Most Underrated Named Fortnite Locations

The Top Ten

1 Junk Junction

Lots of loot and metal to gather. Although the fact that this place is underrated means that there's a lot of loot. Only problem is having to run very far at times to escape the storm - LarrytheFairy

2 Tomato Town

There aren't very many buidings but I seemed to have gotten great loot several times from Tomato. It's also centrally located - LarrytheFairy

3 Flush Factory
4 Moisty Mire

It got removed :( - sadical

5 Greasy Grove
6 Lonely Lodge

The mansion especially is underrated - LarrytheFairy

7 Anarchy Acres
8 Lucky Landing

Although people go here, I still think it is underrated. Infact, only about a squad (in squads) or a person (in solo) goes here! In other locations, the least is about two people, especially Anarchy, Tomato and Flush, which have about 2-4, Moisty with 5 (although they'll be crowded in one spot) Lonely usually has about 2-3 people, Greasy has about 6-7, Shifty usually has two, Loot Lake has about 2-3, Snobby has about 3-4, Junk with about two. Tell me if anything is missing

9 Snobby Shores

Favorite LOCATION it is the best because most of the time your there by urself and loot is good too

Yeah, it’s on the corner of the map, and no one ever goes there. There’s a lot of hiding spots for noobs like sadical who is badical at Fortnite. - sadical

10 Loot Lake

Not anymore. - MrCoolC

A lot of people drop here since it’s near Tilted. - sadical

The Contenders

11 Wailing Woods

There’s only like 2 chests - sadical

12 Shifty Shafts

Not underrated at all. - MrSnuffleupagus

13 Haunted Hills

Very underrated place. - Carly19781

14 Dusty Depot
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