Top Ten Most Underrated Indie Games

Some of these games are unbelievably unknown among most people, while they are amazing!

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21 Furi

I great bullet hell action game - Sibel

22 Mother Russia Bleeds

A fun beat em up - Sibel

23 Starbound
24 Tattletail

Nobody appreciates this game to its full value ;( it's a unique game spinning off from the horror element with a slight pinch of... mystery..? Honestly, this is my #1 choice, 2 being Undertale and 3 being Hello Neighbor. Seriously, agree or not, this game is really underrated...

25 Hello Neighbor
26 Death Road to Canada

Oregon trail game, but you must make it to Canada through a zombie-infested USA. The graphics fit the silly feel of the game, and you can make your friends in the game with unike traits and abilities that can appear and you can recruit. There's tons of events, and the music is really catchy. Abilities and character customization is really big. There's abilities like recruiting dogs, loving anime, frantically whining, etc. There's also rare characters; they sometimes appear and are usually based off of something in pop culture or video games, such as L*nk. They have crazy abilities and weapons, which add onto how charming this game is. The game has really good humor, ending up in really memorable moments.

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