Top 10 Unexpectedly Bad Movies of 2012

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1 Where the Dead Go to Die

Sure. By the title, we wouldn't expect much. However, did we really expect all this? It is literally pornography. Literally nobody would love or even like this. You thought Foodfight! and Ratatoing were the worst? If so, you haven't seen or even heard of this. The voice acting is extremely horrendous. This movie is the most distasteful, vulgar and nauseous movie known to mankind. Literally anything inappropriate is featured in this movie. - jack2244

Stupid Ripoff Of Grave Of The Penises Which is One Of The Worst Movies EVER. -1/10 - AlphaQ

2 Foodfight!

The second worst animated movie, only behind Where the Dead Go to Die. Two of the easiest movies to hate. Like Where the Dead Go to Die, this movie doesn't even seem like it was finished before they executed it. - jack2244

I haven't seen it - PeeledBanana

3 Rock of Ages

This movie is only for people who love to see fake people destroy rock music. Rock, most likely the most beloved genre on the planet. I find rock music better than metal music. Forget that, but this movie is awful. - jack2244

4 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
5 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

What the hell is this movie? I'll tell you, it's a disgrace to the film industry and to one of America's greatest presidents. They managed to disrespect history. Literal history. - jack2244

6 Ice Age: Continental Drift

It may not be as bad as 2016's Ice Age: Collision Course, but Ice Age: Continental Drift is still awful. One of the most retarded movies ever. I'm sorry for my use of that word but it describes this movie. - jack2244

I'm sorry but I think this is one of the best movies of 2012, maybe even the best in the franschie, I thought Collision Course is pretty overhated too, but I respect your opinion. - darthvadern

Nicki Minaj And Drake Are In It, enough Said - VideoGamefan5

7 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

Do I really need to explain? Live-action movies of books, shows and video games are usually horrendous so not really anything to say here. - jack2244

8 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Was this expected? Of course. Pretty much all of us loathe Twilight with a burning passion. There is no one here who hates it more than anyone else, as that'll be hard to decide. - jack2244

I hate how FreeForm always airs this junk. - PeeledBanana

9 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

This was basically Percy Jackson movies all over again. The problem is this: too much of this movie, and the other films, are focused on Orc clashes between the dwarves, so much stuff was changed from the books and added, and Bilbo, the hobbit, the protagonist, is pushed into the background and is barely even the focus! No, it's about Thorin and the dwarves, and Bilbo is reduced to a walking plot device. - SailorSedna

Like The Amazing Spider-Man, I actually really liked this movie. However, some people seem to dislike this movie. Sure, it may be boring and long some of the time but I actually liked it a lot. - jack2244

10 The Amazing Spider-Man

Personally this was great. - AlphaQ

This was great! - darthvadern

This movie is so overrated, - VideoGamefan5

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11 Les Miserables

One movie you either love or hate. I personally hate it. Russell Crowe was terrible in this movie. His only two movies I've ever liked were Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind. Anything else he's in (including this) is complete trash. - jack2244

This was so awful. Screw musicals. - AlphaQ

12 The Possession
13 Wreck-It Ralph

This was great though - PeeledBanana

14 Frankenweenie
15 The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure
16 The Three Stooges
17 What to Expect When You're Expecting
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