Top 10 Video Games That Should of Made IGN's ''Top 100 Video Games of All Time'' List


The Top Ten

1 Mortal Kombat 2

How do you not have Mortal Kombat In your top 100 I only saw one fighting game that's sad. - htoutlaws2012

2 Tecmo Super Bowl

Probably one of the only Football games that warrant a spot on the list. - htoutlaws2012

3 Sonic The Hedgehog

I'm not a big fan of it, but I think the game on the Genesis deserved to be on the list. - htoutlaws2012

4 Wolfenstein 3D

The grandfather of FPS games didn't make the list. - htoutlaws2012

The first FPS game

5 God Of War

I thought this game was pretty innovative. - htoutlaws2012

6 Azure Striker Gunvolt 2
7 Soul Calibur

Another fighting game that deserves to be on the list. - htoutlaws2012

8 Guitar Hero

You Put Rock band on the list how come Guitar hero didn't make it weird. - htoutlaws2012

9 Azure Striker Gunvolt Azure Striker Gunvolt
10 Mega Man X4

The Contenders

11 Klonoa (Wii)
12 Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny
13 Timespitters 2

Very Underrated game I wouldn't rank it very high I'd put it in the 90's somewhere. - htoutlaws2012

14 Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny: Alliance vs. Zaft II Plus
15 Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force

What exactly in 2001 may'be besides Halo made you want something new and innovative. - htoutlaws2012

17 Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram
18 Unreal Tournament 2004

I thought an Unreal game would make the list, this one somehow missed. - htoutlaws2012

19 Super Monkey Ball 2

I love this game! My childhood memory! - MeeMeeCandy777

20 Mega Man Battle Network 3
21 Kingdom Hearts

I saw a ton of RPG's on the list, yet this didn't make it whatsoever. - htoutlaws2012

22 Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal

For it's style it should of made it. - htoutlaws2012

23 Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Best Genesis game.
Why was this not on it?!

24 Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
25 Mirror's Edge

A great adventure game that somehow slipped out of the list. - htoutlaws2012

The god of Parkour games! - iiKyodaiKickz

26 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Yea probably on a worst list. - htoutlaws2012


27 Pac-Man World

The game that should made on the list that made Pac-Man even more famous!

28 Undertale
29 Sonic the Hedgehog CD
30 Crash Bandicoot
31 Um Jammer Lammy
32 Gitaroo Man
33 Puyo Puyo Fever 2
34 New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Duel
35 Left 4 Dead

The Lack Of Zombie games and this one for sure could have made the list easily. - htoutlaws2012

36 WWF No Mercy

No Wrestling games made the list at least put in one like this game. - htoutlaws2012

37 Gears Of War

For a 3rd Person Shooter I'm surprised this didn't end up on the list - htoutlaws2012

38 Beyond Good & Evil

Very Underrated thought it had a chance but didn't make it. - htoutlaws2012

39 Fable

Another RPG that deserved to be on the list somewhere. - htoutlaws2012

40 Tekken 3

Another fighting that missed the list. - htoutlaws2012

41 Shenmue

Barely any Sega games made the list. Why not this one it had a great story. - htoutlaws2012

42 Jet Set Radio Jet Set Radio

Now I didn't think it would make the list but it's innovation of using Graffiti in a video game was pretty unique. - htoutlaws2012

43 Tales of Symphonia
44 Kingdom Hearts II
45 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
46 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
47 Ninja Gaiden Black

It's a good game but not as memorable as the Nes one which also didn't make the list. - htoutlaws2012

48 Fire Emblem: Awakening
49 Mother 3
50 Rayman Legends
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