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41 House of 1000 Corpses
42 The Haunting in Connecticut

I saw the real story on a haunting before watching this and it is so exaggerated but I'll admit it was scary. So was the second one that took place in Georgia - ellieg1130

43 Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Somebody put the first The Human Centipede please. So I can vote that instead of second and third.

44 Event Horizon
45 Candyman

I love candyman this movie is very underrated this movie is a classic in my opinion candyman should be number one.

46 Scream 2
47 The Exorcist III V 1 Comment
48 Shocker

Pretty bad one of wes cravens lesser movies

49 Frankenstein
50 Halloween (2007)

This film was great. There was honestly no way Rob Zombie could win, remaking this. The first one was ripped on for being too similar to the original, and the second one for being too far from the original.

I can never have respect for this movie because it just wasn't good - TheSorrow1

Wanted to like it more than I did

51 Lights Out
52 Night of the Demons
53 Deep Rising
54 Mute Witness

Don't watch alone at night - symonC1

55 Scream V 1 Comment
56 Freddy vs. Jason
57 28 Weeks Later V 1 Comment
58 Diabolique
59 The Hidden
60 The Crazies V 1 Comment
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