Top 10 Upcoming Movies from 2018-2019 that Will Most Likely Suck

These are movies coming out in 2018 and 2019 that have a chance of being bad. The release years for some of these movies might eventually change. But for now, here you go.

The Top Ten

1 Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

I have not seen it, I will soon

I'm looking forward to it - iliekpiez

More like Teen Titans Go to the Grave - Drawbox

Yeah, it’s already bad.

It did. - Pokemonfan10

2 Dora the Explorer: The Movie

And it's live action. What's next? A Barney the Dinosaur movie? I hope not. I'm not looking forward to seeing a CGI Barney. That would just ruin my childhood. - Misfire

Why is this a movie?

It probably won't work if it is live action and not cartoon.

It'll suck for the older kids, but not the little kids. - Luckys

3 The Lion King (2019)

I really am tired of Disney remaking their classics into live action remakes, they should really make some new original content (or at least GOOD sequels that continue off a movie) rather than remaking the old classics to draw in fans. This only worked with The Jungle Book which came out last year and was actually good. I do not care for this, and I didn't care for the Beauty and the Beast remake - Phillip873

I just can't believe it. Already, the live action Beauty and the Beast was shocking, and I am huge Disney fan. So why do they need to remake all of their loved animated movies into terrible live action movies? Why, Disney? Why?! - DisneyLover19

Can Disney please stop making live action versions of the classics? They normally aren't as good as the animated version. If they are going to do that remake the bad movies - Randomator

You know this film is going to suck, for obvious reasons...*cough*the henchmen are hyenas again and that the whole species of hyenas are henchmen again*cough*

4 Sonic the Hedgehog (2019)

Oh christ above - iliekpiez

5 Aladdin (2019)

Does anyone have the kickstarter link for this fan made movie, so I can donate some money for it? - RadioHead03

Really Disney? Stop ruining the classics. Remake bad or lesser known movies instead - Randomator

Another live-action movie? - Fullwalking2

What? The Lion King remake sounds stupid, but this one has potential. - 445956

6 Minecraft the Movie

Wow. - Luckys

yay! - Pokemonfan10

We already had bad movies based on video games like Hitman, Mario, street fighter and mortal Kombat, And then they created this... - Fullwalking2

Kill me now

7 Fifty Shades Freed

(Sarcasm) Well, the first and second ones are good, but this is bad.

Just kidding, just because the first film is the first film of the franchise doesn't mean it automatically makes it good. - BorisRule

I hope this garbage franchise ends before the Simpsons does. Worst franchise ever, two of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life. It is very very likely that the this one will suck too. - DisneyLover19

We were right. Anyone actually surprised though?

The two Fifty Shades movies are two of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. So it’s safe to assume that the third movie will be bad as well. The same unlikeable characters, the same stupid sex scenes, the same bad dialogue. It’s going to suck. And yet, it’s still going to make money because women love going to see these movies no mater how bad they are. I am not gonna see it. It will definitely be terrible! I know there are three Fifty Shades books, but still! Why make a third movie when no one liked the first two? - MegaSoulhero

8 Men in Black: International

Why can't a perfect set up for this agenda.

Not another one of these - iliekpiez

9 Aquaman (2018)

I just saw this movie and I don't understand why people like this movie so much. DC literally made the same mistake as Justice League - have a rushed intro and then add non-stop action throughout the movie and have less of the storyline, bland villain, and unoriginal plot. And a new mistake they made was that the pacing was disjointed. All the flashbacks involving Arthur's training should have been in the beginning of the movie.

"Oh come on... The Percy Jackson movie series is wayy better. Better than him in scenes of Justice League. The PJ movies were NOT even near the descriptions of characters in the books! "

I hate Aquaman! The Justice League movie hasn’t come out yet, but just from the trailer, I already hate this version of Aquaman! I’ve pretty much always hated Aquaman even in the comics! He’s a superhero who’s power is breathing underwater and talking to sea creatures! Not very impressive! He’s very limited! And they’re giving him a stand-alone movie for seemingly no reason! And why are they releasing it AFTER Justice League? Aquaman sucks! Worst superhero ever! - MegaSoulhero

10 Dumbo

Dumbo deserves his beloved mother!

I can't believe thare making a live action movie of Dumbo next year nodody asked for a live action Dunno movie.

