Top 10 Video Games That Went from Overrated to Overhated


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1 Undertale

Played a demo of it thought it was bland. I'm sorry but it's not that great and the gameplay is average to me. There's been way better RPG'S than this. Hell the game it's based off of EarthBound is more enjoyable than this. Overall it's a average game to me. Nothing terrible but nothing worth bragging about either.

It was originally an overrated game that people should have stopped talking about, but then everyone who hasn't played it says it sucks. - kempokid

Yeah, I agree. This game has gotten hate for NO REASON. NO the fanbase does not make the game a pile of crap. - DCfnaf

This game is good! Sure the fanbase is annoying, and it stole much elements from Super Paper Mario, but it's still good! The hatebase is honestly worse than the fanbase (but then agian, hatebases are almost always worse than the fanbases) - darthvadern

2 Final Fantasy VII

This game was amazing for its time, and it still holds up. Better games have come, sure, but this was a very influential game that brought JRPGs into the mainstream. The story, characters, and music are still just as lovable as ever. Some people prefer 6, some prefer 7, but I think both are amazing.

3 Assassin's Creed
4 Call Of Duty
5 Five Nights At Freddy's

I disliked the fourth one, but the other ones were pretty great - darthvadern

Funny because I agree. FNaF isn't as overhated as Undertale, but I can't go anywhere without being harassed by FNaF haters. I'M NOT A FNAF FAN ANYMORE READ MY DESCRIPTION! - DCfnaf

6 Fallout 4
7 Splatoon
8 Team Fortress 2
9 Fortnite

Started off overrated, then it became overhated, and it's becoming overrated again? - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

The worst game ever. Why? - Userguy44

Normies hate on it because it’s popular. - ONEPUUUUNCH

10 Mario Kart 8

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11 Minecraft

It's both, but the haters seriously go on my nerves - darthvadern

Eh, this is still overrated. - DCfnaf

12 Sonic The Hedgehog

THIS. THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE. This series gets crapped on because? OH is it because of those morons over at IGN and Gamespot? - DCfnaf

13 Mario Kart 7

Since when was this overrated? I've rarely seen this in peoples top 3 - darthvadern

14 Mega Man
15 Ratchet & Clank
16 Wario Ware
17 Bioshock Infinite
18 Street Fighter
19 Mario Kart Wii

I think it is somewhat overhated, people hate it because motion controls, here's a tip to them, buy a wii classic controller. - darthvadern

20 Mother 3
21 Earthbound
22 Star Fox
23 Halo
24 Super Smash Bros.
25 Terraria
26 Super Mario Galaxy
27 Cave Story
28 Resident Evil
29 Metroid
30 Angry Birds
31 Paper Mario
32 Mario & Luigi

Unlike Paper Mario, this series still has good games only - darthvadern

33 Metal Gear Solid
34 The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
35 Banjo-Kazooie
36 Yoshi's Island
37 Fez
38 Earthworm Jim
39 Pac-Man
40 BioShock
41 Kid Icarus
42 Duke Nukem
43 Doom
44 Conker's Bad Fur Day
45 Metroid Prime Trilogy
46 Wii (insert here) series
47 Borderlands
48 Sonic Colors
49 Okami
50 Xenoblade Chronicles
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1. Sonic The Hedgehog
2. Undertale
3. Five Nights At Freddy's
1. Final Fantasy VII
2. Undertale
3. Call Of Duty
1. Undertale
2. Team Fortress 2
3. Final Fantasy VII


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