Super Mario Maker


The most joke ever, and still top 4 of the list... Why am I saying it's a joke? It's simple.

A whole team with a lot of budget from the Nintendo team, one of the biggest company of video games, throws up something like that... Size of levels extremely limited (while only having 2 sections), impossible to manage advanced events, unable to make a world, only levels, you can't play a level with a friend (only share levels)...
On the other side, a single guy, just for fun, made a software called Super Mario Bros X, allowing everything I said. Although he stopped to continue to make updates, someone else took the project and continues it, getting a lot of updates regularly, even allowing scripting for those who can use them, giving nearly an unlimited amount of opportunities.
Oh, and all mobs and most of blocks can be totally custom, so create your own enemies for your game. And, most important, it's totally free~

So why paying for Super Mario Maker, while you can get ...more

There are just so many possibilities here. This game definitely had room for improvement, and guess what? They've delivered - with additions that don't just fix problems (which the game didn't have a lot of to start with, just a lot of features that would be nice, many of which have been and may continue to be added), but add new possibilities for creative level designs that keep me coming back day after day for more.

Pros: Level designing, new level concepts, Mario meets difficult puzzles, Song creation, very precise timing "Do Not Move" levels, recreation of old Mario levels, remodels of old Mario levels, Mario Kart in regular Mario, and the mystery mushrooms.
Cons: Nintendo deletes levels with no stars, levels get deleted after some time star or not, level thievery, non-creative levels, levels that are impossible to beat for the 100 Mario challenge, having to unlock all the level elements (it can take a day, but it's just annoying), level upload cap, needing stars to increase the cap, and HAVING NO DISLIKE OR LIKE BUTTON...

Super Mario Maker is bigger than any Mario Series game. Now, Super Mario Maker lets you create, play, and share Mario courses of your own. It's an amazing birthday present. When I got it, it blew me away. If you got it (or have it) you would love it too.

I've wanted to make Mario games ever since I started playing video games. I see the trailer I got REALLY exited. I watched all the trailers. I watched the videos Nintendo made that show the developers playing the game and showing things you can do. I got it a couple days after it's release. I got into the game just by it's TUTORIAL. - Justmakinganame

What on earth has happened to the kids of today? They're only interested in playing Grand Theft Auto or Fallout or Call of Duty and stuff like that. This should be part of every kids' childhoods, no doubt about it. I'm glad it got fifth, I expected it to end up lower. - Bokito

This game has nearly ENDLESS possibility's! This should be higher, I don't get why people hate Nintendo games. A lot of other games above this are shooter games, and I HATE them! It's just hold A, move. No other things to do, it's just murder-fests. I see no difference in them and, for example, Asteroids! This game has flaws, like the search codes. But there are more pros then cons. An overall amazing game that should be higher. - toptenzen

It's like Mario Paint from the SNES days except instead of painting and creating music you can make some of the craziest levels imaginable. Defiantly something that needs to be tried out.

After nearly a decade of Super Mario side scrollers being way too easy with the New Super Mario Bros. games, Mario Maker is the side scrolling Mario game I have spent my whole life waiting for. It brings the most challenging levels to ever grace a Mario game and features the gameplay of some of the franchise's greatest titles. I hope Nintendo sees that most of these fan created levels are insanely difficult and realize that it is what is needed to bring new life to the series. If anything, they better ramp up the difficulty on the next Mario side scroller because by the time it comes out for the NX, Mario Maker will have already turned us into pros. - surgeonsanic

Releasing this game meant that Nintendo was finally putting its brain to work. We all love Mario, and we all love building games. Put those together and you have another re-hashed but still very fun game. - Mcgillacuddy

15 years ago this would of been number one it is obviously better than the games above but its just the gaming audience nowadays. Nobody has it Nintendo doesn't have a big fan base anymore unfortunately.

Amazing! Best Mario game by far! I've always wanted to create my own levels, and now I can! Deserves #1 spot!

I love playing Super Mario Maker it is so fun and I love making my own worlds

I'm very surprised. This is the game I always wanted to play, but then I ended up not playing it very much. The user created levels were mostly bad, and I myself have less creativity than I thought. - marmalade_skies

I think it's an awesome game since you create your own levels and other people can play them, and there's so many endless ideas for a level.

Super Mario Maker is a brilliant game with endless possibilities. A fantastic title for people of all ages.

The only bad thing about this game is that it doesn't have all of of the Mario elements, but all that matters is that you can create Mario games, and that's what makes this game good.

The ability to make your own Mario levels...Doesn't that just sound great? Not only that, but you can make themed courses with Costumes of other characters! Should this game considered a crossover?! - thelegendaries101

Super Mario Maker is a good game and Guys GUESS WHAT Nintendo Put out a Pokemon Level and you can get EXCLUSIVE Pokemon Suits for your levels

The amount of time I've spent playing user generated content from the community has been an amazing experience. And for someone who was sick of playing cookie cutter games from the big N, the game stays fresh because of the four themes.

And if we get this game on the 3DS, we need the portable Land theme included.

This is my favorite (modern) Mario game of all time! It has a mix of retro aspects, you can build so much stuff and while it's not my favorite Mario game, this is one of my favorite games in the 2010s.

Super Mario Maker is a great game.

Yep, Nintendo couldn't let what was already created through ROM hacks stay away from their pockets anymore. And they didn't give us half the stuff they had in the games themselves.

This is Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U all mashed up into one. Best part: YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN LEVELS, WHICH WAS THE MAIN POINT OF THIS GAME! Don't believe me in this game's awesomeness, watch the Game Grumps playthrough of it, and you'll know why.

Definitely my favorite game of 2015, and already one of my favorite games of all-time. I don't think I have ever had as much fun playing any video game as I did with this one.