Top Ten Most Underrated Clash Royale Cards


The Top Ten

1 Valkyrie

Amazing to stop combos also has jacked up hit points

This card have too much health for its 4 elixir cost. - MillionCR

This card if adding the tower damage can stop a prince skarmy and almost any card. I use and I am in the electro valley

So good, I started using it and pushed to arena 7, almost 8 from arena 5

2 Sparky Sparky

People say this card is bad but in reality it is one of, if not the best card in the game. It has an insane amount of damage and can stop anything in its path if you can support it with the right deck

The best - Malkiboy

Why do people say this card is so bad? I got it it in arena 8 before the reorganization update and that singlehandedly got me to arena 10. Such a powerful card and a good counter to mini pekka, prince, elite barb, etc.

Don't use sparky I am on 12

3 Skeletons

They do a much damage as goblins and archers, and they only cost 1 Elixir! - micahisthebest

Can stop prince charge and does more damage than goblins

Not anymore, just got nerfed to 3. RIP LARRY ;(

4 Tombstone

Best defensive building
much better than the inferno

5 Skeleton Army

I can say that skarmy is a balanced card. Almost every deck today uses some form of spell or troop against swarm troops.
You should not, however, ignore them, because together they can do massive damage to the tower, or your opponent will surprise you by cloning them.
Only 5 or more skeletons survive to the tower, these in combination with the clone can make 200-700 damage to your tower, and if you do not have a good spell in your hand, you will not be able to store them against them. - MillionCR

The skelaton army is absolutely not underestimated it is a great card and most people use it.

6 Golem
7 Lightning

This card is not really as good as you say, it depends on what you have for the deck. Lightning does not kill many cards on the same card level but damages something a lot instead.
This is a good counter against sparky, wizard, musketeer and such low health stuff.
When we come to executioner, valkyrie baby / inferno / electro dragon then these will have some health left, which lets them attack behind the tank with this as shield.
Lighning is good in combination with arrows, the log, poison, or other spells and troops using splash damage and finish them. - MillionCR

Very underappreciated. I have been manning Lightning since arena 7 and it has saved me so many times more than I can count, its almost instant, does very very high damage and is very clutch. Lets say for e.g an exe, wizard and witch are pushing with a giant? pretty tough combo but with lightning POOF! The witch, wizard and EXE are gone. Then you can deal with the pesky giant/tank. So underrated, So good, easily better than rocket (Plus it even restarts sparky lol)

8 Prince

Prince is rlly good, but can easilly be blocked. - Kyllingsuppe

9 X-Bow

Love this card, it's op when you can get it to lock on (which is actually fairly easy, unless your one of those no skill people with hog rider decks sry no offense) Then I just defend lke hell and there's a crown

It is so good against towers will single-handedly take out Princess tower. Join my clan: Gondor Gamers

Person who commented below do realize that the x-bow is more of a no skill deck...right? If you don’t want people to hate you don’t use this card

10 Bomber

I am at arena 8 and he is the only card I still use (except for skarmy)

Bomber deal huge damage,and he don't need to be upgraded to high level to do something.
Amazing card!

The Contenders

11 Zap Zap

This card is overrated

Zap is not underrated who put this here I use zap in literally every single deck like there's no deck I use or that I fight against that doesn't use zap I'm currently arena 9 so I don't know maybe in arena 5 it is underrated but I don't remember it that way

Overshadowed by log, but good in my opinion - Oliveleaf

12 Clone Spell

Giant skeleton clone!

13 Rocket
14 Goblins
15 Furnace

Very overrated actually.

16 Minions
17 Giant
18 Inferno Dragon

Poor dragon, people always judge him by only his low hitpoints, not his insane damage.

This card is super underrated, it is used a lot and is great when paired with lava hound. - ShadowKnight

Goodbye golem decks.
Anyway I made 3 inferno dragon deck which function well in medium-high arenas - MChkflaguard_Yt

19 Fire Spirits

Minnie fireball for 2 elixer, splash damage, high damage to towers and troops. Also a common so easy to upgrade

20 Guards

If you play it right, it is enough for skeletons to take out a sparky - MillionCR

Overall good card


Guards are very good because they can take down an entire sparky alone (when mirrored) it is Excellent defense and my favorite card
- Jamesthedoughnut

21 Mortar

Mortar 4 the win!

22 Battle Ram
23 Dart Goblin
24 Barbarians
25 Ice Spirit
26 Bowler

It's a 5 elixir tank that's a portable log

27 Hunter

What is this hunter is at least in the top 3

28 Mirror
29 Bomb Tower
30 The Log
31 Ice Wizard Ice Wizard

This used to be very good but now everyone has forgotten about this card

32 Arrows
33 Barbarian Hut
34 Goblin Hut
35 Mini P.E.K.K.A.

One should buff a bit on health and make it a 5 elixir card.
Or at least nerf the damage.
If pekka does 700 damage, you can say that mini-pointer makes 600 damage. One can say that mini-pekka makes a positive elixir trade in damage and is usually easily ignored by some players. PEKKA, on the other hand, rarely gets to the tower because the opponent gets scared and bets all his elixir to kill it. - MillionCR

Destroys pretty much any tank and fighter. (Except big pekka). One shot wizards and can take the mega knight alone 1v1 for a 4 elixir cost.

36 Mega Minion
37 Goblin Barrel
38 Spear Goblins

They can kill inferno dragon on their own! Also, hits fast and pressures the opponent and messes them up. πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

39 Barbarian Barrel

It is cheep and powerful

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