Most Underrated Eminem Albums

Eminem has some really underrated albums and here they are.

The Top Ten

1 Infinite

The best underrated album. No doubts. - RaidenRain

Yes I love this not a lot of people know about this but they should great album! - steelers1979

Eminem's first album is extremely underrated

I wish it was on iTunes so <i>I</i> could listen to it...

2 Relapse

Best production sponsor lyrically fire

This album is really underrated it talks about his drug problem

Easily #1. Beats were great, flows were great, rhymes were great, lyrics were great. It’s just the subject matter and the accent that may have been a problem for some.

3 Encore

This album was hated and I say it was amazing

4 Revival

Em's Top Five Album. The most personal and Emotional One. It has one of the greatest songs of Em's Career. These are the songs of Revival which are better than any song of his entire Discography :-

1. Arose
2. Castle
3. In Your Head
4. Bad Husband

These songs can never be surpassed by any artist. This album also remarks an attempt of Making pop songs and trap beats. Exceptional Album. The Ending Two sums up everything and their rawness is of inhuman level. Salute to Em. People may not realise how great this album is but we, stans, will always respect Your Emotions.


His most recent album revival was an amazing album but was underrated

Critics made people think that the album is bad
but in my opinion it has one of the best songs

5 Recovery

Some would say this is overrated but I say it's underrated

6 Slim Shady EP

This one has some great songs why is it underrated?

This technically isn't an album - Midevilnight

Most people don't know this one but it's an amazing album and extremely underrated

7 Eminem Presents: The Re-Up
8 The Marshall Mathers LP 2

This is MOST UNDERRATED ALBUM EVER, listen to Rhyme or Reason, Brainless, Evil twin etc. this is his TOP 3 album no doubt

This one is kinda in the middle not to underrated but still kinda underrated

9 The Slim Shady LP
10 Soul Intent

This song album has one of Eminem's best songs biterphobia

The Contenders

11 Curtain Call: The Hits

This is a collection of Eminem's best songs also including some new songs

12 Relapse: Refill

This album had a bunch of extra songs from relapse

13 The Eminem Show
14 Kamikaze
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