Top Ten Most Underrated Clash Royale Cards


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1 Valkyrie

Valkyrie remains to be the Only card I have used ever since I started, I may have swapped out my archers for Princess or even Giant for Giant Skeleton to even Hog but Valkyrie I have NEVER Swapped out. She's a super good card. - SagieBoi

Valkyrie is so commonly passed aside because there are so many cards that can get the defensive job done and then go on the offense. Still, the Valkyrie offers a LOT of health and can do splash damage. Very underrated.

Skel armies die instantly so why you think its bad? Also good counter to witch and wizard and very often it can be used to counterpush - MChkflaguard_Yt

I love valkyrie! you should all join the clan XxballinbrosxX!

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2 Skeletons

They do a much damage as goblins and archers, and they only cost 1 Elixir! - micahisthebest

Can stop prince charge and does more damage than goblins

Not anymore, just got nerfed to 3. RIP LARRY ;(

3 Tombstone

Best defensive building
much better than the inferno

4 Sparky Sparky

As an arena 10 Sparky user, let me tell you that a lone sparky is as bad as everyone says, but that's not the point of sparky. Sparky is just as good defensively as it is offensively. It wrecks rg and golems and it's slow speed allows for a good push with a knight as tank and bomber/wizard behind it. It is not a perfect card, but people only judge cards as sent alone. By that logic, ice wizard is a terrible card.

Sparky is quick, has decent hitpoints and don't even get me started on attack, although it can be used defensively. With the right deck, Sparky can be a really OP card and is much underrated.

One best cards for combos - MChkflaguard_Yt

This is the worst card in the game.

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5 Lightning

Very underappreciated. I have been manning Lightning since arena 7 and it has saved me so many times more than I can count, its almost instant, does very very high damage and is very clutch. Lets say for e.g an exe, wizard and witch are pushing with a giant? pretty tough combo but with lightning POOF! The witch, wizard and EXE are gone. Then you can deal with the pesky giant/tank. So underrated, So good, easily better than rocket (Plus it even restarts sparky lol)

6 Golem
7 Skeleton Army

The skelaton army is absolutely not underestimated it is a great card and most people use it.

8 Zap

Zap is not underrated who put this here I use zap in literally every single deck like there's no deck I use or that I fight against that doesn't use zap I'm currently arena 9 so I don't know maybe in arena 5 it is underrated but I don't remember it that way

Overshadowed by log, but good in my opinion - Oliveleaf

9 Prince
10 Bomber

The Newcomers

? Mini P.E.K.K.A.

Destroys pretty much any tank and fighter. (Except big pekka). One shot wizards and can take the mega knight alone 1v1 for a 4 elixir cost.

The Contenders

11 X-Bow
12 Clone Spell

Giant skeleton clone!

13 Rocket
14 Goblins
15 Inferno Dragon

This card is super underrated, it is used a lot and is great when paired with lava hound. - ShadowKnight

Goodbye golem decks.
Anyway I made 3 inferno dragon deck which function well in medium-high arenas - MChkflaguard_Yt

16 Furnace
17 Minions
18 Giant
19 Mortar

Mortar 4 the win!

20 Fire Spirits
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