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1 The Strangers

Its scary if you keep in mind its based on true story. - Youngtibzie

One of the scariest movies I've seen

Its not scary t like the conjuring or women in black, its scary because this can and did actually happen - arewefriends

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2 Trick 'r Treat

This is a sketch movie, so some stories at the same time and it was not bad at all! This movie is very good, with suspense and it was original. I think it should stay in the top 3 of this list - Olive855

This is a gem, I'd never heard of it before watching it, but I was surprised just how good it was, it had a creepy atmosphere throughout, a excellent Halloween movie

This should be higher. If it wasn't for the fact that it wasn't in theaters, it would be one of the best horror movies of all time. - MEparandriod

Very cool how all the stories weave together

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3 Wrong Turn

I've heard some people say this movie was a rip off of the movie The Hills Have Eyes. I don't see it, other than the two having large deformed men, killing in them. When I first watched Wrong Turn, it had me on the edge of my seat from the word go. I don't understand why anyone who likes horror could not enjoy this film.

Absolutely terrifying movie. I almost pooped my pants while watching this movie. - smitty746

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4 30 Days Of Night

One of the best vampire movies of all time (in my opinion)! And the atmosphere is gorgeously creepy...don't forget about Melissa George and Josh Hartnett.

Its totally one of the top 10 movies you forgot from the 2000s

Awesome vampire movie for 21 century

Second one stunk

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5 Cabin Fever

Other than weird music and some questionable acting, this movie was very entertaining.

6 Let the Right One In

Great film and a unique twist on the vampire lore. The main thing I love is the moral ambiguity, as the film leaves it to you as to whether you sympathise with the main characters, regardless of the horrible stuff they do. - Mrveteran

One of the best movies ever made till date. I guarantee that you will be touched after watching this dark horror romance.

This is an amazing movie. The first time I saw it it blew me away

The best vampire movie-with the typical Scandinavian beautifully depressing atmosphere-and if you're considering watching the American remake first-don't (which was pretty good for a remake by the way)!

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7 Mimic

not good

8 High Tension

This movie is violent. Very violent. But it has an amazing plot with a twist at the end that one could consider beautiful. This movie is absolutely amazing.

The plot twist at the end basically made the movie make zero sense. Awful decision, French version is far superior.

Typical french gore-the ending is one of the best!

9 Vacancy

Great horror movie and it can actually happen and wrong turn, cabin fever and alien 3 arent underrated -

Motels have always kinda creeped me out since watching Psycho 30 years ago. This movie completely closed the door for me staying in one.

10 [REC]

Beautifully done and haunting-a masterpiece!

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11 Drag Me to Hell V 3 Comments
12 28 Days Later

So good my parents own it and recommend ed it for a great movie night! Enjoy ed it a lot so many died because the guy kissed his wife... and not a happy ending either... well, if your French!

A great horror movies one of the best could compare to dawn of the dead

Best horror movie ever watch it

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13 Dog Soldiers V 1 Comment
14 The Ring

Creepy as hell-had nightmares for about a week-and still avoid wells.

When it 1st came out freaked out my daughter so went to see for myself... It did freak out most teenagers in theater

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15 Alien 3

I am upset that the only things most people hate about this movie is that they kill off Hicks and Newt and there is the plot hole about the egg getting on the ship. Those are just nitpicks and are not a big deal. If you ignore the beginning it's a great movie.

Yes it had the whole egg plot hole thing, but the rest of the film was great.

I don't get why people hate it it's a great movie

16 The Devil's Rejects

Hugely underrated. Yes it is very bloody and gory but if you actually take the time to watch this you will be amazed. One of my favorites - Jonerman

17 Tremors V 3 Comments
18 Black Christmas

Vacancy, Black Christmas and High Tension are very underrated. There also very well made. But what the hell is cabin fever, alien 3 and mimic doing here? They suck!

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19 The Bride of Frankenstein

One of the best sequels

Great movie,

20 Deep Rising
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