Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies


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61 Halo: Combat Evolved
62 The Last of Us

Live action Joel fighting a Bloater! Love 2 see that!

Why is this so low? It would be the best movie ever.

It's the cutscenes that make you love the game. And I swear that they went for an hour by themselves. Just use the cutscenes to make a movie. - TheGrammarPolice

63 Angry Birds

There making an angry birds movie 2015 I think - Gamegirl345

Real leave angry birds that would be in the movie

V 1 Comment
64 Final Fantasy X
65 Survival Craft
66 Clash of Clans
67 Game of War
68 Flappy Bird V 1 Comment
69 Mass Effect 3
70 Portal 2
71 Need for Speed

Need For Speed Movie Already Come Out.

72 Disney Infinity V 1 Comment
73 Jak and Daxter

Ratchet and Sly are getting a movie. Jak deserves one too. Out of the 3, Jak and Daxter had the best story

74 Dumb Ways to Die V 1 Comment
75 Slender Man Origins V 1 Comment
76 Cookie Clickers
77 Dead Space 3
78 Amnesia - The Dark Descent
79 Minecraft: Story Mode
80 Dead Space 2
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