Top 10 Types of People that Shouldn't Use the Internet

Types of people that are laughably bad or generally shouldn't use the internet in general. This list isn't mean to offend anyone and is purely subjective. If I missed any type feel free to add it.

The Top Ten

1 Feminists

Feminism can be nothing but a hypocrite. They complain about equal rights when they are always playing the victim card game.

All they do is whine and complain about Men instead of being on the internet I think they should re-evaluate their lives.

They act like all men are horrible and always complain about no gender equality. They need to re evaluate their life - Randomator

€śHur dur all men r purverts”

Not all men are perverts. Some are even uncomfortable with anything sexual.

Proof: Google why the stethoscope was invented. - Lunala

2 Pedophiles Pedophiles

Pedophiles exist on the Dark Web, where they explicitly talk about their experiences on raping children, going as far as to post images and/or videos of the event. If you stumble across one of them unfortunately, good luck. - CrimsonShark

Child predators need to stay FAR away from there internet.

Do I really need to explain why for this one?

Weirdos who deserve to be castrated.

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3 Rapists

For obvious reasons.

4 People that take everything too seriously

I'm not going to lie these kinds of people are generally annoying.

5 Little kids

Especially considering how they can't type worth crap and make horrendous arguments.

A) They type in CAPITALS if you bash something they like.
B) They become dantdm/pinksheep fanboys who screech “HATERALERT! ” and “HACKER! ”
C) They become Jake Paulers - Lunala

6 Murders

Like rapists and pedophiles, Murderers would use the Dark Web to ensure anonymity towards themselves. They would share personal experiences and display videos and images of their murder victims towards others of the same kind and the areas where they operate in tend to be very strict and hardened, making them more frightening to stumble across. - CrimsonShark

Self explantory at most.

7 Elitists

They're so damn predictable that it's boring ffs.

8 Political people

For reasons I won't go into...

Trump on Twitter. He thinks his hair is so good. Nope his hair looks like a paint brush. He thinks his IQ is higher than everyone in the world combined. Nope, his IQ is -999. - Lunala

9 Jake Paulers

Just no... don't let them online

10 People that pretend they're not angry

It's obvious they're angry and yet they deny it to waste time. I recommend they go to a damn therapist instead of using the internet.

The Contenders

11 Brain-fetish fanfiction writers

Lammy's brain is the sexiest of all (drools) - xandermartin98


12 Trolls
13 Anyone who makes fun of disabilities
14 People that take nothing seriously

If you take everything seriously on the internet that's bad but if you take nothing seriously on the internet then that's just as bad.

15 People that make fetish art
16 Haters

Yep, mostly those guys who whine and hate about school. Here in the Philippines, school is the best!

17 Homosexuals
18 Nintendo fans and haters
19 Hackers
20 Terrorists Terrorists
21 Greedy People
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