Best Video Game Products That Would Result from the Fusion of Famous Companies

Video game developers, sell some elements from this list and see how much you earn!

The Top Ten

1 Super Smash Royale All Stars

Mario, Sonic, Ratchet, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Kratos, Sly Cooper, Spyro, Kirby and Link are just some of the best eligible characters. A dream game. - keyson

Hey Maybe They Could Add Warrior Cats :3 (Characters: Bluestar, Firestar And Scourge

Uhh... not the cats but yeah everything else!

2 Playstendo X

All the signature games from PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox in an infinite bit console. You can use the controller of the console you like the most. No more discussions on which console is best. I have a dream of a world united by videogames. - keyson

3 Litwak's Arcade

A game center of all games of all consoles, inspired on the movie "Wreck-It Ralph" - keyson

4 Marvel vs DC Universe

Much like the game Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. - keyson

5 iStation

You can syncronize your iStation tablet with your PlayStation Console. - keyson

6 Skylanders Infinite

All skylanders together with all Disney characters. - keyson

7 Mortal Kombat vs Dragon Ball Z

Well, maybe the batlles would be a little unfair, I think Liu Kang is way worse than Goku haha - keyson

8 Segatari

All the classic retro games for these consoles played in one place. - keyson

9 Digital and Poket Monsters

I like Pokemon so much. Though Digimon are more powerful characters than Pokemon (which irks me). - Kiteretsunu

Digimon and Pokémon in one game - keyson

10 Magic the Gathering: Dark Souls

A Dark souls game with the creatures of Magic the Gatering. - keyson

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