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61 Gears of War 3
62 Halo: Combat Evolved
63 Angry Birds

There making an angry birds movie 2015 I think - Gamegirl345

Real leave angry birds that would be in the movie

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64 Final Fantasy X
65 Survival Craft
66 Clash of Clans
67 Game of War
68 Flappy Bird

WHAT? - Sparkjolt

69 Mass Effect 3
70 Portal 2
71 Need for Speed

Need For Speed Movie Already Come Out.

72 Far Cry 3

I really like Far Cry 3 and I really want it to be turned into a Movie or T.V. series. Throughout the game the protagonist (Jason Brody) engages in a series of difficult tasks. The game also includes action, adventure, drama, romance, friendship and horror. You might like to say that this game has it ALL. I enjoy this game because of it's beautiful views of Rook island and it's series of twist. The action part takes place when the protagonist is looking for the path to become a warrior. The adventure part comes from the games natural wildlife and beautiful island. The drama comes from the protagonists divisions to stay on the island were he thinks he belongs with the natives or leave the island with his friends, girlfriend and brother. The romance comes from the protagonists relationship with the native tribal leader. The friendship comes from the different people the protagonist find who helps him on his journey to save his friends. And the horror comes from the crazy maniac ...more

This is such a good game. It has the best storyline ever!

It's my favourite video game that I never get board of and I agree with the rest of the votes, it should definitely be turn into a T.V. show, (i can't be leave it hasn't before) especially with its great story line.

This is such a good game and people who haven't played it can't say it's bad cause it's really good. I agree with the votes above. Any directors looking at this should make this into a movie or T.V. series.

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73 Disney Infinity

OK who is villain

74 Jak and Daxter

Ratchet and Sly are getting a movie. Jak deserves one too. Out of the 3, Jak and Daxter had the best story

75 Slender Man Origins

Horror movie +game=madness

76 Cookie Clickers
77 Dumb Ways to Die

No a crappy game

78 Dead Space 3
79 Final Fantasy VII
80 Amnesia - The Dark Descent
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