The Contenders

11 Tomb Raider (2018)

It was ok - Dvafan2

The fact that it’s a video game movie already made me not excited. But after actually watching the trailer, I became even less excited! You can already tell it will be a bad movie! The woman playing Lara Croft seems like she’s phoning it in. She doesn’t seem to care about what she’s doing. The visuals don’t look very good. No one can jump that high! They show her jumping off a boat into the ocean in slow motion and look at how high she jumped! That’s not possible! I haven’t played the games, but this movie looks terrible! - MegaSoulhero

12 The Secret Life of Pets 2

I mean the first one was not as bad as I expected but not good enough for a sequel

I actually liked the first film but let's wait and see what the sequel is going to be but I didint know that there making a sequal.

I'm guessing that this is going to be a Cash cow film because that's Illumination in a nutshell - Randomator

Further proves my post on why I think Illumination Entertainment is a terrible company. - Phillip873

13 Artemis Fowl (2019)
14 Toy Story 4

Looks pretty bad so far - iliekpiez

Gosh, they really could have ended with the third movie, it was the ending that set the series in its place, and made it an incredible trilogy. But nope, we get another Toy Story, and apparently it is about rescuing Bo Peep. First off, WHO CARES?! They ended the trilogy just fine and now it's probably going to be ruined! - Phillip873

I don't care if it takes place between "Toy Story 2" and "Toy Story 3", but then why call it "Toy Story 4"?

The series was perfectly ended. But I'm curious to see how this one will fit - Randomator

15 Sherlock Gnomes

Fart Jokes, Terrible Gnome Puns, Toilet Jokes and more dumb stuff galore also Gnomeo and Juliet act more like FRIENDS than a couple. Sherlock treats Watson like crap... - Swampert02

It looked bad when it comes to the trailer.

Just saw the trailer today and Animat's reaction to it. Gnomeo and Juliet was decent from what I remember, but did it really need a sequel? And why of all things are they crossing over Romeo and Juliet with Sherlock Holmes? Oh, and guess what? Fart jokes and bad puns galore. Yeah, this movie is going to suck big time. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Previously on a sequel to a movie nobody asked for

16 Wicked

It’s been said that they’re making a movie adaptation of the best Broadway musical ever, Wicked! As much as I love the musical, I feel like seeing it as a movie won’t have the same impact. I remember watching the stage show in New York when I was younger and I was literally blown away by how amazing it was. And that was mostly because of the technology, set designs, and the vocals from the actors. They were able to do so much on that stage. Creating a movie adaptation of a Broadway musical can either go well or go bad. Phantom of the Opera was an example of a bad movie adaptation. Their biggest problem was that they hired big celebrities who can’t sing! Same goes for Les Miserables! They only hire these people because a lot of people recognize them! Even though they should hire people who can actually sing! I feel like this kind of problem will happen with Wicked. I hope I’m wrong because it has potential to be a great movie. We’ll just have to wait and see. - MegaSoulhero

But most the great musicals started out as broadway plays, sure sometimes they choice the wrong actors which ruins it, so whether this movie sucks all comes down to the cast - germshep24

17 How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Yeah...WHAT IN THE HECK IS ILLUMINATION THINKING! my gosh! this film looks so bad it makes the live action one better by comparison! they just can't leave the grinch alone can they!
this movie will suck, and while my brother watches that movie (he's my oldest brother) I'm gonna be watching the original cartoon version

18 Solo: A Star Wars Story

I think Star Wars is giving me a headache

It's trash - Dvafan2

The trailer looks good. - asantalo

Is this supposed to be like the Rouge One garbage? - Randomator

19 Christopher Robin

Disney is actually doing this

Dang it Disney, why do you have to remake your old, good, and beloved classics! If you don't know, Disney's stupidity has led them to make a live-action Winnie-the-Pooh movie! You might be thinking, "Well it has no right to exist, but it sounds okay." Well guess what, Christopher Robin is an adult. And it's about Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and all of the Hundred Acre Wood trying too returning him to his childhood memories. I don't know if the animals will me animated by CGI or by regular animation, but who cares? Disney is becoming a cash grab and they should focus more on ORIGINAL, animated, ideas!

EDIT: Changed my mind, the new trailer looks pretty good. - Drawbox

This actually sounds creative and innovative. And that trailer.. *sniffs* - 445956

20 Duck Duck Goose

This is actually a crappy chinese movie - Dvafan2

Another one of Open Road's awful animated family comedy flicks coming up next year. Because fart jokes and toilet humor are such state-of-the-art quality comedy! (sarcasm) - ModernSpongeBobSucks

21 Halloween 2018

This is going to be great the creator of this list is a wuss who can,t stand horror - Sausagelover99

22 Bumblebee

I disagree! This looks like the Transformers film we all wanted, and trailer #2 was FANTASTIC!

