That
15 Surprise Creepy
16 Urine Trouble
17 Ominous Visual Glitch
18 Easter Egg
19 Word-Salad Humor
20 Catchphrase
21 Black Comedy
22 Planet Heck
23 Awesome Art
24 In-Joke
25 Jump Scare
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