Top Ten Most Underrated Horror Movies


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41 Night of the Demons
42 Don't Look Under the Bed

No other movie gave me nightmares. This one did.

43 The Conjuring

It is the horror movie in the world - ayu

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44 Cannibal Holocaust

A bit gory, don't you think? They didn't need to kill real animals. Plus, it was banned in 40 countries.

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45 The Blair Witch Project

I would certainly hope that this movie was getting the credit it deserves. I can't imagine this movie being considered underrated. - BKAllmighty

At the time it came out was considered genius

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46 The Haunting in Connecticut

I saw the real story on a haunting before watching this and it is so exaggerated but I'll admit it was scary. So was the second one that took place in Georgia - ellieg1130

47 The Children of the Corn V 1 Comment
48 Freddy vs. Jason
49 Event Horizon
50 Bordello of Blood
51 The Exorcist III V 1 Comment
52 Shocker

Pretty bad one of wes cravens lesser movies

53 Frankenstein
54 Orphan
55 Deep Rising
56 Dawn of the Dead

This movie was pretty good until they got to the mall. Most of that time, they were laid back, no real fear of zombie's.

Once again, original was better

For a zombie movie it's really good!

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57 Mute Witness

Don't watch alone at night - symonC1

58 The Devil Inside
59 Scream V 1 Comment
60 Exorcist II: The Heretic
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