Nah it will suck.

23 The New Mutants
24 Uglydolls
25 Despicable Me 4

Two was enough. Let it die please.

This won't be released until 2024, read the title of the list please. - darthvadern

The third one was REALLY, REALLY, bad, much worse than the second, this one adding all the cliches of movies and throwing in the 80s. - SoldierOfFortune

Already geting overhated since I announced Despicable Me 4 for all precious toptenners. - darthvadern

26 The Grinch (2018)

I can already tell this is going to be horrid.

27 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

I really enjoyed this movie. - ElijahCoriell

Looks decent - iliekpiez

This movie looks pretty awful. - B1ueNew

28 Peter Rabbit (2018)

Apparently, they thought it was SUCH a great idea to turn cartoons like Alvin and the Chipmunks and Smurfs into live-action that they thought, "HEY! HOW ABOUT WE TURN PETER RABBIT INTO LIVE ACTION?! " I swear, it probably wouldn't be a surprise if they made an awful live-action Animaniacs in the future. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Proof that people will make movies out of anything. I'm not even going to bother with this movie - Randomator

How is this below Toy Story 4? - 445956

Did you see the trailer, it looks horrible!

29 Hotel Transylvania 3

This was a terrible movie. The first and second ones were funny and had a good plot that parents and older siblings could enjoy. THIS movie's plot, however, has been dumbed down far too much for its audience. Main characters like Johnny and Denis have been demoted to background characters, and it's a cliche storyline with humor that no one under seven will find funny.

This will be a masterpiece! - darthvadern

30 Transformers 6

It was cancelled - Dvafan2


31 High School Musical 4

It's a new version with new actors and even a silly television series coming.

A movie that is supposed to be based in highschool is about college

32 Star Wars: Episode IX

This will be most likely the weirdest of the three movies seeing that their using the original movies as the template, expect to see furies fighting technology lol - germshep24

Please don’t ruin

33 X-Men: Dark Phoenix

I’m getting tired of the X-Men franchise.

STOP WITH THE X-MEN FRANCHISE! And by the way, this is going to be a remake of "The Last Stand".

34 Leaving Neverland

Brainwashing people, because he is dead.

35 The Billion Brick Race
36 Creed II
37 Blazing Samurai
38 I Feel Pretty (2018)
39 Show Dogs
40 It's a Wonderful Sponge

I heard the plot from Valskibum94, and I really was hyped when he mentioned that it's going to be about how SpongeBob met his friends, and yet, he said he met them in a camp. Wow! Now that's just lazy writing.

41 Detective Pikachu
42 Captain Marvel

Marvel's trying to pull a DC, they saw they had success Wonder Woman so the decide to choice a character with a similar origin story to Wonder Woman and cross their fingers - germshep24

Such a disgrace to the MCU. Bland concept, cheap CGI, and Brie Larson's dull acting performance.

43 Alita: Battle Angel
44 Avengers: Endgame

Avengers is turning into Transformers. Observe:
First movie is good, though not without flaws (Avengers/Transformers).
Second movie tries to go bigger, but fails and is just "eh" (Age of Ultron/Revenge of the Fallen).
Third movie has good special effects, but is bad in every other way (Infinity War/Dark of the Moon).
Now based on this trend we can conclude the path of Avengers from here on out:
Fourth movie is when the series starts to become predictable, and as such loses entertainment value (Endgame/Age of Extinction).
Fifth now the series crashes, burns, and reaches Razzie-level territory (Inevitable fifth Avengers movie/The Last Knight).
While some may say there is still hope for Avengers, using the example of Bumblebee, they are ignoring one thing: the speed of the decline. Avengers started out at a higher level than Transformers did, and has been falling faster. Avengers was a solid 9/10; Age of Ultron was a 5 or 6; Infinity War was a 2; now what ...more

I don't see what your going on about, the transformers movies started awful and continued to be awful where as Avengers started out good, made a mistake with the 2nd one and fixed their mistake in the third one, Don't get me wrong they aren't master pieces by any means but by Superhero movie standards they did pretty good. if we were being honest with the ranking
Avengers would be an 8 or 9
Avengers 2 would be a 5 maybe 6
Avengers 3 would be an 8
What that mean for Avengers 4 well it good be another 8 or it could be a 5, we'll have to wait and see - germshep24

45 Joker If this doesn't sweep the Razzies I will be SHOCKED.

46 Mortal Engines
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